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Fit F.A.F. Tire

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Fit F.A.F. Tire 2.1_FAF_Tire

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    “doesnt last long enough”

    The Good: grip smooth fast

    The Bad: doesnt last

    Overall Review: its smooth and feels good but needs to last alot longer

    “i love the tire its grippey, good tread, lasts a while had for 7 months and they are fast and smooth”

    The Good: i love the tire its grippey, good tread, lasts a while had for 7 months and they are fast and smooth

    The Bad: my girl is naughty

    Overall Review: FUG-GIN SEXY!!!! I LOVE THESE i recommend these

    “F.A.F tyre”

    The Good: excellent tyre. super grippy street tyre. looks clean. the bigger size's trewd pattern is wayyy bigger. (deeper)

    The Bad: smaller sizes weres super fast. (get the bigger one!!)

    Overall Review: great street tire. looks clean super grippy. deffinantly would recomend.

    “fit faf tire”

    The Good: it is so fast your foot doesn't slip wen u foot jam with it great for street and cement

    The Bad: they blowout all the time

    Overall Review: i guess they are cool for a week i cant spend that much every week or so

    “so far so good”

    The Good: Tan walls are sexy, low rolling resistance, high side grip on 2.25 (dirt), kevlar belts

    The Bad: so far so good

    Overall Review: i run the 2.25 in the front have had no problems with it, i hear the f.a.f.'s that come with completes wear out faster for some reason

    “fit faf tire ”

    The Good: 2.25 ( the dirt verison )doesnt where down quick i run 2.25 in the front and 2.3 in back and its the best tire set up i have riden.

    The Bad: 2.3 2.1 195 wear down pretty quickly

    Overall Review: i recomend getttign these tires makes your bike ride so smooth but dont get the 1.95 it wears down in like 2 months best to get the 2.25 dirt tire and 2.3 street verison


    Purpose Street
    Sizes 2.3" 2.25" 2.1" 1.95"
    Bead Wire And Kevlar
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure 10000000000lbs


    Miscellaneous Tested and fully backed by the pros that ride them, all Fit tires feature puncture resistant Kevlar belts and tear resistant Silkworm sidewall technology. Lightweight K models have a foldable Kevlar bead, are available in all four sizes, and come with Fitbikeco rimstrips.
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