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Kink Lyra 2.3 Tire

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Kink Lyra 2.3 Tire kink_tire_4
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    “Want something other than a FAF? Get these. They are the win.”

    The Good: AGGRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!! Good for wallrides if you're into that Grippy riding street, park AND dirt. Good and fat Smooth centerline Takes a while to wear out Great colors. Yay for bringing back the oldschool tan walls! Wire or Kevlar bead

    The Bad: I haven't found any negatives. Other than it may make looong sliders a little tougher than say on a GLH or similar street tire.

    Overall Review:

    Honestly I would rather ride these than FAFs although I'm not saying I don't like FAFs. I have been riding these for a few months and I am finally starting to see slight wear and I do lots of sliders and have been starting to do really long sliders now. One of the guys here said they are very slippery riding park and I don't know how honestly... Unless he means riding on skatelite then I could understand because most tires will be able to slide out easily that way. But I've ridden cement parks and even Skater's Edge and they gripped fine. With all the different colored walls you will find any style you like. These are amazing tires and I HIGHLY recommend them. They are spreading like wildfire in my town and I see these on so many bikes and thankfully it's thanks to having a good bike shop that's a Kink dealer. Just go buy these! Get the wire or kevlar. I'd suggest wire though just because the kevlars are a bit pricey and they only save a small amount.

    “For street, NOT park.”

    The Good: Grips well for street, REALLY fat, roll decently.

    The Bad: Slips like crazy on smooth surfaces, Not squeaky (not really a problem at all), fells heavy and sluggish.

    Overall Review:

    Not a tire if you ride smooth places such as parks, look great though. I only go to the park every once in awhile so it's not huge for me, but don't get them if you do. Other than those few things, they're GREAT!

    “favorite front tire”

    The Good: okay weight i guess..im not t weight weenie.if it concers you that much check danscomp little rolling resistance very grippy and amazing tread very long lasting huge tire. very tall and wide cool sidewall colors hardly ever gets a flat..extremely hard to get one with this tire on front thick sidewalls

    The Bad: not for weight weenies that want 15oz tires

    Overall Review:

    amazing for dirt, park, and street.

    ifyou're going to get it, get the wire bead..it comes in more colors. and the folding is only about 2oz less so for the extra 15-20 bucks...its not worth

    i love this tire <3

    “Nice Tires!”

    The Good: Grips well on everything really, lasts a while, look sweet, nice size, comes with in white wall, not too many people have them.

    The Bad: nothing so far

    Overall Review: i love these tires, they are nice and big, last really long, and look sweet in white walls. i never get flats with them bc the tread is thick and they have lasted me a good while. i have had them for about 2 months riding every day all day on all kinds of stuff; trails, street, and park. amazing tires overall!


    Purpose Ideal For Street, Dirt And Park Riding
    Bead Wire or Kevlar
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure
    Colors All Black, Red Walls, White Walls, Tan Walls

    1 lb 10.2 oz (743 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Kink website