Kink Vela 2.1 Tire

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Kink Vela 2.1 Tire kink_tire_2
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    “A pretty good tire.”

    The Good: Lasts for a decent amount of time. Fast High PSI rating

    The Bad: When it wears out it is kinda slippy and prone to punctures. Threads come out of the side wall after 6 - 8 months of heavy riding

    Overall Review:

    I have had it since Christmas and it has held up surprisingly well, I didn't see any reviews of it any where so I was taking a risk on buying it because I had no idea what the tire was like.

    The tire is starting to lose its grip and ever so often I will find myself picking threads off the side wall where the rim meets the tire.

    It has a rating of 110 PSI so it can go very fast (I wouldn't recommend running ANY tire this hard because it's really harsh on the wrist)

    My only complaint is that it only comes in 2.10, I would have liked it in 2.25 or 2.3 but the Kink Lyra is the bigger alternative so you will be fine.

    “Quality tire”

    The Good: Great grip for street and park even on the slipperyist shit last pretty long slick looking

    The Bad: Not too much at all

    Overall Review: Awsome tire awsome grip never sliped out only once but that was on fresh shitty paint get these tires there great


    Purpose Ideal For Street and Park Riding
    Bead Wire Or Kevlar Bead
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure
    Colors All Black, Red Walls, White Walls, Tan Walls

    1 lb 6.4 oz (635 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Kink website