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Maxxis Holy Roller Tire Tire

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Maxxis Holy Roller Tire Tire Holy Roller Tire

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“Only tire I have ran for over 10 years.”

The Good: I have been running these tires for over 10 years, works great with dirt, street, and park.

The Bad: I have heard from other people that tire is kinda loud at indoor parks. But doesnt bother me.

Overall Review:

If you like the versatility of running one light weight tire, front and back, this is a good option. These tires work great for all disciplines and you wont be disappointed.

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“nice tire!!”

The Good: its nice greepy good for any terrain.

The Bad: nothing bad its a great brand.

Overall Review:

very nice ive got nothing to say.

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“Good Tire man”

The Good: Theyre grippy, light (if it matters) and pretty good on all terrain.

The Bad: Look kinda funny to me but whatever

Overall Review: I had a few of these a while back and they last a very long time. A very good tire for sure

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“best tyre around”

The Good: Grippy on all surfaces and very good in wet skatepark

The Bad: You can feel the tread a lot when your doing street but doesn't affect your riding, slows you down

Overall Review: i swear by this tyre and have done since it came out

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“Maxxis Holyroller”

The Good: Simple Pattern design,nothing really sketchy like some other tires. Good for trails and park but not really for street. Kinda grippy I guess I don't notice much though

The Bad: Wears out pretty easily,My back tire is worn out a bit from drifting and my front tire got punctured by glass or something and you gotta pump it up everyday.

Overall Review: 3 stars only really good if you can't get another tire for a while and need a replacement for a bit. Mine are stock tires I guess but I would stick to my favourire REVENGE Fatty tires

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“its a good replacement”

The Good: grippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bad: low pressure 60 psi :|

Overall Review: im using it because my snafu one blew out and im waiting for a new replacement but its really good but its more dirt but its alright for street

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“my favorite front tire!”

The Good: lasts long, strong, doesn't realy get flats, great price, perfect for dirt and anything else you wanna ride.

The Bad: hmm...nope nothing at all

Overall Review: its perfect! in my opinion its the greatest tire iv gotten and looks awesome

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The Good: nobby and good for dirt, street and park. cheap tire.

The Bad: its bad for other companies because it shreds their products.

Overall Review: great and cheap product 5 stars 2.20 front and back is the way to go.

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Thread Count
Maximum Pressure

-60 psi max
-60 tpi
-Wire bead
-70 durometer
-Sizes: 20x1 1/8, 20x1 3/8, 20x1.75, 20x1.95, 20x2.20

MSRP: $19.00-$20.00
Featured color: black

Price N/A
More Info Maxxis website