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Maxxis Hookworm Tire Tire

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Maxxis Hookworm Tire Tire Hookworm Tire

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    “best tires out”

    The Good: id say everything

    The Bad: absolutely nothing

    Overall Review: i think its a amazing tire iv been riding them for ages and have givin me not a single problem all in all great tires


    The Good: i've had one in my back for about 2 years and just now replaced it. i grips amazingly and you can pump it up alot. it even gripped good when it was almost completely bald

    The Bad: it's a bitch to get on and off the rim

    Overall Review: great tire. get this shit now.

    “Not the best tire”

    The Good: Durable, lasts long

    The Bad: A pain in the ass to get on and off, not good grip, and the design sucks

    Overall Review: If you want heavy duty tires then they're for you. There's better tires out there so get something else.

    “This is way better than an animal ASM!”

    The Good: They run great for a back tire! They can take allot of stuff! It's really durable also. Kyle_Plante they can be a pain in the but to get on.

    The Bad: Getting it on the rim! That's about all!

    Overall Review: If you ever have a chance to get this tire for free or even getting a chance to buy it, GET IT!! I got a set for free! There WORTH IT! No questions asked!

    “Maxxis hookworm review”

    The Good: High psi (up to 110). I ride mine at 92psi, couse it is on my back wheel. Has good traction.

    The Bad: Way too heavy. Heavy,but durable. Slips on water as sh...

    Overall Review: I tink it is a little expensive, but still better than buying the expensive KHE tires. Ideal for the back, but mey slip on front. I ride a Kenda unicycle tire in the front, and it grips better than KHE! I ride this maxxis Hookworm tire for a week now and it is gripping eaven on dirt. Buy it if you dont care about weight.. I rate it 4 out of 5.

    “hell to the yeah”

    The Good: nice and smoothe. i love the way it feels while cornering. and the high psi is nice cause it keeps you from pinching and let you roll fast. but i dont fill mine to 110. only about 85 cause 110 can start to hurt your hands. good tracxtion. i never slipped out with it, but i ride rough concrete and stay away from dirt and gravel. but is almost a smooth so i dont even see why you would take it to those places

    The Bad: heavy. but what are you going to do about it. its strong and i dont want to buy replacements.

    Overall Review: its great. smooth traction on the right surfaces, pinch prevention, and durable

    “Delicious Tire of Puberty”

    The Good: Very good if u like big gaps or tend to catch while hooping up stuff, the hi psi also makes u feel A LOT faster

    The Bad: it can take the abuse of dirt jumping but not the high speed corners in dirt, i wrecked my knee riding it on back cuz it slipped on loose gravel

    Overall Review: Very good tire for anyone who is a heavy street rider. I ride everything from big gaps to dirt to alot of street and its handled well i normally have flats by now


    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure

    -110 psi max
    -60 tpi
    -Wire bead
    -70 durometer
    -Sizes: 20x1.96

    MSRP: $19.00
    Featured color: black/white


    Price N/A
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