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Maxxis M Tread Tire Tire

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Maxxis M Tread Tire Tire M Tread Tire

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“beast of a tire.”

The Good: grips great lasts forever

The Bad: heavy.......

Overall Review: im running 2 m-treads atm and have been for the past 4 years. both have alternated from my front and rear so both have a decent amount of ware. i bought one of them second hand (5 years old) and the other is 3rd hand (6 years old) and even though all the tread has gone, it never slips out on me. i reconmend this one for the long haul.

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“relly good tire”

The Good: it grips rely well on any thing, durable, and cheep

The Bad: its heavy

Overall Review: really good tire i would suggest it for people who do any thing

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“bulletproof tire”

The Good: I have it front and rear for 1 year and its still like new and got only 2 flats(too much glass in the skatepark)

The Bad: it weights 825 grams (2,10) its not too heavy on the front but it feels heavy on the rear wheel

Overall Review: cheap, durable tire and made by professional tire specialized company

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“Good all around tire”

The Good: holds up to everything, grips good, doesnt wear fast

The Bad: heavy if your a weight whore

Overall Review: lasts awhile and grips good just as long as you dont mind a little weight

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“Fucking AMAZING”

The Good: THIS TIRE IS THE BEST MOTHER FUCKING TIRE ANY HUMAN BEING COULD CONSIDER HAVING! I have had this tire for 3 years, And its only just starting to lose the tiny grip dots, NO WARE AT ALL! If you do a lot of grinding and stalls and stuff, Or ride a lot of trails, This tire is for you, I ride park and some street every now and then and some trails.. Depending on how hard you pump it up. I got mine on 70 psi, and the thickness of the rubber makes up for the Pressure, Impossible to Puncture,

The Bad: This tire is very hard to put onto double and triple walled rims, Be prepared for a fight Another is that if your bike is like 11kg, you wont notice a weight difference, But if you have like a 15kg bike, you will notice that its a tad heavy, but if you ride Dirt and Park, A heavy tire is not an issue..? Not a street tire..

Overall Review: If you think of buying this tire, Make sure your not using it too much on the street, cause it's heavy for a street tire, Trails and Park. YOU MUST BUY THIS TIRE, (It's not much of a front tire, More of a rear) PLEASE GET THIS TIRE, YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! 100/10

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“Good but heavy”

The Good: They are VERY Very very Durable, I CAN NOT STRESS HOW DURABLE THEY ARE!

The Bad: But heavy as shit and hard as Hell to take on and off

Overall Review: Good tire if you arnt a weight wenie like me

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“the best ever ”

The Good: nice tyre to ride on lasted me for ever ahaha

The Bad: hate putting them on and off but o well GAY TUBES POPING ahahha

Overall Review: ahaha who gives a shit if they are heavy dont diss em and heavy is madd couse when you get on a lighter bike u will shread like a mother ****** ahahahaha i love em

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ppl i see usualy run an m tread in the back and a holy turd in the front i think this tire is one of the heaviest on the market but what can u expect for 110 psi and no kevlar bead?

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Thread Count
Maximum Pressure

-110 psi max
-60 tpi
-Wire bead
-70 durometer
-Sizes: 20x1.85, 20x2.10

MSRP: $20.00
Featured color: black

Price N/A
More Info Maxxis website