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Maxxis Ringworm Tire Tire

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Maxxis Ringworm Tire Tire Ringworm Tire

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    “its a good en”

    The Good: so i didnt mean to buy it, i just bought a front wheel off a freind and this is what he had on it. but i been happy with it. its strong and grippy. i aint pinched yet. it looks steezin.

    The Bad: its heavy. but wieght isnt a big deal. be a man and huck that ........ i cant get it off the rim. it is so dang solid that it wont strech enough for me to got it off the rim. i got no idea how it got on there. but i havent needed to take it off yet so whatever

    Overall Review: its great. i like and recommend it. maybe not for a front though.


    One of the best tyres i've ever ridden, last pretty long, strong, reasonably priced, nice grip on any surface, a lil' bit heavy and gets very slippery when wet, an overall great tyre....


    good tire, slippery if its wet... i hit a little patch of mud today while 180ing over a little bush thing, i only run this tire on the fromt, but as soon as i hit the ground, it slid right out... other than that very good, and no pinch flat!!!!


    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure

    -110 psi max
    -60 tpi
    -Wire bead
    -70 durometer
    -Sizes: 20x1.95

    MSRP: $19.00
    Featured color: black

    Price N/A
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