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its the shit

The Good:

light. Fat,Hard tall and real grippy

The Bad:

too awesome

Overall Review:

get it for 24 bucks and you wont regret it

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Vital BMX member narvaez bmx
60065 narvaez bmx,60065/all 04/11/10,60065/setup 45 897 2

its a decent tire

The Good:

it lasted me about a year of riding, its strong, fast rolling

The Bad:

pain in the ass to put on, and it slips at first in grassand dirt but does not after it 'breaks' in (maybe a week)

Overall Review:

overall i would recommend it but not to a trail rider

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Vital BMX member obiwan chromoly
53630 obiwan chromoly,53630/all 11/13/09 6 39,53630/setup 99 711 4 3 3

One of my fav's

The Good:

I like the way it feels and grips, i use it as a front tire, hasnt failed me yet. Blew out a tube and the tire just popped off the rim without any effects.

The Bad:

I think sometime while i was grinding ledges it rubbed the sidewall and the threads are showing, but no bulge.

Overall Review:

Love this tire I would highly recommend it, its cheap and super light. Very reliable

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Vital BMX member ExiTixE
74275 ExiTixE,74275/all 01/14/11 1


The Good:

its tall, REALLY FAT and grippy. rolls fast super light

The Bad:

it barely fits in my forks :/

Overall Review:

its great and look sexy!

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Vital BMX member N.W.A.
73045 N.W.A.,73045/all 12/17/10 8 29,73045/setup 54 636 14 60 6


Product Premium Products Folding Tires
Riding Type Freestyle
Bead Kevlar Bead Folding option only
Thread Count 1.5mm tread depth w/ Soft Durometer rubber compound
Maximum Tire Pressure 100PSI
Wheel Size
Suggested Tire Pressure (Optional)
Colors Black
Weight 0 lb 12 oz (340 g)
Price N/A
Miscellaneous Foldable and light, these tires can do it all.
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