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Shadow Conspiracy Undertaker Tire

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Shadow Conspiracy Undertaker Tire 22419314
C70_22419314 C70_107_05002_tsc_undertakercwalls_gum C70_102_05002_tsc_undertakercwalls_red_8bit C70_105_05002_tsc_undertakercwalls_white C70_104_05002_tsc_undertakercwalls_blue C70_22419313

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    “the best tireeee ever :D”

    The Good: every thing it got that awsome squeak dont slip in rain there perfect for every terrain park,dirt,street had them for 8months so there durable they still work but i want a new pair

    The Bad: nothinggggggggggggggg

    Overall Review:

    the best tire u can ever get and wont regret if u buy trust me i went thru every other tire

    “The squeak !! :D”

    The Good: IN THE DRY ONLY ! super grippy, good looks, affordable, average tread lasting time ? and the squeak is fucking sick

    The Bad: piece of shit in the wet i have almost died and not as good looking as my fit fafs heavy and tbh after a while of having them i didn't like them so i went back to fit tires

    Overall Review:

    good venture out from the fafs but dont last anywhere near as long more expensive, heavier but they are a awesome allround tire, as long as it dont rain much while you're riding ! and i live in britain ! i would recomend this tire, but not for me personally.

    “Shadow Undertaker Tire”

    The Good: Grippy, fast, great on front and back if you ride brakes. Brakeless riders, great for the tire slide to slow down. They are great on any , surface, even smooth cement bowls. I ran red walls front and back on a orange bike with black rims, and never got more compliments. They look great in colored walls.

    The Bad: Brakeless riders, slides kill these tires in 3-4 weeks if you ride 5 days or more a week. And alot of little stuff will split the rubber to the threads due to how soft they are.

    Overall Review:

    Great tires, if you want a big wide tire that grips extremely wellfor dirt/street/park get these. Price isn't too bad. I would recommend these for a front tire to all, but brakeless riders might want to find a stronger rear tire that can handle the slides. Look great in the colored walls. Only downfall is how soft they are, watch for anything that could cut paper, it will slice these up quick, but the threads and base are much stronger than the tread.

    “i love shadow BUT....”

    The Good: super grippy and rides amazing at 80 psi and super lightweight one of the best tires i have ever been blessed to ride

    The Bad: the first one i bought was hella warped and they only come in one size, wish they came in one size smaller for my rear tire but that was like one in one hundred

    Overall Review: better grip and longevity than an odyssey and lighter than hell and come on guys their shadow

    “Awesome tire”

    The Good: Grippy af great for street ridding around the city having to stop skid a lot!!! Didn't get a blowout until thread was fully gone! And that's took about two months of ridding 10/7 it delt with surfaces pretty good nothing like major slips only tiny shifts which is fine with me awesome color as well good for grinds these tires take a beating very reliable price isn't really much of an issue to me I'd spend anything for my bike :D

    The Bad: Nothing I can't complain at all they lasted longer and were more durable than I expected

    Overall Review: Awesome tires I would mos def re up on these but first I have three other tires to test out I haven't even ridden yet right now I. Ridding momentums by demolition see how those compare might end up back on these for life :D

    “the shit, grippy as balls”

    The Good: grips everything, looks and feels like a beast

    The Bad: might be to wide for some older frames!

    Overall Review: love them i rock em on both wheels, nothing better then them, the back one i to big for the frame but it workss if i move my frame!

    “fantastic tires”

    The Good: great tires light grip awesome and feel great on dirt and street and the blue walls look amazing

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: i love these tires best ive had never gonna buy anything else besides these tires

    “Best tire ever”

    The Good: I love this tire. Super grippy Hard base. the cool squeek grips good on dirt and street

    The Bad: Nothing i can think of

    Overall Review: I love this tire. I rode it for front for a while then i rode the same tire for back. They are super grippy and i would recomend these to anyone who wants a nice tire

    “ooo i still got my tread :P :P :P”

    The Good: light for me i guess, stylish, very,very fast. grippy, all round good tire

    The Bad: if you get them in white walls they get dirty, if you get them with no walls there ugly :/

    Overall Review: good good, just havent had a flat yet

    “Puncture City!!!”

    The Good: dont slide or slip out 110 psi...

    The Bad: had for about 2 months now 2.25 front and back and Im Extremely dissapointed with these tires!! !Very heavy but not thick lost almost all tread is gone now i literally have 10 different puncture flats in the last 2 weeks its rediculous cant even ride right now due to flats even after using Slime Tubes...kinda pissed main reason i reviewed them

    Overall Review: dont waste your money on these unless u plan on buying them often with tire liner's and slime tube's...oh not to menton the weight being higher than most plus all of what i just said no BUENO!!!


    Purpose dirt, park, and street
    Sizes 20" x 2.25"
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure 110 psi
    Colors Black, Red, Blue, White, Gum

    1 lb 11.2 oz (771 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website