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Shadow Conspiracy Overtaker Tire

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Shadow Conspiracy Overtaker Tire 22419199
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    “Shadow Overtaker ”

    The Good: Great overall tread, Light weight, looks great

    The Bad: only one size.

    Overall Review:

    I have these tires on two bikes, front and rear on my park/street bike and as a front tire on my race bike. Many reviews on how they handle park/street so I will write about  as a race tire.

    The 2.25 makes it perfect as a front race tire providing great traction on all dirt tracks and also ones with paved berms. The tires handle the transition between pavement and dirt on the track wonderfully. the high pressure and light weight make it ideal for racing. The tread has held up (racing almost every weekend this season and sprint training 3-4 times a week) with no signs of balding, and handles the super sandy and muddy condition very well. I would say better than most "racing tires".  Only down side it , lack of sizes. If it came in a 1.75 or even a 1.95 I would run it.

    “Amazing, Love them.”

    The Good: Honestly my favourite ever tires, they're lightweight, foldable, strong & great grip for street or park. The tread design looks awesome & love the branding on the side wall. I've been riding these for 8 months and they're still in great condition, no way near being bald yet. They're really squeaky on the right surfaces which makes them really fun when doing tricks. I've only had 1 flat tire whilst riding these the whole 8 months, which is a huge surprise and relief to me because before I had these, I was getting flats every couple of days which really started to aggravate me. I know that when I decide that these are worn out (if they ever do, they seem to last forever!), my instant decision will be to buy the exact same tires.

    The Bad: None, all round great tires, have no complaints whatsoever.

    Overall Review:

    Amazing tires, if you aren't sure on what tires to get, I'd like to lean you towards buying a pair of these .

    “ong best tire”

    The Good: sick tread pattern squeky and so smooth strong sidewalls evry thing is good about these tirers they last forever to! have sick colorwalls to

    The Bad: nothing there great

    Overall Review: they are the best god damn tires ever and i have tried alot of tires!

    “A solid tire”

    The Good: Lightweight Easy to take off and put on Strong side walls.

    The Bad: I have not had anything wrong with this.

    Overall Review: This tire is amazing. Amazing for park and street! Never had touble with flats. This tire is squeaky which i find fun for when you roll out.


    The Good: lighter than most and strength and longevity like an odyssey at half the rotation weight all and all a great tire

    The Bad: the first one i got was hella warped but dans fixed that no problem apparently 1 out of 100 tires of any brand are warped and have to be replaced other than that i wish they're were at least 2 more sizes

    Overall Review: great tire would recommend them to the heaviest street or park rider i grind alot on dry unwaxed concrete and side wall is fine and never had a flat


    Purpose park and street
    Sizes 20" x 2.25"
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure 110 psi
    Colors Black

    1 lb 1 oz (482 g)

    Miscellaneous - Wide, lightweight foldable tire - Super grippy rubber compound
    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website