Eastern Bikes Ultralight Forks Fork (discontinued)

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Eastern Bikes Ultralight Forks Fork Ultralight Forks
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    “Eastern Ultralight Fork”

    The Good:

    Strong as fuck, I like the straight legs (not tapered), paint held up well.", good geo and design.

    The Bad:

    Nothing really, aluminum top caps are driving me nuts lately tho, this one was stripped when I bought the fork, (purchased used), some people will complain about the weight but if you are a whiney weight weeney, don't buy em!

    Overall Review:

    Awesome fork, strong and durable, personally I like the weight and a little heft in my bike, (feels solid and strong. ) buy these forks if you ride your bike hard and need something that will hold up to a good beating. I bought them used and they still haven't given me any issues whatsoever.

    “ran good for about 2 years”

    The Good:

    strong as fuck for the most part

    The Bad:

    topcap stripped out and had to hammer bigger allen through...and the forks made the bikes weight...not saying thats bad since there is strength in weight but still lol the dropouts cracked and the forks twisted

    Overall Review:

    been running pegs for 2 years broke 2 front axles on these forks over the 2 years and destroyed a few hoops..and these forks NEVER bent and they gave me a great run but its time to replace them :/


    These things suck. The dropuot bent and I snapped my front axle off the second time riding it.good if you don run pegs tho.

    These things suck. The dropuot bent and I snapped my front axle off the second time riding it. good if you don run pegs tho.


    Steer Tube Construction
    Leg Construction


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Eastern's number one fork didn't get that way by chance. We designed something that would last while not being to heavy. The legs are butted. The steer tube is one-piece CNC machined and the laser cut dropouts are made out of hardened chromoly. They come in an array of colors.

    100% heat-treated MDT chromoly
    -5mm laser-cut heat-treated chromoly drop-outs
    -Butted legs
    -7075 compression bolt
    -14mm or 3/8 drop-outs
    -Weight: 40oz.

    MSRP: $99.99
    Featured color: red






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