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Latest Product Reviews


Volume Hatchet Fork

“Da hossboss”


The Good: Strong light fork from volume! They hold up spectacularly against grinds and the drop outs are beefy as hell so you don't have to worry about them bending. They also hold fat tires if you're into big tires, they have plenty of clearance for my hawk 2.4

The Bad: Nothing bad about them yet no dents or anything and I bash into concrete legegs a lot

Overall Review: Quality parts come from quality companies and volume is one of the best out there. I recommend them 100% to anyone

Volume Bourbon Handlebars

“Great handlebars!”


The Good: Durable light strong

The Bad: They are too wide but cutting them down is not a problem at all!

Overall Review: Best handlebars our there with them being 30 inches you have plenty of room to cut down get em'!

2012 MirraCo Blend Bike

“awesome bike”


The Good: everything on the bike I love the colour of the bike rides nice and its very light

The Bad: the seat is very uncomfortable but can change that no proplem and the grips are that good there ok I guess

Overall Review: this is an overall an awesome bike only thing I don't like about it is the seat and the grips the rest is awesome I recamend this bike but they stoped making this model

BSD Substance Cranks

“solid, look clean”


The Good: had these cranks since Christmas and not had a single problem. handy to switch between lhd and rhd. paint on crank arms seems to be holding up as i hate the wear marks you get on crank arms after a while.

The Bad: abit tricky to take apart

Overall Review: would highly recommend this cranks to any one

Amber Dorado Bike

“Dorado Complete.”


The Good: I got it for 300$ as a X-mas sale. Full chromo everything , sealed everything , dope build. Frame is like a custom one. Decent parts even though Amber/Ezra are kind of budget parts. I mean for 300$ you can't go wrong. Most parts lasted awhile , frame, bars , seat and front wheel I'm still running !

The Bad: It's actually like 700$ now and they don't even make this model anymore LOL. The stem is pretty garbage ; slipped and stripped all the time. I even BENT it. Rode my headset loose because I didnt know how to maintain a bike then , and my steerer tube ovalized. The back wheel was good but I ran my chain TIGHT and it blew the bearings .

Overall Review: I got a great deal. I wouldn't mind another Amber complete . It lasted a fair bit of abuse and half the parts I still have and are fine. The deal I got was soooo good it was stupid. I'd get it , if you can find one. but at 700$ you can pick up a whole complete for around 400$ more. So a fair bit but fully custom so take that in mind.

Eastern Bikes Codec Frame

“eastern codec frame”


The Good: Really light, super comfortable to ride and still no sign of dents on it anywhere. Very responsive and stable, I love it!

The Bad: broke quite a few seat clamp bolts, and would be nice to have toptube and downtube gussets

Overall Review: awesome frame, strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice park/light street frame

Haro Lineage Frame

“Best Frame for your Buck.”


The Good: Very well balanced frame. Real comfortable ride. This bike rides how bikes used to ride. Absolute classic. This frame looks amazing. The classic gusset is sexy. Nice colors.

The Bad: Seems to dent a little easy.

Overall Review: Im overall very pleased with this frame. Haro makes killer frames. I also owned a Haro Zebra. Even the Zebra is amazing. I dented the downtube on a foot high flat rail. I was just do a feeble and the front tire went over and dinged the bottome of the frame. Its about a pinky finger tip dent. I have bashed plenty of other frames harder than this and they held up. So I dont know if the tubing is thinner or what.

Fit FAF 2.3 Tire

“Great looking tire!”


The Good: Looks great, grippy when worn a bit, lasts

The Bad: A bit slippery at first, small for a 2.30 tire, its actually 2.2

Overall Review: Overall I really like this tire, looks great and grips very well, wish it was abit bigger though

Maxxis Holy Roller Tire Tire

“Only tire I have ran for over 10 years.”


The Good: I have been running these tires for over 10 years, works great with dirt, street, and park.

The Bad: I have heard from other people that tire is kinda loud at indoor parks. But doesnt bother me.

Overall Review: If you like the versatility of running one light weight tire, front and back, this is a good option. These tires work great for all disciplines and you wont be disappointed.