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2017 Verde Neyer Pro

“Very good complete”


The Good:

Solid frame
Good parts

The Bad:

The brakes suck, so I took them of. All they do is slow you down anyway.

Overall Review: I like this bike. It is a solid buy. But basically all of the verde regent parts are cheaper parts. I love the geometry though.
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Vital BMX member Puper Sandas
147015 Puper Sandas,147015/all 02/25/17 1,147015/setup 18 72 1

Shadow Conspiracy Super Slim Knee Pads Pads

“Good so far”


The Good:

Reasonably priced
Offer decent protection
Low profile

The Bad:

Small sizing. 5'7" 155lb should have been medium by measurements. Large is snug, but fits well.

Overall Review: Just received these and slammed my knee off the stem. No pain. Gave me the confidence to start learning more tricks.  Good quality so far. Will see how they hold up. A little hot but not brutal. Offer good protection so far. Haven't ate shit with them yet but a couple of knee smashes.  Shadow brand so of course it's good stuff.  Fits under pants no problem. Noticable if you were wearing girl (skinny) jeans. Regular pants you can hardly tell.
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Vital BMX member SA519
153885 SA519 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,153885/all 07/25/17 5 13 1

2018 Kink Downside Bike

“Solid nice bike”


The Good:

Solid starter bike, comes with a freecoaster, and tires have great grip

The Bad:

Weighs 26.5 pounds stock

Overall Review: I love the bike made a couple changes to some of the parts and it feels super solid as is.
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Vital BMX member Sircaso98
153817 Sircaso98 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,153817/all 07/24/17,153817/setup 1

Federal Perrin Frame

“Easy control”


The Good:

Short and easy to control

The Bad:

Weird decal

Overall Review: nice frame for short guy like me (170cm),make me feel comfort to control the difficulty of technical skill. Easy to manual,easy to bunnyhop,easy to spin. I did my flat 360 on the first day i use this frame.
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Vital BMX member Nafiss_Lee
154174 Nafiss_Lee /images/default/avatar/c50.png,154174/all 08/03/17,154174/setup 1

Guerra Martyr Frame

“Guerra Martyr”


The Good:

Light weight, stiff, and the price.

The Bad:

Longer chain stays.

Overall Review: I got this frame 6 years ago before the company went belly up. Very good frame. The only change I would make is to make the chain stay 13'' slammed. I wish Guerra/Ezra would come back, I have Ezra cranks, bottom bracket, pedals, bars, chain. The chain was the only part I was not happy with.
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Vital BMX member Evil1_4real
76621 Evil1_4real,76621/all 03/15/11 18 1,76621/setup 43 654 60 17 3

FBM Nice Nylon Pedals

“Good in the trails”


The Good:

Dont hold all the dirt as they aren't knurled,
Last long
Not too grippy, allows you to actually get off your bike, especially when looping out

The Bad:

Not the grippiest, if you like really grippy pedals, imo there perfect for me

Overall Review: I went for these pedals as they aren't knurled, basically dont have the tiny little cross patterns a bit like what you see inside of most stems or where the bar is clamped to the stem. The reason i didn't want the knurling was because they collect dirt and becomes really annoying and a lot less grippy, especially for trail riders.
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Vital BMX member chesterhilly
146810 chesterhilly,146810/all 02/17/17 2 5 52 2

BSD Donnasqueak Tire

“Decent in the street.”


The Good:

Grippy, good even on dirt
Last you what you would expect from a tyre
Better with the punctures than the average
No problems with the side wall. They do squeak, people say they dont, you just need the right type of surface!

The Bad:

Not the fastest, definitely not the slowest
A few cuts and nacs in parts

Overall Review: So I bought this tyre, not for the squeak cos thats a bit sad, but first off they do squeak, people are complaining that they dont but thats probably because they can't 180 or dont have the right type of surface. So its a lower tpi tyre, so you would expect longer wear time, in which this definitely reaches that. And due to the lower tpi, you dont get the highest speeds but really not a product kill and ive only had one puncture, a thorn but I cant see much tyres stopping that because I had a branch jammed between the wheel and the forks. Everything else is good, Except there are a few tiny holes wear the tyre has somehow opened, its tiny so you wont really notice it. Also, the grip is great aswell, never slipped out. It did have that weird coating when i first got it.
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Vital BMX member chesterhilly
146810 chesterhilly,146810/all 02/17/17 2 5 52 2

Cult VANS Grips

“Decent grips”


The Good:

Look good great color options great design good grip

The Bad:

Material is super soft and wears out really quick

Overall Review: decent grips

2016 Verde A\V

“Terrible not good”


The Good:

Cool colors

The Bad:

Bottom bracket broke within first month of beginner riding

Overall Review: Do not make the mistake I did and buy this bike if you plan on riding bmx and putting the bike through heck. But if you want a good looking bike to cruise around town with this is it