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Mission Transit Cranks

“Stay away, real riding test”


The Good:

Price...that's the only thing

The Bad:

Everything else

Overall Review: I was low on cash on my last build. Saw them and thought I would run them for 3months and then have the money for Profiles (my cranks of choice). 1 week, they kept getting loose at the pinch bolt. Put some really good thread lock on the bolts and they seemed ok. 2 weeks, constantly creaking. Took them apart and didn't see anything at first. The issue was small, but no fixable. The spindle was just a mm or so too small so the crank arm creaked under load. That's a manufacturing error but for the price I didn't call. 4 weeks, cracked the non drive arm at the pinch bolt. I am pretty smooth but I do alot of gaps and high ledges. I Read More »
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Vital BMX member Gack2000
128303 Gack2000,128303/all 02/02/16 50 1 1

Subrosa Grave Digger Tire

“Good for dirt”


The Good:

Surprisingly grippy. Thick for what it is worth. If you land on yard rocks you'll be more likely to roll out rather than take the impact. Able to sort of plow through dirt and roll over misc items.

The Bad:

Slower than street tires on street (but this is a given). NOT the best for park. Good for what it's designed for.

Overall Review: I had this as a front wheel tire. It lasted me as long as my rear street tire did. I rode street and park. I ended up getting some aggressive flats on street. This is not intended for street/park. Don't get it twisted, a street/park tire will suit you far better than the Gravedigger will. This is designed mainly for dirt. Whenever I landed on non-smooth terrain this helped save my ass because it helped me stick landings and roll out. At parks it did more of the opposite and transitition was more of a risk. You can get away with it for street but the tread is so aggressive you'd want this tire for mainly off road shit, Read More »
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Vital BMX member grem
143065 grem,143065/all 11/03/16 2,143065/setup 1 10 1 1

Kink Titan Frame

“Kink Titan Frame”


The Good:

Looks sweet. Classic geometry with a shorter backend. Antirust coating inside non translucent frames.

The Bad:

Chainstays are too wide. Rear triangle flex is just horrible so cranks dented both chainstays on some sketchy manual 180s and 360s.

Overall Review: Badly designed frame overall. Works well with a kink cranks, but some others 2pcs dont fit it properly, especially my flexy 175mm odsy thunderbolts.
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Vital BMX member onevia
148677 onevia /images/default/avatar/c50.png,148677/all 04/05/17 1

BSD Front Street Front Hub

“Made for the streets, made to last!”


The Good:

I love this hub, already had it for about two years and it's AWESOME, bolts and inner axle are strong AF and i'm pretty hard with nosepicks, smiths and hangers, with the correct bearings it spins forever. Oh yeah, and the bsd jersey barrier hubguard it's niiiice af where you need speed on rails and ledges.

The Bad:

The only bad thing I can say about this hub are the cones, they're press fit but it's pretty, pretty hard to take them off to put the hubguard. Annd the stock bearings aren't the best, but get some Primo on them and they're cool (This hub uses the same bearing as the Primo Mix, they're made to last) Besides that, nothing more

Overall Review: Get this hub, Ride this hub, LOVE this hub, it's amazing, strong, light, fast, what more do you want? Also it's BSD, you know it's made for the streets.
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Vital BMX member H4RD2B4N
148424 H4RD2B4N,148424/all 03/30/17 1 2 1

Fit CRANKS Cranks



The Good:

Some nice cranks on here, I've had them for about 2 years and I haven't got nothing wrong to say about them, I usually ride street more and I'm pretty hard with my cranks
Also, nice look, that Indent shape it's pretty.

The Bad:

The'yre hard to put and take off from the splindle, and the ankle section it's way to long (I already hit on it in a failed feeble and the bolt washer doesn't come off) this is kinda bad if you don' use ankle guards.

Overall Review: I would recomend these to anyone who want some strong cranks, not the lightest on the market but they do their job for sure.
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Vital BMX member H4RD2B4N
148424 H4RD2B4N,148424/all 03/30/17 1 2 1

2014 Fit ARF 1 Bike

“A Great Bike But...”


The Good:

A great bike, it took a lot of falls, crashes and it still held up

The Bad:

The only 2 things I don't like are you have to
1. Take off the breaks (in my opinion I don't like it with the breaks on)
2. It is heavy

Overall Review: Over all it is a great bike I like it a lot. I did a lot of riding with it. I am a bike rider in general so I do a lot of riding and over all great for the city
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Vital BMX member az walleye
147805 az walleye,147805/all 03/15/17 1

KMC KK710NP Chain



The Good:

the chain light and strong

The Bad:

The price that's the only bad thing about it

Overall Review: Solid chain comes and good colors has anti-corrosion which is a plus strongly recommend very good chain
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Vital BMX member SoloBike
53420 SoloBike,53420/all 11/09/09 2 2 2,53420/setup 7 10 10


“My S&M frame review”


The Good:

21' top tube short rear end good for spins and all around riding

The Bad:

Paint chips but who cares ill repaint it a different color eventually current color is the Sea hawk fade

Overall Review: Love this frame would recommend it to anyone looking for a American man frame.
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Vital BMX member Razzo_710
141485 Razzo_710,141485/all 09/28/16 4,141485/setup 4

Duo Brand Resilite Pedals

“As stated, good for the pegless gent.”


The Good:

Good colors, wide body, grip well if you are a ramp rat.

The Bad:

Not cheap enough for how long they last. pins wear out so fast.

Overall Review: At the time I had these I was just getting into grinding intensely. Just learning all the basic grinds. These were my first pair of pedals to ever be ran through by me. They lasted 3 mos. tops and I had to switch over to Merritt P1s which lasted me up until my new cranks Monday(about 8 mos. of riding) but they STILL have life in them. Buy yourself a better pedal, your shins, bike, and wallet will thank you later for it. If you don't grind get them if you want them.

Tree Bicycle Co. Lil' Buddy Frame Frame

“Was a real nice BMX frame”


The Good:

This frame is light and strong. I am a heavy guy and it has held up under my bulk. Like the black finish, which inhibits rust. Has strong, permanent/welded on u-brake mounts/pivots.

The Bad:

The built in chain tension adjusters chewed up my rear hub's lock bolts. So instead I bought some wheel slammer washers, much better wheel adjustment now.

Overall Review: NOTE: Tree no longer makes frames, has since discontinued their lil' buddy. Does make me a little sad. I like everything about this frame though, even the permanent/welded on u-brake mounts. Built my custom BMX project around this frame. Wasn't a fan of the chain adjusters though, so I bought a pair of "Simple Wheel Slammer" washers. Perfect wheel and chain adjustment every time now. I am a heavy guy, and I ride dirt jumps only. This frame has held up good so far. Believe I bought it back in 2010, and it has lasted. Do take good care of mine though, since it wasn't cheap.
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Vital BMX member elytron
115049 elytron,115049/all 02/03/15 15 1