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2012 United Supreme SU2 Bike

“Best Bike I've Ever Owned!!”


The Good:


The Bad:

RHD only complete, while the Supreme build kits come with RHD/LHD conversion option

Overall Review: Well, under the specs header you can see what this bike has, IMO it's got any and everything I'd want in a complete - full chromoly everything; great angles/geometry; lightweight @24.0lbs stock; clean/understated aesthetics, it truly is an awesome bike as a complete. Now, mine's heavily modified, but most modifications were of a minor nature ie things like handlebars, seat etc - I still ride the SU2 frame/fork, headset/bb*, and the stock wheels (hell I'm still riding the stock tire up front! Recently put a racing tire on the back to save weight / go faster, along with other things my bike's now 23.2lbs and will be under 23 Read More »
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Vital BMX member adfkje
111978 adfkje,111978/all 06/17/14 1 68 258 2 2

Stolen Vortex Fork Preload Bolt

“Nicely Done!!!”


The Good:

Very light,Good design and quite a long thread to prevent stripping and maximum stabiltiy for the fork

The Bad:

Careful on the torque you might damage the Allen bolt.

Overall Review: Nice job !!! same value as the other expensive fork caps out there
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Vital BMX member cynic92
120857 cynic92,120857/all 08/17/15,120857/setup 1 1

Fly Bikes Tubo Pegs

“fly tubo pegs”


The Good:

It was kind of slippery.

The Bad:

I shattered a crazy amount of sleeves and bent the peg itself within weeks.

Overall Review: Don't buy it. This product is a headache. It isn't durable at all.
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Vital BMX member thundershock
88836 thundershock,88836/all 12/28/11 1 13 29 13 1

Fit Marv Frame

“Good Frame”


The Good:

It's really responsive and really easy to dip spin tricks. It's also pretty strong been on it for almost 2 years no problems.

The Bad:

I'm not a fan of taller standovers it kinda of makes can-cans and stuff like that harder especially if you're shorter. I used to nose Manuals on a more layed back head tube and this head tube angle made it too easy and I couldn't do them anymore

Overall Review: Nice frame just the geo is a bit too much for me sometimes

Odyssey Hawk Tire

“Really nice”


The Good:

I've been on them for 5 months and I do a lot of sliders they are still going strong. I don't think I have gotten a flat due to the tire at all. Roll fast and grip

The Bad:

Nothing really

Overall Review: Great tire and definetly recommend it

2013 WeThePeople Crysis Bike

“Awesome but not perfect”


The Good:

Very strong parts, looks awesome, rides pretty well smooth and solid and beefy tires.

The Bad:

These are mostly minor which is good bit firstly the grips kinda suck because they wear easy and aren't too grippy. Second the tyres are un even the front is huge which is nice but the rear is fairly small but it still grips fine.

Overall Review: The model I got had 2 brakes since it was second hand but was barely used. If you want to get this go for it it's a great BMX but I would advise getting new grips from odi or something. I've only rode it for a day but it feels great but it's just the grips that aren't good.

Fit Lurch Frame

“Great frame!!!”


The Good:

Long, mellow, stable, strong.

The Bad:

A bit heavy, hard to spin

Overall Review: Love it. Really do. Brian Foster and Van Homan rode it and they are great. Smooth frame.

Stolen Balland Chain

“i wish i got a different chain.”


The Good:

not a whole lot

The Bad:

Horrible directions for installing. Says its teflon coated but i don't know if that applies to the different colored ones also. The master pin they give you to finish installing after you have used a STRONG chain breaker to custom size it, is the worst thing i have ever come across regarding ANY bmx part i have ever encountered. I ended up throwing away the master pin and I pushed an existing pin out and just connected it that way. It still works, but I feel its streched :/

Overall Review: I love stolen as a company. I just would not recommend THIS chain. I called stolen "customer service", and they didn't do much besides continuously keep telling me i was trying to install the master pin wrong. Which i don't understand how one could do that. What they were explaining, and the physical properties of this "master pin" i had in front of my eyes were 2 different things. the whole experience was rather annoying.
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Vital BMX member BMADrideNdab
120528 BMADrideNdab,120528/all 08/03/15,120528/setup 5 28 13 2

Fit Indent 24 Cranks

“best you can get.”


The Good:

The actual indent design DOES contribute greatly & when you combine those super thick cranks with that 24mm spindle you get a massively strong crank setup. I am pretty hard on my cranks, and although i am constantly scratching the right crank, they remain so perfect. LHD & RHD compatible, which, with my LHD wheels, i was able to get my sprocket & chain away from the danger zone.

The Bad:

I can't even say they are heavy!... FIT did an amazing job at keeping the weight down with the 24mm to the same weight of the 19mm version. These cranks are too good to come up with a bad, and I have been riding them for a good while.

Overall Review: If you are in need of some new cranks, or even if you are considering the upgrading of your 8 spline crankset to a 48 spline set, get these cranks. Fit offers them in a few different colors and these also come along with a mid bottom bracket kit, in other words, this crankset has everything you need for installation. .....just add a sprocket, throw the chain back on and your rollin....
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Vital BMX member BMADrideNdab
120528 BMADrideNdab,120528/all 08/03/15,120528/setup 5 28 13 2

2013 Amity Zenta2 Bike

“Almost perfect”


The Good:

I love it, very light, sealed everything, good wheels and nice ride

The Bad:

The pedals seem to creek, the crank bearing has to be replaced but the pedals have still been creaking. I may have to invest in a tool to loosen those

Overall Review: I love it. The only problems have been minor and the positives outweigh the negatives completely.
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Vital BMX member Sonnex023
120612 Sonnex023,120612/all 08/06/15 1 8 1