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Latest Product Reviews


ODI Longneck ST Grips

“Buy these grips”


The Good: Long lasting, comfortable, and soft with a variety of colors, and sizes.

The Bad: No complaints here.

Overall Review: Purchased a gum color flanged set. Dependable grips with bar ends that can take a beating.

Kink Wolf Handlebars

“Kink Wolf Bars”


The Good: Strong, durable, and reliable handlebars.

The Bad: Do not come with reference lines on the end of bars for cutting.

Overall Review: I love these bars!! Purchased them in chrome and they still shine like new. A little too wide but that is my own preference. Would definitely recommend them.

Guerra Martyr Frame

“Weak frame”


The Good: Light
looks nice

The Bad: not stiff

Overall Review: Well after about 2 months I gotta say it was okay still I did a 360 off a6 stair and then my bottom tube gusset snapped right off horrible frame.I would suggest CULT frames or BSD

Stolen S.I.C. Cranks

“worst cranks ever”


The Good: nothing they fucking suck

The Bad: everything especially the internal pinch bolt.

Overall Review: don't waste your money on these, you'll regret it even though they're the cheapest cranks you can get. the pinch bolt snapped on a fucking feeble, can you believe that? they're the worst cranks out there and i wouldn't let my worst enemy run these. JUNK would give them a -5 stars if i could.

2014 Colony Premise Bike

“Decent Bike”


The Good: All the stock parts are holding up very nice.

The Bad: Stem was broken when i bought the bike and cracked top top tube within a year.

Overall Review: The bike is pretty good. All the parts on it have held up very nice except for the frame and stem. I cracked the frame from doing 360s off of about 2-3 foot drops. The wheels have held up super well so far. No bends in the fork and i do grind a bit. Solid cranks, wheels, bars, forks. Ive been doing much bigger drops around 6 feet drops and bigger stair sets and everything is great. I did upgrade the frame though. The headset was replaced only after a year and a half which is good and the bottom bracket being replaced before 3 months. Overall a good bike for the price.

Volume Cerberus Frame

“Strong Frame”


The Good: Holds up to big drops. Huge back end. Looks clean.

The Bad: Flat Black gets dirty fast. The head tube was too big for my forks and i run a gyro which allowed my stem to barely grab on which somehow made the top of the steerer tube not a perfect circle. So make sure your steerer tube is atleast 160mm if you run a gyro.

Overall Review: The frame is holding up quite well. I like to do big drops and its holding up good. I've hit the frame a few times with grinding and still no dents which is super nice. The chainstay length is also great for mannying if your a bigger guy. It also has huge tire clearance (i run a Animal tww 2.2). I still have like a centimeter on each side and the back end fits super well too, no stretching involved and i run a nondrive side hubgaurd. The Flatback does get dirty fast but will look sick if you keep it clean.

Demolition Rogue Rear Hub

“Ehh,its not the best for a intermediate rider ”


The Good: Light,somewhat reliable

The Bad: Axel Bolts,And Driver

Overall Review: I Had This For About 1 year,and not even hard riding ,then i started to advance up to being better,as i progressed i started seeing signs of it going,where i am at now with it ,the driver pawls are messed up,im riding my bike and i hear a creaking noise coming from the hub,has to be the pawls .so idk its an alright hub but i would Get Something Else Other Than This If You Go Hard On Your Bike.

Demolition Momentum Tire

“Awsome all around tires”


The Good: Strong , good looking , great roll and grip by far the best ive used and will only use these

The Bad: Nothing so far, have only been using these for around 4 months but they seem to be holding up really well with no problems

Overall Review: All and all , the best tires ive used and have no complaints