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Latest Product Reviews


Stolen Thermalite Pegs

“Pretty Good Plastics”


The Good: Slide great, super lightweight, nice range of colors

The Bad: Wears down faster than metals, chance of cracking on impact

Overall Review: After getting Stolen Thermalite Pedals, I decided to try the Thermalite Pegs. I ran this in the front and used it mainly for peg stalls on quarter pipe coping and they did real well with that. When I took it over to grinding however, there was already noticeable wear on them after grinding some boxes with metal coping. They do slide really well on a waxed ledge though. I recommend these pegs to riders who do flatland, stalls on quarters, or guys who don't grind much. Overall, these pegs are not bad.

2014 Fit Dugan 2 Bike

“Awesome bike”



The Bad: nothing I have found

Overall Review: This bike is a great bike for a person who is looking for a bike to launch into space with, to someone just getting into bmx!!! I love mine. One of the best and lightest of the 2014 Fit lineup. So if you want to launch like Tommy Dugan this is the bike for you. GET IT!!!

Shadow Conspiracy CORVUS COMPLETE REAR Wheels



The Good: It does have a good sound when it clicks

The Bad: Everything! First off i would break a spoke every other day! the hub is ok except for the axle that snapped and I replaced. Finally the rim would have pokes popping through and at the end it tacoed

Overall Review: Worst wheel I ever owned

Fit WIFI Frame

“Decent frame”


The Good: Awesome street geometry, cool colors, and doesn't dent.

The Bad: Cracks! I have seen multiple cracked wifis, both cracked on welds attached to the head tube and another cracked on the weld attaching the bottom bracket to the dropouts.

Overall Review: I do like the frame. its feels great to ride. My personal frame has been going strong for about twelve months, but i do worry about it cracking. For good reason. A friend of mine cracked his and I have seen one other instance of this happening. All frames have issues, but I would just like to warn you that there are some bad eggs out there.

2015 Colony Premise Bike

“colony complete”


The Good: my friend has this bike and this thing is light af.

The Bad: its kinda hard to suck up when doing 180s and stuff cause of the geometry. and the tires are skinny and slips sometimes.

Overall Review: good complete. its a little too light imo but its just me. if you think its easier to do tricks with lighter bikes then id go for this one.

2014 Volume Infantry Bike

“solid complete.”


The Good: my friend has this bike and if you guys were thinking about getting this bike, get it. best all around complete ever. all sealed bearings and the hub is so loud once it breaks in. its as loud as a profile mini but has a deeper pitch to it.

The Bad: the odyssey brake that came with it, the spring broke after a few months so dont be surprised if it breaks on you earlier than expected.

Overall Review: this bike is just an all around one of the best completes ive ever ridden. feels nice and solid the geometry on this bike makes tricks like 180s and 360s flow. the weight is perfect not to heavy or not to light just right.