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Latest Product Reviews


Demolition Rotator Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub

“Demo. Rotator V1”


The Good: It's not lightweight because it's a coaster but it ain't heavy. It's a coaster so you can cruise backwards. Looks nice with the low profile logo , nice hub shell design. Quality wise , it's great BUT not Demolition , they ARE KHE internals so basically 90% of coasters are the same with different shells and their logo.

The Bad: Mine came with a seized none drive side cone nut , couldn't even remove it until a friend who's maybe 200 lbs had to put it in a vice and lean on a wrench to get it to loosen . It fucked my axle , which is an aluminum piece of shit and the threads got destroyed. The thread on hubguard is aluminum and basically like any other hubguard. The axle is pretty garbage especially the V1 Hollow version and the hubguard that threads on ; avoid them like the plague. Could have more slack but it's just about getting used to it , mine is on max but not enough personally.

Overall Review: You CAN backpedal with a coaster if you need to , so don't be afraid of blowing your bearings just dont over do it. Grease it maybe every couple months but if you go fucking Stevie on everything then I'd say maybe every 2 months. I'd get the V2 version but frankly with that seized axle issue OUT OF THE BOX with the shitty quality of it , I'd probaly just get another one. In all it's a great hub but generic as most coasters use the same internals. Don't dig my luck with it but besides that I don't have any issues so maybe it was just a factory mistake.

2013 WeThePeople Arcade Bike

“Nice bike could use upgraded parts”


The Good: a good weight pretty light and strong

The Bad: cranks arnt that good and sprocket bent while learning grinds that is the only thing after a year of use.

Overall Review: great bike for the money parts last a long time but would be good to get better parts after while

Stolen MOB Cranks

“decent cranks for the price”


The Good: Cheap and pretty strong

The Bad: Spindle bolt does come loose after riding a lot

Overall Review: I've had them for about 6 months, only got them cause I was on a budget at the time. I ride everyday pretty hard I'm 230pounds and the only problem I've had is the spindle bolt coming loose id recommend these for the low budget buyer I'm looking into getting the snafu mayweather cranks shortly just because I can afford to buy them now overall strong chromoly and and spindle make sure you check the spindle bolt every couple weeks

Amber Reign Front Wheel

“Amber Reign Front Wheel”


The Good: Rolls for ages, light, stong, looks so beast and its sealed.

The Bad: The hub shell could of been a better shape, nothing else bad about this.

Overall Review: Overall this wheel is great, cheap and affordable, its rolls for ages, stong and light. i would recommend this wheel to anyone <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /??>

2014 Stolen Sinner Bike

“It's good for the price”


The Good: Light( if you care about that kind of thing)

The Bad: The steerer tube makes your stem slip out of place gradually, the bars are wide so inconsistent barspins

Overall Review: I like it, just the stickers never come off and the tubes that come with it are shit

Demolition Keystone Stem

“Light, Looks Nice, Dont over tighten.”


The Good: It looks stunning, Hollow Bolts, Its Extremley Light and theres not much to hit your knee on.

The Bad: Minor Slips, Soft Metal, its pinched a little.

Overall Review: Ive been riding this stem for about 5 months now. and i love it, its really nice. looks nice and rides nice. but...It dents easy and The front bolts have actually come through the bottom of the stem. Honestly though i do think this is just due to over tightening so just be careful not to over tighten the bolts. Good stem, would buy again. :)

Stolen Revolver Wheels

“Do not buy -_-”


The Good: Look nice, my front hub spins for ages, cheap.

The Bad: The rims bend and dent easily. The spokes are shit. The back hub isnt fully sealed.

Overall Review: After about 2 months of riding this wheel spokes snapped and bent. and then to my surprise it wasnt the spokes that had snapped... it was the nipples.. they had been ripped out of the shitty rim. yes theyre cheap but if you buy cheap then you buy twice.

2013 GT Zone Bike

“Pretty sweet bike for the price catagory!”


The Good: LIGHTWEIGHT! I read 24 pounds online, feels like it. Cool frame geo, great for mannys wheelies and bunnyhops 180s etc
sealed bb airbag 2.1 tires feels just right, not too heavy
standard 25 9 t gear ratio

The Bad: front hub is unsealed
rear hub is semi sealed... front wheel wobbles a bit, same with rear (bike shop didn't tighten hubs enough I guess! fail on local bike shops behalf...) But easy fix if you have the right wrenches.

Overall Review: This bike is perfect considering I paid $250 plus tax (2014 came out so i scooped a 2013) It's hard to find a new bike with some sealed components and extremely lightweight for that price. good job GT. Perfect starter NICE bmx bike... (My starter bmx bike bike was/is a 2004 mongoose crush al about 32 pounds so this GT zone is a FUN bike for me to try to whip around... My only fear is the frame can't handle big drops, so I wouldn't recommend doing any serious drops but its great to learn balance, 180s, wheelies, hops, mannys all the beginner tricks. And seriously, idt 24 pounds is an exaggeration, it really is that light. lol

Stolen Revolver Wheels



The Good: NOTHING IS GOOD! The only good part is you get to spend more on your phone bill calling stolen about the hub breaking a week later and they will do nothing about it!

The Bad: The rim is decent, but the hub is just plain horrible. It broke after a month and stolen will do nothing about it they have the worst customer service there do not buy this rim unless you want it to break

Overall Review: This is a horrible product!