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Latest Product Reviews


Federal Lacey Frame

“federal Lacey fuckyeah!!!!”


The Good: Very light frame, very strong

The Bad: Nothing bad to say.... Hasn't let me down yet

Overall Review: Recommend this frame to anyone... Good job federal

Shadow Conspiracy VALOR Tire



The Good: Fatties if youre into that. They look Amazing. Super Grippy. Super Durable. FAST.

The Bad: Pretty Heavy is all.

Overall Review: These tires are Amazing and they look awesome, kinda like a bad ass version of Hawk tires. These tires are definitely worth getting. But, they are a pretty heavy tire and rotational wieght can make a BIG difference in the way your bike feels and controls.

MacNeil Consplined Cranks

“Macneil Consplined Cranks”


The Good: Macneil / Canadian company. They're strong and stiff , they work well , easy to install and remove , look good because of the welding style of the arms.

The Bad: No issues for me but apparently a homie broke them down the welds. His a big guy though and I think he sais he stomped his pedals thats why

Overall Review: Get them. Nothing special or gimmicks , just straight cranks.

2012 Redline Asset Bike

“Decent bike”


The Good: Feels great when riding it, light bike and it fits a tall rider well

The Bad: Bent the forks in 4 days, the sprocket bent, I had to cut down the seatpost because it was too long

Overall Review: Great intermediate/beginner bike, a few upgrades will make it a badass bike.

Kink Pillar Cranks

“Great cranks”


The Good: They can run micro drive and regular sprockets on either side the spindle is hollow and both the sprocket bolt and the spindle bolt are hollow there 22mm so thicker the pedal bosses are awesome haven't stripped out witch is good for me seeing how all my other ones strip out while im riding overall i love them couldn't ask for more.

The Bad: lol its a wimpy thing but i had to get a new bottom bracket cause there 22mm lol but i love them

Overall Review: the best cranks ive ever ridden and ive ridden: profile racing, odyssey thermal, odyssey twombolts, nitrous, fit cranks, and a couple others these are by far the best!!!!!

Demolition Rogue Rear Hub

“Love this hub!”


The Good: Its light, Strong and they do some really nice colours

The Bad: Bad???? whats that?

Overall Review: Absolutley love this hub, been running it for a while now, not the loudest hub in the world but its light strong and im yet to see anything wrong with it :D

Demolition Momentum Tire



The Good: they r great tires. for street they gripp real well and concrete park. they are street tires what do u expect. the sizes are perfect and they are amazing. had them for 3 months and i have no flat spots yet

The Bad: they don't work the best with brakes

Overall Review: these tires are awesome. they grip like no other tire does and they r amazing

Colony Official Stem



The Good: The bolts they stay in shape well they don't strip and the bars and forks don't move at all. it grips tightly.

The Bad: I ride brakes and i usually ride my stem upside down. the colony gyro plate doesn't work when the stem is upside down.

Overall Review: I would consider every single part of this hub. it is amazing for a Stem and it is light as hell. it is strong. consider getting this

Odyssey Monolever Small Brake Lever



The Good: The odyssey lasts a long ass time. it has great pull resistance and everything the size is perfect and nothing is better made

The Bad: the actual lever its self wobbles but it only happens usually if u take it apart

Overall Review: an amazing brake lever. anyone who rides brakes and doesn't have this lever can go suck it. and if they say it sucks so what maybe u put it on wrong or u just fuck everything up

Demolition Machete Tire

“Great Tire!”


The Good: Light, good grip on all terrain, rolls well.

The Bad: A Thin tire.

Overall Review: I enjoy these tires, they are thin but the held up well, expect a few more flats than usual. I ride on all types of terrain and these grip great for me. I ran a 2.25 rear and 2.35 front.