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2015 Subrosa X The Sword Stormwitch Bike

“Awesome bmx”


The Good:

The colour is good the tires are pretty big I like that in a bike to me it looks really clean very stylish the size is goods well and it's a good bro level bike

The Bad:

Nothing it's all awesome

Overall Review: I love this bike and I just got it a few days ago amazing bike and it's a new frame a special edition frame
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Vital BMX member mirraco boy
108140 mirraco boy,108140/all 09/23/13 1 2

Animal Akimbo Cranks

“best cranks I've ever rode! defiantly recommend ”


The Good:

very strong and durable

The Bad:

kind of heavy, but that means they will be harder to break!

Overall Review: Awesome cranks! recommend to everybody!
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Vital BMX member naynay95
113890 naynay95,113890/all 12/17/14,113890/setup 1 1 2

Colony Colonial V2 Cranks

“Not worth the money”


The Good:

Really lightweight, set has included tool for removal of cracks.

The Bad:

In my case the spindle broke after 6 months of riding.

Overall Review: Good but not reliable at all.
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Vital BMX member Edvinas_Kozak
66060 Edvinas_Kozak,66060/all 08/03/10 1 1

Merritt BMX Cross Check (charlie Crumlish) Grips

“Pretty good”


The Good:

Neon Splatter is fucking sick
Bar ends are the best

The Bad:

Wear quite fast

Overall Review: I would only recommend these grips if you are willing to buy another set within 1 to 2 months. The are really comfy.

Division Sierra Grips

“Long is the right word.”


The Good:

Not Deeply Ribbed or Too Thick.
They Feel Comfortable.
Thick and Durable Barends.

Barends Don't Have Elaborate Designs or Cutouts that get easily mutilated after Bailing.

The Bad:

Nothing that I have come across in the design or the quality of the material.

Overall Review: I recently received them and the Gum Brown colour is stunning, not often the most common trait of brown. The design of the grip I can imagine will wear less than the traditional (vertical mushroom ribbed) pattern due to the 45 Degree angle of the ribs leading to the division logo, which is about an inch wide of vertical ribbing next to the end of the grip. (index or smallest finger area). The length is more than enough landing pad for catching the bars during any trick involving removing your hands quickly and grabbing rapidly. After the metric conversion they are 6.3" long. On a last note, these grips are made with similar comfort of an ODI but with the addition of nearly an inch extra than the longneck and a cross section boasting a "Division" logo. I recommend these.
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Vital BMX member GSquared
115492 GSquared,115492/all 02/18/15,115492/setup 10 9 1

2015 Subrosa Arum XL Bike

“The subrosa arum xl is an amazing mid class bike not for beginners but for those who are starting to abuse and use their bike more harder.”


The Good:

fully sealed and a great bike to build up and each year comes with a new custom paint job for the arums

The Bad:

I've always been kinda worried that the back end wish bone style dropout will snap easier

Overall Review: I love this bike. I have been riding a 2012 arum for ever and that bike has put up with so much abuse. and after you buy a few better parts such as cranks rear hub and chain its pretty much set. I love this bike and I plan to buy the new 2016 arum xl
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Vital BMX member j4r3d
123967 j4r3d,123967/all 11/10/15 1

Odyssey Dugan Tire

“Grippy and fast”


The Good:

These bad boys grip really good and roll quick too!

The Bad:

Objects leave small nicks and cuts in the rubber because it is soft but I havent had any punctures from things in the 5 or so months that I've had them. They also don't squeak.

Overall Review: I would definitely reccommend these tyres as the grip on all surfaces is bloody good. The weight is on the heavier side but oddly enough I couldn't 360 with light tyres (ody aitken/maxxis holy roller) but when I put these on after a week I could 360! It seems like heavier tyres almost give you something to push against while spinning, instead of with light tyres where they feel unstable.

S&M Cameron Wood Frame

“Badass frame!”


The Good:

Lovely geometry, feels solid, looks pretty, made by riders for riders, murican made!

The Bad:

What? Nothing bad. Although the dropouts are a bit small if you run pegs I guess?

Overall Review: First s&m frame I've had since my pbr 10 years ago. Won't be going back to anything made in Taiwan again! I trust this a lot more than anything else I've had in that time and the geometry is spot on. Probably a bit heavier than previous frames I've had, but the extra weight feels so much more stable, it's actually easier to ride and gives me more confidence
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Vital BMX member grumpySteve
123538 grumpySteve,123538/all 11/01/15 4 1 26 2556 1 4 1

Total BMX Sandstorm Frame

“Total sandstorm”


The Good:

Light and responsive frame strongly recommend this frame

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: For the price strongly recommend this frame light responsive good for park Street and dirt I currently have it in black
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Vital BMX member SoloBike
53420 SoloBike,53420/all 11/09/09 2 2,53420/setup 7 8 9

WeThePeople Clash Frame

“its so sturdy and holds up to lots of rough riding ”


The Good:

holds up its great for park and some street riding, It has a good feel to it aswell

The Bad:

nothing bad has come from this frame

Overall Review: this frame has really good dimensions on it has a chainstay of 13.3 which makes it perfect for spins, whip and etc. its also very affordable
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Vital BMX member Ryan Lacasse
100191 Ryan Lacasse,100191/all 11/05/12 9 1 5