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2015 Sunday Pro Bike

“Yeah, it's as nice as it looks.”


The Good:

You won't find a bike spec'd better for less so don't bother looking. Black Chrome is sweet.

The Bad:

Brake mounts and cable stays are not removable.

Overall Review: This bike is fabulous. Strong, quality parts throughout with no real need to upgrade anywhere. I did switch the grips though, for personal preference only. Only reason I can imagine spending more for a complete would be to save weight, and your only gonna save a pound or so. Really, if you need a better ride than this you should probably be getting your bikes for free anyway.
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Vital BMX member skwerl77
119757 skwerl77 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,119757/all 07/04/15 1

2009 Fit TRL 1 Bike

“Decent at best”


The Good:

It works decently

The Bad:

On the heavier side of bmx bikes
Sprocket broke like nothing
chain snapped
under 8" bars
Standard headset

Overall Review: I ride my bike pretty softly, I just do street stuff but I managed to brake the sprocket and chain in one small hit on a rail. Apparently the fork bends too easily which sucks because of the standard headset. I wouldn't recommend but I enjoy it.

Stolen Cartwheel Sprocket

“Not bad for the price”


The Good:

They are cheap, light, and come in lots of colors. Don't bend easily

The Bad:

After about a year of riding one of my tooth are chipped

Overall Review: Not bad for the price, owned 2 of them and they still work perfectly

Stolen Joint Tire

“Great tires”


The Good:

They have great grip and come in lots of colors

The Bad:

They don't really have anything bad

Overall Review: I've owned 6 of them through multiple bikes and all of them still ride great

Cult DAK Seat

“Cult Dak Seat Recommend”


The Good:

Very low profile seat, light, small, comfy

The Bad:

Not that soft but it is very comfortable for its size

Overall Review: Capared to my 2013 Fit seat its lighter and a bit smaller but a whole lot softer! I recommend it
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Vital BMX member dg_scuba
119690 dg_scuba /images/default/avatar/c50.png,119690/all 07/01/15 1

BSD Donnasqueak Tire

“Best Tire - Get It For Any Terrain!”


The Good:

They have tan walls and black and they come in some nice thick sizes.

The Bad:

A bit pricey if your not the richest. (50 Dollars Each AUD)

Overall Review: The best tire ive ever rode. they work awesome for street park and i even ride some dirt on them. get these tires you will not regret it.
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Vital BMX member jake_united
113636 jake_united,113636/all 12/07/14 13 1

2015 Stolen Saint XLT 24 Bike

“Time to break it in.”


The Good:

Looks clean, feels good to ride (thats what she said).

The Bad:

hopped a five stair and heard a pop noise, maybe its just getting broken in, aand the breaks could be better.

Overall Review: I just got the bike so I can't really say much other than, I love having a bigger size tire. It feel more comfortable to ride.
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Vital BMX member Braedon_Elies
91064 Braedon_Elies,91064/all 02/29/12 1

2009 Mongoose Mischief Bike

“realy sick bike lasted forever”


The Good:

Its lasted me almost 4 years now and almost all the parts are origional

The Bad:

Had to get new forks becuse the local bike shop didn't have any mongoose stems

Overall Review: Awesum bike lasted forever and mine has been through allot but it just keeps going

Duo Brand Cranmer Grips

“omg just feel so good ”


The Good:

these grips give confidence for tricks cause even if i catch the wrong way ... if i catch the grips i dont get hurt they are just the best!!!! im buying 4 more pairs !

The Bad:

lasted like a week lol

Overall Review: don't last long but they are 4 $off dans so why not plus they are the best feeling grips i have ever owned like air bags for you're hands :)
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Vital BMX member jeep.grignon
102313 jeep.grignon,102313/all 01/17/13 1 9 26 1 5