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Latest Product Reviews


Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Slim Seat Seat

“The Best Pivotal Seat You Can Buy”


The Good: Extremely comfortable. Looks great. Isn't extremely nose-forward, unlike most other pivotal seats, so this feels stiffer and looks more natural. Super soft but durable cover.

The Bad: The nose is still a bit flexy, but this is something that just happens with pivotal seats.

Overall Review: I ran one of these for about a year and a half. It is by far the best pivotal seat I've used, and I've used a lot. This slim seat is more comfortable than virtually all other fat seats. Of course that means it is much more comfortable than any other slim seats. It's nice and wide so you have a nice place to sit. Also, the little "lip" at the back that creates the ergonomic shape feels great and helps keep you on the seat, rather than other seats where you just slide off the back. Also, because this is a slim seat, it is easy to find the bolt inside the seat, which always tends to be a struggle with fat pivotal seats. The Read More »

Tree Bicycle Co. Headset Caps

“A cleaner, stronger alternative to stock bolts.”


The Good: Looks very smooth and clean. They're very strong and won't strip out.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing.

Overall Review: I have a 24mm bolt in polished. Most stock bolts are at least decent, but these are the best. You'll never have to worry about your fork bolt stripping or breaking ever again if you get one of these. They look simple, clean, smooth, and awesome overall. No awkward or random tools to use it, just a 6mm or 1/4" allen. I would definitely recommend them.

Tree Bicycle Co. Twigs N Berries Spokes

“Stiff and Strong.”


The Good: Stiffer and stronger than a J bend spoke.
Easier to lace a straight pull wheel.

The Bad: Nothing particularly bad.

Overall Review: This is a review for just the spokes. I use G-Sport Taper-Hex Nipples with these spokes. The straight pull design is noticeably stiffer and stronger than your normal J bend spokes. It also makes your wheels much easier to lace. I've had no issues with these spokes so far. Other than that, there is not much more that can be said. I'm definitely a fan of the straight pull spoke design.

FBM Steadfast CS Frame

“The Best American Made Frame”


The Good: Perfect geometry for every style of riding, from trails to street.
3D downtube gusset not only looks awesome but definitely strengthens the front end.
The headtube badge is straight up beautiful.
Larger 1-3/8" diameter top tube looks strong and awesome.
No unnecessary top tube gusset, which makes it look really clean.
The top tube remains round at the seat tube, and the seat stays meet each other rather than overlapping the top tube, which increases strength.
Larger diameter chainstays for strength and stiffness.
Post weld machining on the bottom bracket and headtube for a perfect bearing fit; they went in perfectly.
Mid bottom bracket, no unnecessarily small Spanish bottom bracket.
Strong dropouts with more weld contact with the stays than normal.
Non-integrated seat clamp looks better and clamps better than an integrated clamp.
Chainstay brakes look awesome and feel even better.
Extra cable guide removes the need for an ugly velcro strap or zip tie.
No gyro holes for a really clean look.
Basically, just a stiff, strong, functional frame that still weighs in at only 5 lbs.

The Bad: Can't get a perfect chainline with a 30T sprocket. On a trails frame, I expect at least the clearance for a 30T and a perfect chainline.
I would prefer a chainstay wishbone for increased strength and stiffness, but I understand why this isn't done.

Overall Review: I have the newest version of this frame, the one with the new headtube badge and non-integrated seat clamp. I got it a few weeks ago and I've been riding it a lot since I got it. I have a 21" in dark green. This is by far the best frame I've ever ridden. It feels super stable in the air and when you're bombing hills, but is still easy to maneuver and throw around. I ride mostly trails but also a lot of concrete parks and some street, and it works out absolutely perfectly for all of that. I was afraid the 74 degree headtube would be too mellow, but it's actually perfect. It feels more responsive than you think, but is still Read More »

Profile BMX Classic Race and NoBoss Crank Kit Cranks

“liked at first”


The Good: Look clean and they don't hurt your ankles at all

The Bad: bent my spindle after 6 months trying a crooked grind, feel to delicate to even try crank arm grinds, not good for street

Overall Review: might be okay if you only ride trails or park but DO NOT buy them if you ride street. not happy with them.

Kink Pillar Cranks

“Reliable cranks !”


The Good: These cranks are light, strong, and can take any abuse you throw at them. I have had these cranks for a year now I haven't run Into and problems. The metal backplate on the crank arms look good and add a lot of strength to the cranks. They have a beefy 22mm spinal with hollow bolts.

The Bad: The paint rubs of the arms easily if you ride a lot. I would suggest getting mid top shoes because these cranks hurt your ankles.
Spline drive is only compatible on one side.

Overall Review: I used to ride profile cranks which literally bent then snapped in the middle of the arms so I wanted a set cranks that would last, not bend or snap, so the welded on back plate was appealing to me. One year later and they are still running strong. The crank arm fits snugly into the spinal with no wobble which is also a pro. So overall I would highly recommend these cranks.

S&M Black Bike Frame

“wasnt happy”


The Good: It was black.

The Bad: The frame was too big. i don't know if it was the chain stays or the top tube, but i had trouble doing tricks i already learned. also i had the one with the European bottom bracket.

Overall Review: I got rid of it because the frame was worse than my diamondback accomplice. and my accomplice had a 14 + chainstays.

Volume Death Wish Frame

“Pretty good”


The Good: i like the geometry. Easy to manual and do tricks.

The Bad: The headset is not campy spec, so it is hard to find headsets for it.

Overall Review: I like it overall. I wish it was campy spec. That is the only reason why i got rid of it.

Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub

“Second year and great”


The Good: Problem free and still smooth and silent is how I like my hubs. The external slack adjustment is the only way to go!

The Bad: My slack screw would tighten itself after a few rides. So I took it out for full slack. Otherwise that's a minor issue. Works great though.

Overall Review: Worth every penny. The trendy coasters aren't the best from what I'm hearing. Read reviews fellas.