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Latest Product Reviews


2014 Fit Dugan 1 Bike

“Best 2014 base model”


The Good: Great quality, light, great price, best colors of all the base model fits.

The Bad: Needs better pedals, seat, and grips other than that no complaints

Overall Review: I love this bike and if it ever goes bad I will always fall back on the dugan parts as there geometry is amazing epically for shorter riders like my self at 5'6" this bike feels like you are riding a 21" top tube epically with the 50mm out reach on the stem, overall I would recommend any year dugan one to everyone.

Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt Bar Ends

“Love these bar ends”


The Good: These are very durable and come in a plethora of colors which is good for everyone and they are very hard to go wrong with and match with every grip out there.

The Bad: Other than the normal with metal bar ends where the edges get sharp and can cut you nothing.

Overall Review: Very satisfied and recommend these to anyone who rides hard as they will hold up to the occasional drop of the bike.

Osiris NYC 83 Mid VLC Shoes

“for holding in your shelf”


The Good: comfortable

The Bad: had a hole in sole after one week of riding

Overall Review: do not buy this shit! I miss old good orchids and loteks, nowadays most shoes are made to feel good and wears out in max month...

Amber Reign Front Wheel

“It's a mediocre :p”


The Good: It definitely can take a beating I've been on it for 2 years and I grind a lotttt too so yeah

The Bad: The male axle is just making me weary about the wheel because when I do drops the wheel sounds like it snaps.

Overall Review: Nice wheel but make sure you have money to upgrade to a female axle you will want one soon.

Amber Reign Rear Wheel

“Ridiculous wheel? ”


The Good: Everything is good for a cheap wheel like this! I only intended to use this as a spare but it's like a superhero wheel and I ride heavy.

The Bad: Bearings have broke the first time but the replacement bearings have kept this wheel rolling for 2 years!

Overall Review: Had this wheel for 2 years. Best wheel.

Demolition Elite Fork

“Nice weight, strong. ”


The Good: Strong on street I do heavy shit sometimes. They are ridiculously light for street forks Rob Wise?

The Bad: I just don't like the way they make my bike look because they're so thin.

Overall Review: Awesome forks. Next pair of forks will definitely be something with even less offset and thicker geo.

United Mothership Handlebars

“Nice, Strong bars. ”


The Good: Strong bars they can handle my street abuse and the geometry is comfortable.

The Bad: Scratches really easy from stupid stuff and I like my bike looking clean Haha and the 8.5 rise is just getting old now I wanna go 8.75.

Overall Review: Amazing bard but 8.5 is so old school nowadays.

Fit Benny Stem

“great love it”


The Good: I love the look of it and the short reach makes my bike nice and responsive. It looks very clean and doesn't ever slip

The Bad: Can't think of anything

Overall Review: Great stem buy it if you like your bike being nice and twitchy

Colony 2015 Sweet Tooth V4 Frame

“Great frame !”


The Good: 1) The paint color is fantastic.
2) Great for park riders because its not too light or too heavy.
3) Hydroformed gussests
4) Made to flow bowls and air quarters.
5) Some park pro park riders use this frame and do crazy shit !

The Bad: 1) Paint scratches off easily but who cares
2) Hard to get technical street tricks in.

Overall Review: I am a park rider and airing is a breeze with this frame. This is an awesome frame for park riders and comes with a great selection of colors. This frame is easy to flow with and quarter with. Although its not made for street, it makes up for it by having its geometry setup for you to do some crazy park shit. I highly recommend this if you want to be like Alex Hiam or ... Someone even better.