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Demolition Elite Fork

“Amazing forks but kinda flexy. ”


The Good:

Uber light, makes everything feel better and more fun. They feel strong too.

The Bad:

I was using fit blade lite forks before these and the dropouts stuck out just past the hub and offered good protection without a hubguard but these forks you'll definitely want a hubguard on. I'm learning nose manuals and sometimes if I get wobbly on one it feels like the forks are flexing and I never felt this with my previous forks. Maybe it's me though.

Overall Review: Great forks, feel great, good offset. Feel kinda flexy when doing nose manuals though.
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Vital BMX member Sean_Goff
127334 Sean_Goff /images/default/avatar/c50.png,127334/all 01/19/16 1 41 264 3

Fit Blade-Lite Fork

“Good a$$ forks”


The Good:

I know these are discontinued but I got them off a vert rider on craigslist last year and had them ever since. I ride mostly street and do tons of smith grinds and the dropouts havent bent one bit. They are light and strong AF.

The Bad:

Only available in 32mm offset but i still learned nose mannys on the 32s.

Overall Review: Nothing. I love them!
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Vital BMX member Sean_Goff
127334 Sean_Goff /images/default/avatar/c50.png,127334/all 01/19/16 1 41 264 3

KMC Z510HX Chain

“it was okay ”


The Good:

pretty durable, thick, easy to install

The Bad:

the half link that helps dial in the chain was bent then it snapped

Overall Review: it was good when i rode it but the pre-installed half link got bent out of shape and then snapped. i only rode the chain for little less than 4 months and didnt even ride much in the 4 months and this still happened.

Odyssey Hawk Tire

“great tire”


The Good:

rides super nice on the street but yet to see how it holds up on wood and metal ramps at some skateparks.very durable and easy to take off of wider rims.

The Bad:

not as big as i thought but still big enough

Overall Review: i rate these 9/10 because of how they ride and how easily it is to take off wider rims but the size did come in to matter.

Mission Transit Cranks

“great cranks”


The Good:

great price, cool colors, glad they make them in chrome now, i run them pretty hard in LHD and still running strong and im about 150-160 lbs

The Bad:

paint chipped away, a little heavy

Overall Review: first off, i love these cranks, i would totally recommend these to anyone looking to go from 1 piece cranks to 3 piece. i would totally buy these cranks again. the ony reason why i havnt yet is because they are not broken.

Failure Mainiac Frame

“Me likey bikey”


The Good:

Well I was riding downtown and as I was riding a car blew a stop sign and hit me on my left side, knocking my shoes off and throwing me about 10 yards down the street, causing a broken right arm as well as road rash on my face and chest but on a good note the bike turned up great!! Perfect condition!!!! Not a single scratch, definitely a sturdy, durable, well rounded bike!

The Bad:

So the same day I get hit by a car (as posted in the good review) I was at a great local Mexican restaurant, jaliscos tacos if you must know, and prior to riding downtown I came down with a terrible case of "bubble guts", nothing to worry about though I've done this before, and while riding through downtown I was actually struck by a car (as stated in the good section) and while I watched the car fly towards me moments before impact I had a "oh sh*$" moment and completely released my bowels everywhere, straight diarrhea, and while in the hospital I got the chance to see my fecal covered clothes and so I got to thinking why doesn't failure build vertical rising mudflaps on their bikes! That way A) moments like these will never happen again and while riding through the rain you won't get a sailing wet bum!! More mudflaps!!

Overall Review: Great bike!! Very durable, I love it!! Great for going big and very smooth going through transitions!! Just needs some mudflaps

Fit FK-1.3 Fork

“This fork is the bees knees!”


The Good:

Everything! Great strength to weight ratio.

The Bad:

Nothing that I can think of really...

Overall Review: This is a great fork for any type of riding. It's made in the USA. It has a ton of tire clearance. I have been waiting for about 10 years for Fit to make forks in the US, and it's been worth the wait! I love the extreme taper on the legs and the extruded and machined steerer. They feel real stiff! I don't see I'll be buying another fork for a long time.
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Vital BMX member ccs1981
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Odyssey Aaron Ross BOSS Handlebars

“You get what you pay for!”


The Good:

the rise is perfect I wouldn't ever dream of going any taller then this I usually roll with an 8 1/2 rise bars but these handlebars really feel just right to me not to much not to little. 41thermal lifetime warranty. Not going wrong unless your bike gets stolen more often then you break a set of handlebars.

The Bad:

High price, but as I said you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: I love these bars, these will not be getting swapped out for a new set anytime soon, and if they do brake, Ill send em in and get another pair.
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Vital BMX member Justin_Troughton
124410 Justin_Troughton /images/default/avatar/c50.png,124410/all 11/20/15,124410/setup 2 18 3 2

2012 Verde Eon Bike

“Shitty frame ”


The Good:

I only had the frame bought mint condition of a friend. Fairly light

The Bad:

I'm 11 I rode the frame for less than 6 months and I snaped the frame.

Overall Review: Shitty frame, I am 11 can't do many tricks and snaped it.

Colony Rear Pintour Wheels

“strong, does what its meant to do”


The Good:

light and sounds good if your into that very strong but it does skip

The Bad:

the rim is pinned and there are limited hubguard options but they do work well

Overall Review: i really like the colour and the sound but the rim is pinned but it is strong so it is pretty good
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Vital BMX member aussiebmxer
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