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Latest Product Reviews


United Squad V2 Fork

“light fork but bad dropouts”


The Good: Pretty light and cheap, but thats about it.

The Bad: Bad welding on the droputs , they are pretty weak. I cracked them both and didn't even really force them to much. I have this fork for about a year now. Oh yea .. and the top cap broked in two weeks.. and I had to replace it with another one.

Overall Review: Light, cheap, but bad welding and weak dropouts.

Demolition Rogue Rear Hub

“not a fan !!”


The Good: cheap
it's light
lots of colors

The Bad: if you are hard on your rear hub (feebles, ice picks, spins into) then this hub is doing to break
my driver won't even spin anymore
same with the hub, it won't even spin

Overall Review: it isn't the best hub in the world, you get what you pay for

Cult VANS Grips

“not the best”


The Good: comfy as fuck

The Bad: they suck for sweaty hands
they move when you pull up

Overall Review: do not get this is you have sweaty hands if you don't have sweaty hands, get them, they are comfy, just suck with sweat they also move so if you dont like grips that move, don't get em

Demolition Revolt Cranks

“Great cranks!”


The Good: They are stiff. They feel solid. They don't hurt your ankles

The Bad: Absolutely nothing!

Overall Review: Great cranks! I've ridden em for quite a while now and have given me no problems. And I ride on the harder side.

2013 Cult CC01 Bike



The Good: WELLLLLLL Nothing really good about the bike other than its a bike that you could ride.

The Bad: I bought this bike in late November 2013 and to this day June 2014 ive had to replace almost all of the parts on the bike. The fork dropouts bent which bent my hub and the front and rear rims totally destroyed. Handlebars cracked and stem cracked. The sprocket bent and ive snapped the chain over 5 times. The only good parts i would say about the bike are the frame, headset, bottom bracket,and cranks. But even with those the frame is almost totally cracked.

Overall Review: I would say get this bike if your a beginner or if you cruise around. If you are not a beginner and know how to shred the gnar get a higher end complete this bike is meh. Other that all of those its an okay bike at best not worth the $300 I paid for it.

Demolition Rotator Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub

“Demo. Rotator V1”


The Good: It's not lightweight because it's a coaster but it ain't heavy. It's a coaster so you can cruise backwards. Looks nice with the low profile logo , nice hub shell design. Quality wise , it's great BUT not Demolition , they ARE KHE internals so basically 90% of coasters are the same with different shells and their logo.

The Bad: Mine came with a seized none drive side cone nut , couldn't even remove it until a friend who's maybe 200 lbs had to put it in a vice and lean on a wrench to get it to loosen . It fucked my axle , which is an aluminum piece of shit and the threads got destroyed. The thread on hubguard is aluminum and basically like any other hubguard. The axle is pretty garbage especially the V1 Hollow version and the hubguard that threads on ; avoid them like the plague. Could have more slack but it's just about getting used to it , mine is on max but not enough personally.

Overall Review: You CAN backpedal with a coaster if you need to , so don't be afraid of blowing your bearings just dont over do it. Grease it maybe every couple months but if you go fucking Stevie on everything then I'd say maybe every 2 months. I'd get the V2 version but frankly with that seized axle issue OUT OF THE BOX with the shitty quality of it , I'd probaly just get another one. In all it's a great hub but generic as most coasters use the same internals. Don't dig my luck with it but besides that I don't have any issues so maybe it was just a factory mistake.

2013 WeThePeople Arcade Bike

“Nice bike could use upgraded parts”


The Good: a good weight pretty light and strong

The Bad: cranks arnt that good and sprocket bent while learning grinds that is the only thing after a year of use.

Overall Review: great bike for the money parts last a long time but would be good to get better parts after while