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Latest Product Reviews


DK Alpha Cassette Rear Hub

“very nice hubs”


The Good: had these for a year still running strong very light no problems

The Bad: nothing at all the only problem they discontinued these hubs they're lighter than profiles they also have a very good price tag

Overall Review: if you can't afford the more expensive hubs try to hunt these down they are very nice. not only for design the functionality as well currently have them laced up to odyssey hazard light not only very light very fast strongly recommended.

2015 Kink Launch Complete Bike

“Great bike had it for 2 weeks”


The Good: It has a light weight sturdy frame

The Bad: Grips don't come off good without compressor

Overall Review: I would recommend this bike to anybody who is just starting out or is riding the trails or even grinding the 6stairs railing at your school just remember to not grind pegless because it will ruin your hubs. Also, get it in black because the sparkling paint shines better. Finally I would chose this bike because it is a just a great bike that is great on the pipes and great for 360's and a shoutout to Adam LZ and lzbmx.com for my bike bmx badge and odyssey bmx for my $20 mystery shirt pack!!!!

Fit Dugan Handlebars

“best bars I've ever ridden ”


The Good: So nice looking and perfect size for me and I learnt hop bars dialled as soon as I got them don't know if the bars are the reason but I think they helped me I love how they look

The Bad: nothing except mine did scratch easier than I thought they would

Overall Review: Best bars ever just ordered another set for the new whip I'm setting up everyone should go buy these

S&M Slam Handlebars

“good so far”


The Good: Straight gauged chromo makes them a bit stronger then all the stretched out butted bars haven't bent our cracked yet have had them for about a year and ride pretty hard at the trails I ride but I haven't been riding hard since August had to rebuild since we got bulldozed

The Bad: It you scrap on a concrete wall or something like that the paint will scratch but that's expected so far so good

Overall Review: I love these bars they may be overrated. a lot of people have talked up these bars since their creation. I remember ever since back in the day they were the got to have bars, but I'm happy with them I can see why there is so much talk about slams. buy em if you don't like em that's your thing, I'm sure you'll find someone that will trade or buy them if you hate these bars.

Eastern Bikes Bi-Rectional Classic Rear Hub

“Decent Hub for Budget”


The Good: Easy to flip-flop. I like the allen key hole at the end of the axle.

The Bad: I have the unsealed version and the bearings just gave out.

Overall Review: It's OK, but there are better hubs out there.

Alienation Black Sheep Rim

“Decent Rims!”


The Good: Will take most larger drops & jumps on dirt and concrete parks, nice paint.

The Bad: Slight bends after continuous use.

Overall Review: These rims came stock on my bike, but I'm still using till this day. It's been about a year of running them, and I have come across 2 minor problems. One is that the rim can bend the slightest bit. Found that out after doing lots of 180's. But after truing them, it was back to normal with nothing feeling awkward. The second minor problem was the nipples getting lose. Just make sure they stay tight every few weeks if you're an avid rider. To sum stuff up, it's a good rim and I definitely recommend it to you all!

Cult DEHART Tire

“Great Tires!”


The Good: Fast, grippy, durable, don't wear out

The Bad: The whitewalls aren't white, they're more of a beige-ish cream

Overall Review: The tires are pretty fast and super grippy. The 2.35" is has the gaps on the middle tread. The 2.2" is just a single tread in the middle with no knurling (not that it matters). These tires lasted me over a year, and that's including braking with my foot on the rear tire. I never slipped on them.