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2013 Felt Chasm Bike

“Great Bike”


The Good:

Very good acceleration and speed, hills are easy to go up as the glide lasts long. great handling brakes are sharp and smooth. Very light only 11kg. If you need a bmx for stunts i recommend this, but you may need thicker tyres to prevent punctures which were very common for me.

The Bad:

with this bike i had to replace the inner tubes in the rear and front it was disappointing at first, however the tyres are thin so they're prone to punctures. Buy a new pair of 20" tyres and you'll be fine.

Overall Review: Overall great bike just the tyres aren't durable. It's still worth buying although new tyres are a must if you plan on going off road and doing tricks.


“BSD ALVX Frame”


The Good:

-Super short CS length
-Strong AF
-Steep HT
-Really snappy

The Bad:

The BB shell is wider than most frames Ive had (Kink Whip, Verde Radia, Premium Josh Harrington Sig., United RN3) so dialing in the chain alignment was kinda hard

Overall Review: This frame is super super snappy and great for spins and manuals. Its really stiff and just feels solid. Its got clean welds all the way around, plenty of room for wide tires, thick dropouts, all the works. I love it a lot. It comes at a decent price, and I got it in 21" and I couldnt ask for better geometry. Fantastic if you love to ride street or just like to spin and do manny lines.

Proper TTL Frame

“Outstandingly good”


The Good:

Super low weight and is super solid. people say they crack but ive managed to send truck drivers to flat for years and havnt damaged it in any form

The Bad:

Ive had this frame for nearly 3 years now and has served me so well, therefore i have no bad comments at all.

Overall Review: Overall this frame to me is flawless, sleek design and wicked colour option (i have annodized blue) the best purchase i have ever made, this frame is top top quality for the low price.

Stolen Vendetta Frame

“meh not terrible”


The Good:

vortex down tube, solid rear end

The Bad:

no gyro tabs, paint chips and hold grease

Overall Review: rode for 1 year, the paint is horrible, it chips and holds grease and dirt, felt fairly solid. no gyro tabs left me fairly upset. removble brake hardware. good price

SNAFU Astroglide Lower Y Cable

“great cable, great price”


The Good:

very little stretch, zero lag.

The Bad:

we will see

Overall Review: been running this for 6 months. best dual cable ever.

Demolition Bulimia/ Zero Wheels

“Best front wheel ever.”


The Good:

Everything. It's durable as hell, bearings last forever, looks sexy. Has over sized bolts so they wont strip.

The Bad:

Literally nothing at all.

Overall Review: I've had this wheel since July and I've never had a problem with it. Really can't go wrong with Demolition. If you're looking for a good front wheel that will take a beating and still last forever, this is it.

2015 Colony Endeavour Bike

“Amazing price for what you get!”


The Good:


The Bad:

Nothing at all!

Overall Review: I purchased this bike in black/rainbow and I have to say, it's very slick. Considering I got it 15 percent off on danscomp I say it is very worth the price. Once I put it together I had to mess around with the breaks a little until they stayed how I wanted them, so make sure all your parts are tight or at least snug. At first the bigger bars and longer frame were a little strange compared to my last bike (stolen wrap 2013) but I quickly got used to it throughout the day. Riding with it is a dream and it comes really dialed with all sealed parts which is important. I even got a few compliments at Ray's while I was riding :)... Read More »