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S&M Pitchfork XLT Fork

“Badass forks”


The Good:

Im not a fan of S&M but these are strong forks they are heat treated and not bad deal for the cost for them there also very light to but the best thing is that they are american made forks

The Bad:

Trading them for fit forks is a bad thing to do and also Bolt that comes with it is easy to strip out i had the right Allen key for it and it still stripped it also u cant put fat tires on them

Overall Review: I recomend this to a friend and worth the price

Premium Products 1948 Cranks

“Great cranks”


The Good:

Weight is perfect they are strong i never worry about tightening them i love the hollow spindle i got mine in chrome

The Bad:

When the first time i went to take them off they were a bitch to remove and i even used the grease that would prevent seizing

Overall Review: Recomend to anyone who likes premium and anyone looking to reduce weight on there bike and to have strong cranks its definitely worth the money

2009 Premium Three Ring Bike

“One of premiums best bikes at the time”


The Good:

The frame is strong i had it for 3 years my buddie sold it to me And he was satisfied with it when he owned it he only sold it cause he needed some cash but i updated all the parts and got the whole bike to weigh about 21 lbs this bike has been through alot and never let me down even till this day

The Bad:

Was heavy until u customize it and they quit making 3 rings

Overall Review: I would recomend at least the frame to anyone its strong and reliable and worth your money

Fit Barstool Seat

“Best Seat Ever”


The Good:

Everything!!!!!! This seat is super soft. Extremely fat and is just amazing.

The Bad:


Overall Review: This seat is great. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to run a fat seat.

Animal Jump-Off Stem Stem

“Love this stem”


The Good:

It's a badass stem, bought it for my BMX race bike, raced with it for a year, never had one issue with it, considering how many gates I pulled, and how many jumps I hit / wrecks I had. it's strong, medium weight, looks sick.

The Bad:

Nothing bad about it at all.

Overall Review: I'd recommend It to anyone. Animal makes some pretty sick products
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Vital BMX member MichaelBmx95
119303 MichaelBmx95,119303/all 06/09/15 1 1


“Cult is the come up”


The Good:

It has 2 dust caps and not a lot of mark up on price. Smooth bearings nothing wrong with mine.

The Bad:

The logo is a little small

Overall Review: Really good and like the look on my bike.

Fly Bikes Devon Grips

“best grips yet”


The Good:

These grips are long and soft. Cool looking flush bar ends.

The Bad:

They don't last very long both bar ends and grips. Althought for soft grips they lasted 6 months.

Overall Review: These are the best grips on the market only problem they don't last long.


“Awesome forks!!!”


The Good:

Design, Strength and an enverted cross... If that's your thang!
They also come with brake mounts, which I respect bonedeth for taking a chance producing!!!

The Bad:

Nothing bad at all

Overall Review: Got em in chrome and black, wouldn't run any other!
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Vital BMX member Zombylover
106166 Zombylover,106166/all 06/11/13 1,106166/setup 2 50 5 8


“Nice solid stem”


The Good:

Nice solid stem, got the stem in chrome and black.

The Bad:

The black could of done with a couple more coats as it scratches real easy

Overall Review: Awesome stem can't fault it apart from the black ones scratch easy, but that's just a real minor gripe tbh
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Vital BMX member Zombylover
106166 Zombylover,106166/all 06/11/13 1,106166/setup 2 50 5 8

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