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Latest Product Reviews


BoneDeth CREEPOZOID V2 Frame

“Built Tough”


The Good: I like how it has the dual custom gussets ( which i believe eey frame should have) Will handle huge drops and 360s off of shit .Has Flantened rear end tubing for hub dual hub gaurd clearance so you wont stretch your frame.

The Bad: I feel it dents a bit easy and ive grinded on the dropouts so i suggest running hub gaurds

Overall Review: The best frame ive ever rode .

Subrosa Grave Digger Tire

“Good for dirt, park and street!”


The Good: Full of grip and still runs smooth and fast with all of the tread being equal height all the way around the tire. Really good traction on all types of dirt. Hold corners nice in berms and cruising bowls.

The Bad: Nothing is bad about these.

Overall Review: I have had this tire on my front wheel for about 3 months now. Plenty of grip and they look extremely aggressive which I like. Great on all surfaces.

Subrosa Villicus Handlebars

“Good height, good width”


The Good: Very solid and the height is perfect. The older I get the higher my bars go because the old back just can't take being hunched over anymore. The 9.5's are my favorite bars that I have ever owned and that is saying a lot since I have been riding for 15 years. The badge looks pretty sweet also. Haven't slipped at all. I left them the original width, but it is cool that they have lines that mark the distance so you can cut them evenly if you want.

The Bad: Not a thing.

Overall Review: I will ride these bars for as long as they make them.

Kink Bedlam Sprocket

“Great sprocket”


The Good: Solid sprocket that comes in some nice colours. These things take a beating, I've hooked it many times during crank arm grinds and it continues to hold up.

The Bad: Nothing that I can think of.

Overall Review: I would recommend this sprocket to anyone.


“Super Strong Cranks”


The Good: I don't have this particular iteration of the Cult OS cranks because mine are over 2 years old now! They've lasted an incredibly long time, and they continue to hold up even through my learning of crank arm grinds ( bless my poor sprocket's soul).

The Bad: Nothing bad about them.

Overall Review: Super strong cranks all around. I would recommend to anyone.

Cinema Tungsten RHD Rear Wheel

“Okay wheel”


The Good: The 777 rim holds up to most beatings.
Nice sound ( I don't like anything to loud, it's a nice in between )

The Bad: This hub does not take a beating. I had a bearing explode and the metal fragments chewed up all the internals.

Overall Review: The hub didn't last long, but Cinema has some good reps working over there and they replaced the bearings and driver free of charge, even though it was outside of warranty. I would recommend Cinema as a brand just not this particular product.

Cinema Tungsten FA Front Wheel

“Solid Wheel all around!”


The Good: I've had this wheel for about 2 years now, and it still runs just as well as it did when I bought it. The rim is strong, the hub lasts, and the price is right.

The Bad: This the only front hub that Cinema does not make a hub guard for. You may be stuck running a Gsport GLAND hub guard or you might get lucky and find a compatible hub guard.

Overall Review: Awesome wheel all around! I just wish they made a hub guard for it. Don't let that stop you from getting this wheel though.

Colony Rear Freecoaster Wheels

“Solid Wheel while it lasts”


The Good: Rim is fairly strong,
Freecoaster ran well before it broke
Adjustable slack is awesome

The Bad: The hub broke after 5 months. Which is apparently pretty normal for freecoasters. Be careful when considering buying one, they don't last as long as you think.

Overall Review: I give this set up about a 3 and a half because the wheel did hold up to some rough beatings but in the end the hub broke.

BSD High Lander Handlebars

“BSD Highlander Bars ”


The Good: Perfect average height, good range or colours, put to the test by a series of good riders

The Bad: Nothing, the bars are good!

Overall Review: Look nice and clean,Perfect average height, good range or colours, put to the test by a series of good riders