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Alienation Runaway Rim

“Light but not enough strong”


The Good:

Pretty light

The Bad:

Nightmare to true it

Overall Review: A constant headache. Got it as OEM on a 2014 Staats Bloodline Pro Cruiser. I have to true it almost after every single race. The crosslaced pattern make truing it a real nightmare.
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Vital BMX member peru4130
120172 peru4130,120172/all 07/22/15,120172/setup 1

2012 MirraCo Debut Bike

“MirraCo Debut”


The Good:

Its good for beginners just getting into the BMX world and its good for riding around casually.

The Bad:

It takes a lot of money to upgrade, the one piece crank and large 35t sprocket get caught on any drop over about 45 degrees. You need a lot of money to make this thing compatible with other bike parts

Overall Review: Dont buy the bike unless your a beginner, I have had one for the past 2 years and everything but the grips are stock because I dont have the money to upgrade, I also added pegs but they serve no purpose because the bike is heavy and I can barley get it off the ground more than a few inches if that.

2013 Eastern Bikes Traildigger Bike

“Really good BIKE”


The Good:

Light weight frame and good material pedals have a lot of grip

The Bad:

Grips get slippery if you hands start to sweat

Overall Review: I have had this bike for over a month now and it never let me down. This is a great bike because of the price and for people just starting out bmx. Customize it with some new and better parts and this bike could be for an intermediate level rider.

Kink Wright Tire

“not as good as Lyra ”


The Good:

nice and wide tire

The Bad:

thin sidewals

Overall Review: after 4 months grinding (not concrete walls) sidewals are destroyed, i think a need change back tire in 2 months or less
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Vital BMX member pepo
21268 pepo,21268/all 06/07/08,21268/setup 25 2

2015 Sunday Pro Bike

“Yeah, it's as nice as it looks.”


The Good:

You won't find a bike spec'd better for less so don't bother looking. Black Chrome is sweet.

The Bad:

Brake mounts and cable stays are not removable.

Overall Review: This bike is fabulous. Strong, quality parts throughout with no real need to upgrade anywhere. I did switch the grips though, for personal preference only. Only reason I can imagine spending more for a complete would be to save weight, and your only gonna save a pound or so. Really, if you need a better ride than this you should probably be getting your bikes for free anyway.
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Vital BMX member skwerl77
119757 skwerl77 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,119757/all 07/04/15 1

2009 Fit TRL 1 Bike

“Decent at best”


The Good:

It works decently

The Bad:

On the heavier side of bmx bikes
Sprocket broke like nothing
chain snapped
under 8" bars
Standard headset

Overall Review: I ride my bike pretty softly, I just do street stuff but I managed to brake the sprocket and chain in one small hit on a rail. Apparently the fork bends too easily which sucks because of the standard headset. I wouldn't recommend but I enjoy it.

Stolen Cartwheel Sprocket

“Not bad for the price”


The Good:

They are cheap, light, and come in lots of colors. Don't bend easily

The Bad:

After about a year of riding one of my tooth are chipped

Overall Review: Not bad for the price, owned 2 of them and they still work perfectly

Stolen Joint Tire

“Great tires”


The Good:

They have great grip and come in lots of colors

The Bad:

They don't really have anything bad

Overall Review: I've owned 6 of them through multiple bikes and all of them still ride great