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Shadow Conspiracy Noctis Cranks

“Only cranks I will every buy!”


The Good:

Strong as all hell

The Bad:

They can squeak pretty bad but I put equipment grease in them and haven't and that did the trick.

Overall Review: I've ran 2 pairs of aftermarket cranks, The first being demolition medials and the other being nitrous so I have made horrible choices when buying cranks but i've had these for years and not a single problem!

Profile Spline Drive 19mm Sprocket

“It's Profile”


The Good:

Its a solid sprocket, never warped or bant and i bashed it constantly. ive had two now because i like them so much. light, good looking, and convenient being SD.

The Bad:

NOT A MATTER OF NOT LUBRICATING. ive ridden probably 8 or 9 SD sprockets now and both of my profiles like to seize up at the adapter/spindle. it isnt coincidence and i use high end automotive silver/copper/platinum lubrication. thats literally the only downside though.

Overall Review: its a great sprocket, especially if you support profile. totally reliable, just be sure to use good lubricant upon application or youre fucked lol

Fit S3.5 Aitken Frame

“Not That Strong...”


The Good:

It feels amazing, the geo is awesome, the thing is super duper light, looks sweet, and overall rides well.

The Bad:

It dents like an aluminum pop can. Even the teardrop DT isn't dent proof, but It helps a little. I actually cracked it and had to have it professionally welded. It is not that strong. If it were tougher, it'd have been perfect. It should have had a TT gusset too.

Overall Review: Well i got the frame used for cheap. Not the best frame at all. I looooved how it felt. Like The geo mixed with the weight made it super fun to ride. You could get any tricks you want and never get tired because it's so light. I wish it never broke. I learned hop trucks on it at one point, which i couldn't do on my past frames. I rode this thing as hard as it would let me. I learned so many tricks in the short month i had it in the winter. Definitely not the pest frame to use with pegs. It's weak. But feels good.

Fit WIFI Frame

“Fit WiFi - excellent frame ”


The Good:

The Fit Wifi frame in 20.75" is my current frame and unless it breaks, it will be my frame for a long time, I may even get another after this one. I primarily ride street and park , and with the shorter rear end length and steeper head-tube angle of the WiFi I've found it very quick and responsive, without being squirrelly. This is a very durable frame and has yet to show any concerning signs of wear, (for example I bounced the DT off a ledge pretty hard yesterday and it barely dinged it). The geometry of the WiFi is what stood out to me most and is the main reason I bought it, also the price is very reasonable on them. I like the shorter rear end more for ease of getting up onto bar/over bar height ledges and rails, for me it's easier to suck up the rear end on a shorter frame, but also it's been great for spins and manuals without having too much a tendency to get loopy.

The Bad:

Not made in U.S.A.... That's about all I can find that I don't like , but it also would've made the frame more expensive to make it here so it's really not an issue! Maybe some more color variety would be cool too!

Overall Review: If you're in the market for a strong, responsive light (sure there are lighter frames but at under 5lbs if you think that's heavy....nvm) then get a WiFi. You'll save a bunch of money and be happier than you would with whatever else you were lookin' at!  They're strong, quick, stiff and well priced. Can't go wrong with the Fit WiFi!

2013 Sunday Aaron Ross Ex Bike

“my experience”


The Good:

Looks awesome
Super smooth
Very good geometry for street/park
Good brake
Sweet Odyssey and Sunday aftermarket parts

The Bad:

Bad stem, slips alot
Grips and tires wear down quick (i ride brakeless tho)
Frame cracked from 2 spots near seatstay
Awful seat. Looks fat but is actually rly hard

Overall Review: Overall very good bike for medium/high level riders. Definetly a good one for someone who knows what he wants. I think they could have done the whole frame Chromoly instead of just most of it. Good price value

BSD The Passenger Frame

“A great frame”


The Good:

Good compromise between maneuverability and stability, comfortable to ride, amazing look !

The Bad:

Nothing but it feels smaller than a classic frame (69 seatube angle...).

Overall Review: One of the best frame for all-round riding !

Mission Momentum Pedals



The Good:

Grippy, long lasting, and cheap

The Bad:

Well hey are metal and really grippy so if youre not used to it itll be hard to bail and they destroy your shins, and you might get addicted to them forever

Overall Review: They grip amazing, last forever, and cheap to replace if you ever do brake them. iv had others before and when i got these i fell in love. they last forever for only being $25 i never had issues with them and mine are now years old and still awesome.

2013 Stolen Wrap Bike

“Great entry”


The Good:

Nice seat and cranks

The Bad:

Unsealed hubs, ok tires

Overall Review: I got this bike for $350 and it has served me well, I get lots of compliments on my seat. My only problems were after awhile my mid-bb would skip and such. Im pretty light so the frame and fork worked fine, I ride ramps and park so the tires were kinda slippery since they're meant for street. If you can spend a little more I recommend finding a bike with sealed hubs, it makes the bike more reliable and clean. I got an odyssey detangler (gyro)and it didn't fit due to no gyro holes and the stock brake cable broke within about half a year. Overall, if you're a lighter rider on a budget looking for a cheap street bike to ride brakeless this should do the job.

S&M Grandslam Handlebars

“Grand Slam XLT”


The Good:

Got these today for 20$. Pefect size for me, lightwheight, strong. Buy them.

The Bad:

nothing really

Overall Review: Thy're good if you want strong heat treated bars! Also they're USA made!

Demolition Elite Fork

“Demolition Elite Fork Review”


The Good:

Look great. Light weight. Medium offset. I have a 2.4 tire on the front and there is plenty of room to go bigger if I wanted to. Flat black is good. Check out my bike check for a visual.

The Bad:

Had it for 3 months with no complaints.

Overall Review: Looks good visually and functions well mechanically.