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Odyssey Dugan Tire

“Grippy and fast”


The Good:

These bad boys grip really good and roll quick too!

The Bad:

Objects leave small nicks and cuts in the rubber because it is soft but I havent had any punctures from things in the 5 or so months that I've had them. They also don't squeak.

Overall Review: I would definitely reccommend these tyres as the grip on all surfaces is bloody good. The weight is on the heavier side but oddly enough I couldn't 360 with light tyres (ody aitken/maxxis holy roller) but when I put these on after a week I could 360! It seems like heavier tyres almost give you something to push against while spinning, instead of with light tyres where they feel unstable.

S&M Cameron Wood Frame

“Badass frame!”


The Good:

Lovely geometry, feels solid, looks pretty, made by riders for riders, murican made!

The Bad:

What? Nothing bad. Although the dropouts are a bit small if you run pegs I guess?

Overall Review: First s&m frame I've had since my pbr 10 years ago. Won't be going back to anything made in Taiwan again! I trust this a lot more than anything else I've had in that time and the geometry is spot on. Probably a bit heavier than previous frames I've had, but the extra weight feels so much more stable, it's actually easier to ride and gives me more confidence
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Vital BMX member grumpySteve
123538 grumpySteve,123538/all 11/01/15 6 2 29 2926 1 4 1

Total BMX Sandstorm Frame

“Total sandstorm”


The Good:

Light and responsive frame strongly recommend this frame

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: For the price strongly recommend this frame light responsive good for park Street and dirt I currently have it in black
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Vital BMX member SoloBike
53420 SoloBike,53420/all 11/09/09 2 2,53420/setup 7 9 10

WeThePeople Clash Frame

“its so sturdy and holds up to lots of rough riding ”


The Good:

holds up its great for park and some street riding, It has a good feel to it aswell

The Bad:

nothing bad has come from this frame

Overall Review: this frame has really good dimensions on it has a chainstay of 13.3 which makes it perfect for spins, whip and etc. its also very affordable
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Vital BMX member Ryan Lacasse
100191 Ryan Lacasse,100191/all 11/05/12 9 1 5

United Dinero Frame

“Worth the dinero”


The Good:

Snappy and responsive. This bike and i, we are goin places.( : i have dropped it many many times from bailout and it asks for more!

The Bad:

ive been raw dawging her for weeks and i cant feel my legs

Overall Review: Best bike ive ridden to date! BUY ONE OR PITY THE FOOL
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Vital BMX member chiefndaily
121526 chiefndaily,121526/all 09/07/15 1,121526/setup 3 71 1 1

2014 Kink Launch Bike

“Good for starting?”


The Good:

I have the 2016 edition and so far, it was fairly solid, it's super light, looks great, and has lots of aftermarket Mission parts stock. love the 8.75 bars

The Bad:

The wheels that came on were unsealed, The frame is all hi-tensile steel, My wheels went out of true in 1 day. P.S. Make sure you have a few a spoke wrench and spare zip ties to true the wheel

Overall Review: I think if you are just starting out, get this bike. It's pretty good for the money. Just make sure you can get a good set of wheels and you're set.
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Vital BMX member Slaytanic Wehrmacht 666
122986 Slaytanic Wehrmacht 666,122986/all 10/13/15,122986/setup 25 147 4 1

Fit Dugan 8.75 Handlebars

“Love these bars!”


The Good:

Everything about these bars is good

The Bad:

Absolutely nothing

Overall Review: These bars are basically a bigger version of the S&M Slam Bars (The most iconic bars ever made). They're perfect for any style of riding. They're tall enough to feel good, but not absurdly tall like a lot of bars on the market. Classic feel, modern size!
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Vital BMX member ccs1981
123089 ccs1981,123089/all 10/17/15,123089/setup 1 3

Maxxis Grifter Tire

“Hands down, my favorite tire...”


The Good:

They're light, but durable. A high TPI (120) and PSI (110).

The Bad:

They are a little on the expensive side.

Overall Review: I've been riding on these tires for a while now without any problems. I primarily ride park and street, and they do well on both. They're very light thanks to the Kevlar bead, but have good strength because of the EXO/SilkShield sidewalls. At $55 they are more expensive than some other tires. But we'll worth it! I've been using Maxxis tires on my bikes for years. Not just bmx, but MTB too. In my opinion they are the best tires on the market.
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Vital BMX member ccs1981
123089 ccs1981,123089/all 10/17/15,123089/setup 1 3

Verde Cartel Kiraly Frame

“Great overall frame ”


The Good:

Gusets top and bottom

The Bad:

Gets dented easy. Brake mount can be hard to find. If you run brakes

Overall Review: Ive had this frame a while now and I'm the second to have it so I would say it holds up pretty well. Just that I've noticed that it gets dented easily and no I don't throw my bike.

2015 WeThePeople Justice Bike

“Great Freestyle BMX!”


The Good:

Awesome color,great weight and size for the average rider,perfect freestyle BMX!!

The Bad:

Handlebars bend a bit

Overall Review: This bike is great for street,and park.The wheels and rims take a lot of beating.The brakes are very responsive,it's not too expensive and is a great freestyle BMX!