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Latest Product Reviews


Shadow Conspiracy VALOR Tire

“Amazing Tire”


The Good: Plenty of traction. Looks killer.

The Bad: Nothing really despite the fact that it doesn't look 2.4 inches wide, but that's not a big deal.

Overall Review: This is an amazing tire, gonna get a matching pair of these as soon as I can.

Shadow Conspiracy Crow Head Sprocket

“Decent For The Price”


The Good: Looks cool, light, and priced properly.

The Bad: It cracks easily due to all the cut outs.

Overall Review: Good for the price while it last. Mine cracked near the sprocket bolt. Still using it, just flipped it so the cracked spot doesn't get all the pressure.

Stolen Sumo Sprocket

“Good sprocket”


The Good: Light enough for 7075 aluminum. Strong as an ox.
Guard is separate, which can save weight, if that matters.

The Bad: Priced a little high initially, but a great buy at current prices.
A touch heavy.

Overall Review: Bomb proof. Better than most stolen products. As good as their team cranks.

Fit F.A.F. Tire

“Not too shaby”


The Good: Last a longg ass time especially when in the front. The 2.4 (super fat) or 2.3s are slic and superr good for street and even grippy on painted park. The 2.25 is good for dirt and still good for street as well.
Comes in a lot of colors and sizes which is a major plus!

The Bad: Little heavy (if you're a weight weeny), and side wall rips fairly easy if you grind ledges a lot.

Overall Review: Defiantly a must get. Would recommend 2.4 in front and 2.3 in back or for dirt 2.25 in front.

Fit F.A.F. Tire

“false advertising”


The Good: Good solid tire

The Bad: 2.25 not 2.25 when inflated

Overall Review: Its a good tire. I really liked the tread design, how well it gripped overall its a great tire. The only problem I had with it is I bought them second hand but they were brand new, I needed a new back tire that would fit my WTP. I found that a 2.20-2.25 would fit with the littlest of clearance but fit none the less. What I didn't know was when aired up these tire were not longer 2.25 but more like 2.35 and would not work on my frame I plan on using them either one at a time on the front and getting a 2.10 FIT F.A.F for the rear.

BSD Back Street Rear Hub

“Great Hub. Well worth it the money”


The Good: Loud, durable and perfect for the money

The Bad: every once and a while it skips (Rarely). FA is hard to find a drive side hub guard for.

Overall Review: I've had the BSD Backstreet FA hub for 5 months now and love it. I have mine laced to an Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim and I absolutely love it. The only thing I dislike about this hub is the fact that I cant find a drive side hub guard to fit it.

Shadow Conspiracy VALOR Tire

“Good Tires”


The Good: Thick, High PSI, don't slip and very wide (2.4, inflates to 2.44).

The Bad: Heavy and depending on forks and frame, your wheel must be true or you will get a rub.

Overall Review: These tires are excellent. The tire is thick so it wont be punctured easily, its wide, and I haven't slipped with them at all. I've had them for about a month and haven't seen any ware at all.The only downfalls are, you need wide frame (no problem for me) and forks and they are heavy. These tires do not squeak. I would recommend these tires to anyone who is easily able to fit 2.40 tires on their bike.

Standard STA 500 Frame



The Good: Everything. Light, Strong and Looks Awesome. One of a kind frames. Custom specs, colors and decals if you want. MADE IN THE USA, DAVENPORT IOWA.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing. Most people would say "the price" but you get what you pay for. Standard Byke Co is the best in the buisness. You are paying for a HIGH QAULITY product that will last you a lifetime.

Overall Review: I have always wanted one since the first time I laid eyes on one in the 90's. There are just no other bikes out there that are built like Standard bikes. They are truly one of a kind. When I finally broke down and forked out the money, it was worth every penny. It is the most comfortable and stable bike I have ever ridden. I will never ride another bike ever again. Standard has got me hooked. I cant wait to order some more custom frames. Im sure someday my whole garage will be full of Custom rides from Standard Byke Co. Rick Moliterno is the MAN!

Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem

“A good stem.”


The Good: Unique design, better functioning design upgrade from the first version.

The Bad: If you over-tighten it, you may crush your bars and ovalize your steerer tube. Under-tighten it maybe slightly and your bars may move slightly. Knurling on some bars may be slightly big making the bars hard to fit into the stem.

Overall Review: Out of paranoia and unique clamping technique, I tend to not run these types of stems and just stick to the tradition 4 bolt face plate and 2 bolt rear pinching.