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Latest Product Reviews


Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Plastic Pedals

“Normal PC pedal”


The Good: Good PC pedals

The Bad: Until u Stuart pedal grinds

Overall Review: They wil last if u don't grind with ur pedals good solid pedals, honestly they are pretty good, just don't do too many pedal grinds

ODI Longneck ST Grips

“I'm not sure about this one”


The Good: Ya they will last forever, literally

The Bad: If u want soft grips don't buy these, but don't buy the Odis softies either

Overall Review: These grips are great don't get me wrong, but I had to boil these grips 4 times before they became kinda soft, but good enough. They grips are gonna last you forever tho do if u don't new grips for a couple years then get these.

Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs Pegs

“Buy the dam peg”


The Good: Thick not to thick, anti roller, metal but not too heavy

The Bad: Nope nope nopeeeee

Overall Review: Best peg in the market if u want a 4 inch peg buy this it's gonna last, it has anti rollers so it doesn't roller while ur grinding. If u don't want that take the screw a let it roll, it's thick so don't worry.. Go buy this peg please

Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket



The Good: Strong, won't bend, will last

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall Review: This is a thick sprocket that won't bend and isn't that heavy. I ride a 28 tooth tree of sprocket, and I ride every day, and I grind just about anything I can, and this sprocket has been holding up, if I were u would buy this sprocket

Shadow Conspiracy Local Bars Handlebars



The Good: Strong, won't snap lasts

The Bad: Nothing in my opinion

Overall Review: If u like the shadow vultus bars, but they don't have the size u want, get these, honestly I think these bars are better than the vultus bars. In my opinion I think they are one of the strongest bars, and I think u don't need to pay extra for chrome on danscomp. So go buy yourself these bars

Demolition Zero Rim

“demolition zero rim (bad ass rim)”


The Good: I had this rim before the odyssey hazard rim this is a great budget Rim for the price I decide to go back to the demolition zero after I broke my odyssey hazards. don't get me wrong the odyssey hazard is a real good rim but the demolition zero is the best rim if you're on a budget

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall Review: if you're on a budget looking for a rim that is just as strong as odyssey hazard rim this is the rim for u. it comes in multiple colors i strongly recommend you running this rim front and back I have them in Chrome lace to profile ss mini hubs in chrome.

BSD Superlite 3D Sprocket



The Good: best sprocket on the market.Super strong,it withstand grinds pretty god,runs smooth and also it has 5 spoke for the cranks.

The Bad: nothing bad.

Overall Review: overall pretty good sprocket,definitely worth buying !

2013 Felt Chasm Bike

“How can you go wrong”


The Good: Frame, fork and cranks are Cr-Mo which for the price is great value! Pedals are not cheap! I've been riding the pedals for 2 years and they still hold up!

The Bad: WARNING: If you ride hardcore street and usually hit your back tire or front tire on curbs, I highly suggest you get new tires! The tires on this bike have a nice tread but are very very very thin but other all thats the only complaint about this bike

Overall Review: This bike is a great bike for beginners to pros. I suggest this bike to every one. I bought mine at my local bike shop for 375$! When I bought mine it wasn't black or red...it was rasta!

Blitz Front Load Stem

“Pretty good”


The Good: Lightweight, looks great, 1/3rd the price of every other stem

The Bad: Reach is a little short, faceplate may be weak

Overall Review: It's held up great, but I also don't get to ride very often and I'm nowhere near pro, so it hasn't really been abused. The faceplate did crack from the middle of 2 of the bolt holes to the outside edge, but I think it may have been my fault due to overtightening. All in all it's a good stem in my experience, and as mentioned, $20 brand new is a hell of alot better than $60 like every other stem. Why pay triple for just a brand name on a stem?

ODI Longneck ST Grips

“Buy these grips”


The Good: Long lasting, comfortable, and soft with a variety of colors, and sizes.

The Bad: No complaints here.

Overall Review: Purchased a gum color flanged set. Dependable grips with bar ends that can take a beating.