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Latest Product Reviews


Cult DEHART Tire

“Great Tires!”


The Good: Fast, grippy, durable, don't wear out

The Bad: The whitewalls aren't white, they're more of a beige-ish cream

Overall Review: The tires are pretty fast and super grippy. The 2.35" is has the gaps on the middle tread. The 2.2" is just a single tread in the middle with no knurling (not that it matters). These tires lasted me over a year, and that's including braking with my foot on the rear tire. I never slipped on them.

Mission Impulse Pedals

“Amazing Pedals!”


The Good: Grippy, spin well, don't crack.

The Bad: Pins can completely snap off over time, pins wear down a bit faster than other pedals.

Overall Review: These things lasted two years, and the only reason i replaced them was that I wanted a new color xD. They spin really well and are pretty grippy. One of the pins snapped off, but that was after about a year and a half of near everyday use.

Colony Front Pinnacle Wheels

“Perfect wheel”


The Good: Almost everything

The Bad: Oilslick loses little color after a long time.

Overall Review: This wheel is very solid. Rim has taken quite the beating and there is very little warping to it. Only issue would be the oilslick coloring somewhat fades away after a long time. But you don't have to have the hub in the oilslick color

2013 Fit Aitken 2 Bike

“A bike that can take a beating”


The Good: No major problems, very good bike.

The Bad: Cranks did not last very long

Overall Review: Very good bike. No major issues. I ride pretty hard and the bike can take a beating. This bike has taken roof drops, trees, major crashes, and more and is still running.Would highly recommend putting on hub guards when grinding this bike; but again you should have hub guards on any bike you are grinding.Fork dropouts are bent and so are the frame dropouts from grinding but it's not too much of an issue. Crank spindle bent very early into purchase of bike from general riding but it's held up to roof drops and more after that. Had no problem with bars moving when doing drops and jumps. Bars did snap when hitting a tree. Stem is Read More »

Kink Vela 2.1 Tire

“A pretty good tire.”


The Good: Lasts for a decent amount of time.
Fast High PSI rating

The Bad: When it wears out it is kinda slippy and prone to punctures. Threads come out of the side wall after 6 - 8 months of heavy riding

Overall Review: I have had it since Christmas and it has held up surprisingly well, I didn't see any reviews of it any where so I was taking a risk on buying it because I had no idea what the tire was like. The tire is starting to lose its grip and ever so often I will find myself picking threads off the side wall where the rim meets the tire. It has a rating of 110 PSI so it can go very fast (I wouldn't recommend running ANY tire this hard because it's really harsh on the wrist) My only complaint is that it only comes in 2.10, I would have liked it in 2.25 or 2.3 but the Kink Lyra is the bigger alternative so you will be fine.

Fit FAF 2.2.5 Tire

“Really good all around tire”


The Good: Thick Grippy
High PSI rating
Good sidewalls Plenty of colours
Decent life

The Bad: I really can't think of anything wrong with this tire.

Overall Review: A very good 'all around' tire, this will hold up to street, park AND dirt. If you are getting the Fit FAF's go with the 2.25 size because of the aggressive thread as compared to the 2.3 and other sizes. Had it since Christmas 2013 and it still has a lot of life in it, it has 1 small chunk gone out of it but it's fine and it hasn't affected anything. I have had maybe 2 punctures all year with it, first one was because I rode through a lot of glass and I just patched it up and the other time was because the valve on the tube decided to no longer hold air (hadn't replaced the tube for a year) This tire is really fast with 90 in it. I put 110 in just as an experiment once and I went really really fast (Hence Fast As Fuck) This tire is definitely a good buy and it will hold up and give you no problems.

BoneDeth CREEPOZOID V2 Frame

“Built Tough”


The Good: I like how it has the dual custom gussets ( which i believe eey frame should have) Will handle huge drops and 360s off of shit .Has Flantened rear end tubing for hub dual hub gaurd clearance so you wont stretch your frame.

The Bad: I feel it dents a bit easy and ive grinded on the dropouts so i suggest running hub gaurds

Overall Review: The best frame ive ever rode .