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Fit Savage Frame

“Thought itll last longer”


The Good:

Great geo , longer tt options for tall guys like me

The Bad:

Broke mine 2 months after guarancy but due to my broken leg rode it only 7months

Overall Review: Nice geo , not as strong as i thought , quite expensive , goog loking

Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Cassette Rear Hub

“Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Cassette Hub”


The Good:

I Own 2 of the hubs. A purple one laced to a Purple Shadow Conspiracy Stunt Rim, And A Black one laced to a Primo 7 series rim.. They are truly one of the best if not the best cassette hub on the Market.. They Spin forever. The look,and sound Amazing.. Just like everything else Shadow Conspiracy makes. This is Truly a high quality. Top notch Hub, And I Would Highly recommend it..

The Bad:

There is nothing bad to say about this hub or anything Shadow Conspiracy makes for that matter...

Overall Review: Awesome, Amazing,Awesome,Amazing,Awesome,Amazing,Awesome,Amazing!!!!!!!!!
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Vital BMX member BMX4LIFER
135282 BMX4LIFER /images/default/avatar/c50.png,135282/all 06/01/16 6 68 2

Kink Incite Cassette Rear Hub

“Great Hub for the Price”


The Good:

It's rolls very nice, loud, strong and fair priced!!

The Bad:

The bolts are a little weak for heavy grinding.

Overall Review: Great hub, sounds great and rolls with ease. Mines laced to a eclat and it is super strong just the bolts are a little weak if you grind a lot.

Sunday Soundwave Frame

“badass frame love it ”


The Good:

Sunday Soundwave v2 great everythring the best ride next to the the 3rd wave frame i had i miss that frame so soundwave was next in line to get

The Bad:

not a dam thing

Overall Review: you should get the frame u will love it like i do
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Vital BMX member SoloBike
53420 SoloBike,53420/all 11/09/09 2 2,53420/setup 7 8 9

Odyssey Seven KA Rim

“Probably won't need another Rim for a long time with this one”


The Good:

Strong, good looking, lighter than a lot of rims that are weaker than it.

The Bad:

Nothing. 17oz may be a bit much for weight weenies of which I am one, but still i have no desire to change mine.

Overall Review: I got this Rim used and have ridden it for over 2years now and only had to true it twice in this time. I ride street and park almost everyday and this thing hasn't given me a single problem. I am 100% satisfied with this Rim. I have it on my front wheel and do a lot of nose manuals/bonks/footjams and it just holds true. Also they look really sexy!
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Vital BMX member Sean_Goff
127334 Sean_Goff /images/default/avatar/c50.png,127334/all 01/19/16 34 194 3

Shadow Conspiracy VALOR Tire

“Best tires ever! ”


The Good:

Everything! Super thick, grippy, good sidewall for grinding, and still has 80% of its tread left after 4 months of riding!

The Bad:

Nothing! Some people say they're too heavy, I say put in a couple of extra cranks and you'll be fine.

Overall Review: When these wear out I'll definitely be getting another pair. 10/10.
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Vital BMX member DanTheBikerMan
136182 DanTheBikerMan,136182/all 06/15/16 1 8,136182/setup 20 340 1 2

2012 Eastern Bikes Reaper Bike

“Great bike and rides excellent.”


The Good:

Light, looks great, rides good.

The Bad:

Brakes, rust

Overall Review: So far it is doing great! I bought it used and it had barely been ridden. I have done a lot of beginner/intermediate concrete park and some light street riding. It feels much better than my older early 2000 Haro that I had put away for 15 years. It spins decent and manuals easily over boxes but I haven't gotten them dialed on flat ground, yet. The only changes I have made are some odyssey clear brake pads and a stolen top load stem to raise the bars a touch. I get a lot of good feedback on the look of the bike with the flat black and gold wheels. I was a little worried about the Eastern parts due to some reviews online but Read More »

2016 Fit Benny 3 Bike

“2016 Fit Benny 3 bmx”


The Good:

Very light, Sturdy build, nice grips, comfy seat and grippy tires and freecoaster hub

The Bad:

No rear brake

Overall Review: A good bmx for those who want a lighter bmx and ride brakeless. Freecoaster hub rides nice and smooth
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Vital BMX member bMxkodik
140932 bMxkodik /images/default/avatar/c50.png,140932/all 09/09/16 1

2014 Fit MAC 2 Bike

“Solid bike”


The Good:

I got mine in December 2013 and it's still running solid (almost three years later) one of the best stock bikes I've ridden and just gets better the more you upgrade and bond with it.

The Bad:

The sprocket warped in about three weeks, but it was probably my fault as I was learning crankslides at the time. Replaced the sprocket with an S&M tuffman and haven't had any other problems.

Overall Review: Great bike for anybody who loves riding as much as I do.
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Vital BMX member OGkushkush420
109368 OGkushkush420,109368/all 12/19/13 2 3 11 1 1

Stolen TwentyTwo Cranks

“Solid cranks”


The Good:

Never an issue only reason I am no longer running them is because I needed some shorter arms

The Bad:

Not available in 165mm, and that isn't necessarily bad but in my case it was.

Overall Review: Would run these again. Affordable quality product with a lifetime warranty!
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Vital BMX member Justin_Troughton
124410 Justin_Troughton /images/default/avatar/c50.png,124410/all 11/20/15,124410/setup 2 14 1 2