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Profile Mini Rear Hub

“Profile mini hub”


The Good:

Excellent engagement, plenty of parts available for upgrades/repairs, female or male axle and sound awesome

The Bad:

Expensive, the design could do with a makeover, aluminium hub body can get damaged easily when replacing bearings if your rough

Overall Review: There is a reason why profile minis are the most popular hub, they just work and work well

Demolition Trooper Aluminum Pedals

“Beautiful pedals”


The Good:

They look awesome and they come in nice colours

The Bad:

Not really a bad but they are a little too grippy at times

Overall Review: Get rid of the plastic pedals and get a pair of these while your there get a pair of shin guards aswell or your gonna have a bad time

Total BMX Hangover H2 Frame

“Good frame.”


The Good:

Colours are awesome, integrated chain tensioner and seat post clamp, nice geometry and the paint is pretty durable

The Bad:

Paint gets dirty very easily

Overall Review: Good frame that you wont be disappointed with. If your in the market for a park frame with a low standover and a short Cs give it a run.

Demolition Markit Seat

“Good seat...”


The Good:

Looks neat and is a good size

The Bad:

I've got it in black and its faded that much it's now grey and i mostly ride indoor parks so its not as if it sees much direct sunlight

Overall Review: If your looking for a new seat and like the look of it, give it a go

Odyssey Tom Dugan Fang Sprocket

“Good so far”


The Good:

Seems strong atm, looks good and my chain runs smoothly on it

The Bad:

None so far

Overall Review: I got this sprocket in 28t while i'm waiting for my 28t Tree original to rock up to my LBS and it's been good so far, copped a few decent hits and is still spinning straight.

Shadow Conspiracy Captive Fork

“Adjustable forks”


The Good:

Fairly light and have held up to plenty of abuse. Also has adjustable offset if your into that kinda thing.

The Bad:

If you need to remove your front wheel a lot to get your bike in and out of car you will quickly get over having to completely remove the bolt to get it out of the stays. Also sometimes putting the washers back in it can be a bit of a pain.

Overall Review: The only reason i got these forks was because i bent mine and i got these on the cheap and after owning a pair i wouldnt buy another pair. I was initially excited over the adjustability but then again I have never put it into the 32mm offset so the added hassle of wheel removal hasnt been worth it for me. But if you are after a set of adjustable forks definitely give these a go. They look good are strong and the paint work is pretty durable.

Kink Mudrunner Frame

“Solid Frame!”


The Good:

The weight, for those who like light frames
Very clean cut, and an awesome aesthetic with the headtube badge
Very nice to handle, geo is on point for all sorts of riding

The Bad:

The weight, for anyone who feels more comfortable on a bulkier feeling frame
No removable tab holes for a gyro setup, which would be an awesome addition

Overall Review: I believe that this is a super nice frame, and I got mine for a super nice deal. Right around 77 USD shipped from Amazon (normal retail is 330 USD) I've had this frame since October possibly, with no issues at all. handling was much lankier at first but that's because I was coming off a more technical street frame. I have no complaints on the build of this frame, geo is spot on for everything, learning nose manuals is no issue, I do ride 28mm offset on my forks though. My frame's weight for the top tube length I have is 4 lbs 6.3 oz I am riding the Gloss Navy Ben Hittle Kink Mudrunner in 20.75" Once you get used to it, it'll be Read More »
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2016 Sunday EX Chris Childs Bike

“Low end parts”


The Good:

Rides great and is good looking. It is a good complete bike and would recomend building off of. It has good traction will big tires and the bars feel wonderful

The Bad:

I have been told many times how nice the double wall wheels are. They arent actually double wal or nice. The cranks bend super easy so i would swap those first. The tires dont hold very high psi. All the parts are lower end for the price

Overall Review: I would recomend to some one looking for a bike to ride right away but things will break sortly. If you can afford to fix it here a d there it is really nice and one of my favorite bikes to ride