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Latest Product Reviews


Sunday 2015 Motoross Frame

“Sunday Motoross is boss”


The Good: I have the 1st version of the frame and I love it! I run my wheel centered so it's around 13.3 and that's because I felt the 13.25 was too short for airing quarters but I had 13.6 before this.

The Bad: Paint chips easy, seat clamp was hard to put on and the v1 doesn't fit my momentum 2.35 tire chain tensioners fell out of my frame

Overall Review: I'd recommend it to someone who likes a responsive, but stable frame. I'm getting I chrome dipped because I don't like the cool gray anymore.

Kink Wright Tire

“can't really complain”


The Good: low price, fairly light but not to thin, medium stiff sidewalls, roll very good and are really grippy. i'd recomend riding them at around 60-70 psi

The Bad: when you like to ride lower airpressure theese tires have a bit too much kolling resistance. they still feel quite good but get way too slugish.
absolutelly no grip on dirt. as soon as it is a bit dusty you pretty much powerslide everything.

Overall Review: overall a good tire even tho i'd like a little more agressive thread pattern. this is pretty much the lovechild of the faf-k 2.25 and the odyssey hawks. not my favourite tire but you can't really go wrong wit these things.

Shadow Conspiracy STRIKE SLIM Jeans

“Awesome jeans”


The Good: Its too good

The Bad: But don't have a plus size

Overall Review: I want a jeans which have a plus size for womens. Now a days, its very difficult to search a plus size clothes for womens. If you have of this product for women then please share it us. The plus size is urgently required.

Tree Bicycle Co. Lite Spline Drive Sprocket Sprocket

“Thick as a MOFO”


The Good: super light, thick as hell, i beam looks tits and tall teeth keep your chain from popping off even running it loose

The Bad: there should not be a "bad" review spot for this product, Tree is 100% fucking tits

Overall Review: best sprocket ive ever bought and that says a lot seeing ive been riding for fifteen years, Tree uses 7075T6 not soft cheap 6061 t6 , All tree parts are legit, yea a bit more money but nowadays in bmx you get what you pay for. i have the bolt drive in polished and its fucking sweet, looks amazing w/ the I beams and the finish is amazing, i have it in 28t polished i will never buy another sprocket again, other than a Tree

Merritt BMX Cross Check (charlie Crumlish) Grips

“Soft and Schticky”


The Good: Grippy Soft patterns in the right places, bar ends are indestructible

The Bad: nothing at all, great set of grips and the barends have metal behind where the bars hit to keep from slamming thru

Overall Review: Great grips sticky thin and long, great stock barends.

Stolen Talon Cranks



The Good: Everything, they are strong, solid don't creak don't strip and feel tits when you ride them.

The Bad: NOTHING....well maybe could use a hollow spindle to get weight down a bit, but I'm a man and I don't mind a bit of weight....great cranks

Overall Review: Fantastic cranks for the price

Stolen Talon Cranks

“Absolutely horrible ”


The Good: Nothing at all

The Bad: They don't work

Overall Review: They don't go onto the spindle, I tried for 2 hours and they still aren't on

Mutiny Loosefer v3 Frame

“mutiny loosefer ”


The Good: Had it for a year and a half bought it off A friend of mine who had it before me absolutely badass frame I still have the frame holds up amazingly strongly recommended too bad it's discontinued then they decided to reissue it

The Bad: not a dam thing

Overall Review: Strongly recommended if you cannot find this frame search on eBay or find someone that is willing to sell that is the only way you can score this frame

TSG BMX/Skate Helmet

“Great helmet! Can take one hell of a beating!”


The Good: Indestructible from what I can tell
And hella comfy

The Bad: Hot, hot, hot! makes your sweat drip in almost any weather

Overall Review: When I headbutted the floor from 8 feet+ (after bailing from a turn-down hard 3' and a lil kid on a scooter was in my landing) this helmet stood up and did its job didn't even crack, well done TSG

KMC Z510HX Chain

“Great if you sprocket grind! Durable as f***”


The Good: Really gonna be hard to snap the chain
Got super heavy duty pins and plates
Comes pre oiled
Been riding it for two months and not even a chink in it yet

The Bad: Kinda heavy but durable as F***

Overall Review: Great chain, doubt I'll have to replace it for a long while, better than my old KHE Halflink chain by miles I had three of the KHE "crap" chains and snapped ll of them multiple times This chain is rock solid for £12.99