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2016 Fit Mac 2 Bike

“Best stock bike ever! ”


The Good:

This is one of the best stock bikes I have ever ridden!

The Bad:

Almost nothing. After riding daily for 6 months straight, I had to replace the back tire.

Overall Review: If you're looking to get a complete BMX bike, go with this. I highly reccomend it.
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Vital BMX member DanTheBikerMan
136182 DanTheBikerMan,136182/all 06/15/16 1 8,136182/setup 14 217 1 2

Stolen Stratos Stem

“Not Very Good”


The Good:

This stem is quite cheap at about $40. It is a great stem if you plan on using it for transport (in association with a bike of course lol) and when you are not landing on the stem or anything of that nature.

The Bad:

The bars move, no matter how tight the stem bolts are. Grease, sanding the paint on the bars and even lock tight don't seem to solve the problem.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this stem to anyone other than people who solely want to use it for riding on the ground, no jumps or tricks. The handle bars move when I use this stem no matter what I do to help or how much I tighten it. At the end of the day moving bars is not what you want and money would be better invested in another stem.
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Vital BMX member lukebmx12
137199 lukebmx12,137199/all 07/01/16 3 7 1

2016 Sunday Primer Bike

“Don't buy, the wheels are junk.”


The Good:

Amazing seat!!! Very soft, good grip, its smooth so it doesn't make marks on your inner legs when riding.

The Bad:

The handlebars were crushed in the stem when i first got the bike. The rear hub comes loose and I tighten it constantly, even use thread locker and it comes loose again. Front hub gives me the same kind of problems. Also the single wall rims warp very easily.

Overall Review: The wheels are junk and the bars were crushed when I pulled it out of the box. However the seat is PRIME, perfect angle, very smooth cover, soft to sit on.

Stolen Thermalite Pedals



The Good:

- they are Lite.
- they are strong.
- you can find it in many diferent colors.
- they are cheaper and better than some others.

The Bad:

- the pins wear down faster than another pedals.
Not too much, they don't have any thing bad for me but they are not the best pedals that I have ridden.

Overall Review: After all they are good pedals, they come in many colors and they are pretty strong.
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Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub



The Good:

- it's strong.
- it's smooth.
- it Have a light weight, (for me).
- perfect for pegs.

The Bad:

Nothing it's One of the best front hub I have ridden.

Overall Review: Excelent front hub from shadow, nice look.
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Animal LinoOG Pegs

“Great peg!!”


The Good:

4.5 inches long is perfect to lock into grinds! The width is big enough so my drop outs are not getting ground down (may be different for other bikes though)
Looks awesome.
Sparks at night!!
Smooth as.
have only had it for about 6 months and have been learning febles, ice picks and nose picks and shows barely any ware! I rotate mine ever now and then.
Highly recommend!!

The Bad:

None so far

Overall Review: 5/5 highly recommend, don't get alloy pegs go for these instead and spend the extra5-10 dollars you won't be disappointed.
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Vital BMX member mrbmxerforlife112
119646 mrbmxerforlife112,119646/all 06/30/15 2 90 218 2 2

Season Bikes Eclipse Rim

“Strong rims!”


The Good:

Tough, good price, look nice

The Bad:

Nothing, couldn't be better

Overall Review: I have been riding these in the front and rear for over 1,5 years and never really buckled them. (Even learned flairs and got some hard sideways hits). They can handle some abuse!
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Vital BMX member Erik van de Wardt
135716 Erik van de Wardt,135716/all 06/07/16,135716/setup 1

BSD The Beverage Frame

“Best Frame Ever? ”


The Good:

Really nice Geometry on this one, could not be happier. I've also ridden a Federal Lacey frame, Ty Morrow frame and Sunday Funday frame. The Lacey and Morrow felt really selective to street riding only. This frame feels at home everywhere! holds flow easily, ton's of pop. I have a 21 feels more like 20.8/20.9 because the back end is super short, not complaining at all just means spinning is easier!

The Bad:

Back end is really short, once you slide the back end out it becomes extremely sensitive so if you aren't careful you will loop out (I'm talking about steezy speed check slides) etc. This was the only downside to the frame but I changed from a 50mm stem to a 52 and its not as much an issue now.

Overall Review: I mean you could probably complain about the short back end thing but just slap on a 52mm stem and you're laughing! Best frame ever! Get one, you will not regret it. My Settup is 30mm forks 21inch frame and 52mm stem 9inch bars. Ride Everything.
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Vital BMX member Rupert_Denham
94059 Rupert_Denham,94059/all 05/15/12 1 4 1

Sunday Octave Fork

“Great forks”


The Good:

Strong, lifetime warranty, etc

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: They are great forks, basically the same things as Odyssey R32s. Backed with a lifetime warranty, these forks will take whatever you can throw at em. I had my last pair for 3 & 1/2 years and did manage to put a couple small cracks on the welds of the dropouts, and even twisted the legs, but even that didn't make them outright snap (Luckily haha) but that's what warranty is for, everything will break eventually.
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Vital BMX member sundaybmxRR
8288 sundaybmxRR,8288/all 07/13/07 231 214 116,8288/setup 330 10700 1226 20 661

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks

“Best cranks ever.”


The Good:

Everything. They're stiff, the wedge interface is very good, and they're Odyssey... What more could you want?

The Bad:

I guess if you care about the paint wearing off quickly from your feet rubbing the arms, that's bad. But I don't mind it.

Overall Review: Best cranks, seriously. Stop reading this and go buy them already! They're Odyssey so they're backed with a lifetime warranty for starters. Unlike 48 spline cranks, they will NEVER develop a wobble due to the splines wearing out, as they have no splines but a hexagonal wedge system instead which keeps everything nice & tight. Mine are nearly 3 years old and still feel as stiff as the day I bought them, and much stiffer than the 48 spline cranks I've ridden in the past. Get them!!
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Vital BMX member sundaybmxRR
8288 sundaybmxRR,8288/all 07/13/07 231 214 116,8288/setup 330 10700 1226 20 661