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Latest Product Reviews


Cinema Tungsten FA Front Wheel

“Solid Wheel all around!”


The Good: I've had this wheel for about 2 years now, and it still runs just as well as it did when I bought it. The rim is strong, the hub lasts, and the price is right.

The Bad: This the only front hub that Cinema does not make a hub guard for. You may be stuck running a Gsport GLAND hub guard or you might get lucky and find a compatible hub guard.

Overall Review: Awesome wheel all around! I just wish they made a hub guard for it. Don't let that stop you from getting this wheel though.

Colony Rear Freecoaster Wheels

“Solid Wheel while it lasts”


The Good: Rim is fairly strong,
Freecoaster ran well before it broke
Adjustable slack is awesome

The Bad: The hub broke after 5 months. Which is apparently pretty normal for freecoasters. Be careful when considering buying one, they don't last as long as you think.

Overall Review: I give this set up about a 3 and a half because the wheel did hold up to some rough beatings but in the end the hub broke.

BSD High Lander Handlebars

“BSD Highlander Bars ”


The Good: Perfect average height, good range or colours, put to the test by a series of good riders

The Bad: Nothing, the bars are good!

Overall Review: Look nice and clean,Perfect average height, good range or colours, put to the test by a series of good riders

2013 Kink Whip Bike

“Good bike mainly for beginner riders”


The Good: No parts have broken or got messed up except for the stem.

The Bad: Weak stem, not the best brake system, no gussets anywhere on the frame.

Overall Review: I bought this bike about a year ago in 2013 and started immediately changing out parts. I didn't like the brakes at all. I tried every way possible to get a stronger pull in response, but to no avail. I tried new pads, adjusting cables, but nothing worked. These are the Mission Halt brakes, but they don't bring you to a halt at all. Next, the stem. The Mission Converge stem kept slipping on me until one day I made them as tight as they could possibly be. They slipped once until this review about a month ago. Finally, there are NO gussets to provide the extra weld strength, which is a bummer because I love the dimensions of the frame. Today this bike in far from stock with almost a completely new setup except the frame. Thanks for reading!

BSD High Lander Handlebars

“Best handlebars I've ever owned!”


The Good: Pretty light, strong, nice decals on it.

The Bad: Nothing bad about them to me!

Overall Review: Kriss Kyle is my all-time favorite rider, and once I saw these bars for sale, I knew I had to have one because he used to run them! Well, I regret nothing! These bars are perfect in dimensions for me. I am 5,6". I really recommend these bars with a topload if you are a taller rider though. This is a good product from BSD!

Mission Converge Stem

“Don't know what to think about with this stem”


The Good: Strong, pretty light

The Bad: Will make your bars slip if the bolts aren't super tight. And boy do I mean SUPER TIGHT!

Overall Review: It's an alright stem. Came stock with a complete. If you're a beginner rider who won't abuse the bike so much like jumping and high drops, then this is fine for you. However, if you are a guy who does all the street stuff like in the web edits these days, this is NOT the right stem for you.

Volume Midship Frame

“really good frame”


The Good: Simple & strong design, nice weight, love the geometry, nice dropouts with built-in tensioners

The Bad: I can only say not being able to adjust seat height, but you can always cut the post off (via Cut-line)

Overall Review: Im a shorter rider & have the 20.5 version its perfect for me geometry wise. Its really stout. ive had mine over a year & no dents even, which is crazy imo because I dented a sunday 2nd wave frame in less time than that. Really good frame

Kink Solace II Pivotal Stealth Seat

“kink solace 2 seat”


The Good: Durable, looks killer

The Bad: Hard as a rock. Makes u never want to sit down even for resting

Overall Review: I bought this seat strictly for looks. It looks awesome on my bike. After the first time riding my bike with it I noticed I don't notice its there as much as my older wider seat. For this reason I love it but for the times I'm resting, sitting down, talking with friends or cruising down hill, this has to be the hardest seat I've ever sat on. And I never use it I'll just stand up

Tree Bicycle Co. Lite Spline Drive Sprocket Sprocket

“best sprocket I've owned BY FAR”


The Good: Spline drive, thick but machined so its light, offset teeth show no wear after 4 years of street & park riding!

The Bad: Nothing at all..I effing swear.

Overall Review: Last sprocket you'll ever have to buy. A guy at Richardson bike mart talked me into buying this 4 years ago.. to me its unreal for a sprocket to last that long. Tree is an awesome company