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KMC KK710NP Chain



The Good:

the chain light and strong

The Bad:

The price that's the only bad thing about it

Overall Review: Solid chain comes and good colors has anti-corrosion which is a plus strongly recommend very good chain
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Vital BMX member SoloBike
53420 SoloBike,53420/all 11/09/09 2 2 2,53420/setup 7 13 10


“My S&M frame review”


The Good:

21' top tube short rear end good for spins and all around riding

The Bad:

Paint chips but who cares ill repaint it a different color eventually current color is the Sea hawk fade

Overall Review: Love this frame would recommend it to anyone looking for a American man frame.
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Vital BMX member Razzo_710
141485 Razzo_710,141485/all 09/28/16 4,141485/setup 4

Duo Brand Resilite Pedals

“As stated, good for the pegless gent.”


The Good:

Good colors, wide body, grip well if you are a ramp rat.

The Bad:

Not cheap enough for how long they last. pins wear out so fast.

Overall Review: At the time I had these I was just getting into grinding intensely. Just learning all the basic grinds. These were my first pair of pedals to ever be ran through by me. They lasted 3 mos. tops and I had to switch over to Merritt P1s which lasted me up until my new cranks Monday(about 8 mos. of riding) but they STILL have life in them. Buy yourself a better pedal, your shins, bike, and wallet will thank you later for it. If you don't grind get them if you want them.

Tree Bicycle Co. Lil' Buddy Frame Frame

“Was a real nice BMX frame”


The Good:

This frame is light and strong. I am a heavy guy and it has held up under my bulk. Like the black finish, which inhibits rust. Has strong, permanent/welded on u-brake mounts/pivots.

The Bad:

The built in chain tension adjusters chewed up my rear hub's lock bolts. So instead I bought some wheel slammer washers, much better wheel adjustment now.

Overall Review: NOTE: Tree no longer makes frames, has since discontinued their lil' buddy. Does make me a little sad. I like everything about this frame though, even the permanent/welded on u-brake mounts. Built my custom BMX project around this frame. Wasn't a fan of the chain adjusters though, so I bought a pair of "Simple Wheel Slammer" washers. Perfect wheel and chain adjustment every time now. I am a heavy guy, and I ride dirt jumps only. This frame has held up good so far. Believe I bought it back in 2010, and it has lasted. Do take good care of mine though, since it wasn't cheap.
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Vital BMX member elytron
115049 elytron,115049/all 02/03/15 15 1

Kink Universal Freecoaster Hub Guard

“Ehhhhh it's alright ”


The Good:

Cheap, replaces your non-drive side come nut. Seems to take abuse well, but I mainly ride coped ledges and rails.

The Bad:

The sleeve ends up stretching and it doesn't fit snugly onto the cone nut after a while. So sleeve will rotate if not tightened down a stupid amount.

Overall Review: With all the other brands out there I would just try one of the other universal freecoaster guards, or I would use chromo universals. That or buy the proper brand for your hub.

Kink Universal Driver Hub Guard

“Decent hubguard”


The Good:

Chromoly hub guard, universal, did its job and keeps on going with some assistance. Not too heavy.

The Bad:

I cracked it, then I broke off the cracked piece and now I'm just riding it til' it says no more. May have to stretch your frame to fit. I did with both my '13 Benny Lewis Sig and my '16 ALVX v2. Not as beefy as TDGs driver side hub guard.

Overall Review: This hub guard has been through it. It's been on my bike since Sept. '15 and it is still going even though it broke. It broke just enough to where it was still functional, it's definitely on its last leg now. I have to constantly bend it back if I'm not smooth butter in the grind. For $25 it's ok if budgeting, but I would get TDGs hub guard instead for the extra few bucks.

Cinema ZX Rear Wheel

“Cinema zx cassette”


The Good:

Like the engagement, rolls nice.

The Bad:

Maybe the rim it comes laced to.

Overall Review: Worth maybe researching price would be nice if it came on a 777 rim but you get what you pay the engagement with riding dirt. Laced it to an eclat rim laying around.sick.

Odyssey Hazard Rear Wheel Wheels

“Not Completely Terrible”


The Good:

It works fine. I'm 165 lbs, i ride cement parks and light street, pegless . Either way people ride differently, and this wheel will still roll for you.

The Bad:


Overall Review: I've probably had three or four of these Odyssey HAzard wheels. They work fine BUt, When i buy one of these, I understand that it's going to be a short term commitment. After i buy one, I end up buying another one next year to replace it. Now I ride 36 hole Eclat Hubs and Shadow Rims. My Eclat/Shadow setup has lasted around 3 years so far Without so much as a squeak or a tweaked rim. 
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Vital BMX member surrealsickness
43325 surrealsickness,43325/all 04/22/09 3 6 31 20 1

Odyssey Hazard Rear Wheel Wheels

“Pretty wheel ”


The Good:

I have the same exact wheel with a 10t driver on it & I never had any problems with it at all also I have a matching front wheel laced to Vandero2 with all new spokes & nipples which I've spent $20 bucks on them since I relaced it.

I maintenance on it every once in awhile.

The Bad:

The pawls of the driver stick somewhat.

Overall Review: They are really good & strong rims.
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Vital BMX member MonsterEnergyBmx2016
141284 MonsterEnergyBmx2016,141284/all 09/20/16 2 1

Alienation Runaway Rim

“Great rim for the price”


The Good:

Quite strong, cross laced, cheap

The Bad:

Nothing bad at all

Overall Review: Mine lasted 2 years of abuse, gave it to a friend when I got my G-Sports and it's still going strong. Definitely worth getting if you're looking for a good cheapish rim that'll last you a while.
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Vital BMX member p1p1092
103774 p1p1092,103774/all 03/09/13,103774/setup 413 4 1