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“Solid Frame”


The Good:

Snappy/responsive. It's extremely light and easy to manual or spin with. One of my favourite frames to date.

The Bad:

The paint job looks nice, but chips really easily. I had the Subrosa Noster II and S&M BTM, previously. They were both prone to chips but the majority of the time the paint was just scratched or scuffed. On this frame the paint comes right off, instead of scratching or scuffing.

Overall Review: Another note, the backend is extremely short. While I like it, others may not. I have size nine feet and average size cranks and my foot touches my rear peg with ease. If you're running two rear pegs I would seriously look at the measurements between your cranks and the dropouts. I've had the fram e for about a month so far and it's held up well. Overall an awesome frame. The paint chipping is the only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars.

Sunday Lightning Rim

“Absolute junk!”


The Good:

Not sure there is one i guess they look alright has a wave design like their downtubes

The Bad:

They are signle walled pinned joint that about sums it up lol they are weak and heavy i tweaked the rear with only a few jumps

Overall Review: I wouldnt ever recomend this rim it came on my 2016 sunday model c the bike is super solid looks awesome and rides amazing feels like im riding a bmx bike (im 6'4") only real complaint so far is this rims the hubs that came on the rims are super smooth roll forever but they could have steped it up and put doubles on the bike even if they were like a black sheep or something where after 1 ride i didnt have to true them because there isnt much clearence in the rear triangle of this frame and was touching my chainstay

Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub

“terrible front hub”


The Good:

it looks good and that's about it

The Bad:

doesn't spin good

Overall Review: ive had this hub for 6 months and its shit. I don't ride hard at all and it doesn't even spin anymore all it does it make a grinding noise and it spins for about 2 seconds. pretty pist considering I just bought new bearings and axel and it still doesn't work. wouldn't recommend it get something that is worth the money...... not impressed shadow....

Fly Bikes Ruben Graphite Pedals

“Only 10 tho”


The Good:

Very grippy, haven't tested them on grinding

The Bad:

They only have 10 pins, and because they're square, they will really hurt you if you ride with shorts without pads

Overall Review: If they put more pins, it will have more grip=ultimate pedal Totally recommend these

Duo Brand Martinez Grips

“Hello there”


The Good:

Grippy,soft,last a lot

The Bad:

They're short. And don't get the white grips. Sucks having white grips

Overall Review: Good grips, in the future they should make them longer

Fly Bikes Devon Grips

“Very cool grips”


The Good:

They are comfy and long, they don't slip

The Bad:

They don't last long, but I don't care, I will buy 10 pairs

Overall Review: Really good grips, I clearly recommend them

Sunday 2015 Motoross Frame

“Sunday Motoross is boss”


The Good:

I have the 1st version of the frame and I love it! I run my wheel centered so it's around 13.3 and that's because I felt the 13.25 was too short for airing quarters but I had 13.6 before this.

The Bad:

Paint chips easy, seat clamp was hard to put on and the v1 doesn't fit my momentum 2.35 tire chain tensioners fell out of my frame

Overall Review: I'd recommend it to someone who likes a responsive, but stable frame. I'm getting I chrome dipped because I don't like the cool gray anymore.

Kink Wright Tire

“can't really complain”


The Good:

low price, fairly light but not to thin, medium stiff sidewalls, roll very good and are really grippy. i'd recomend riding them at around 60-70 psi

The Bad:

when you like to ride lower airpressure theese tires have a bit too much kolling resistance. they still feel quite good but get way too slugish.
absolutelly no grip on dirt. as soon as it is a bit dusty you pretty much powerslide everything.

Overall Review: overall a good tire even tho i'd like a little more agressive thread pattern. this is pretty much the lovechild of the faf-k 2.25 and the odyssey hawks. not my favourite tire but you can't really go wrong wit these things.

Shadow Conspiracy STRIKE SLIM Jeans

“Awesome jeans”


The Good:

Its too good

The Bad:

But don't have a plus size

Overall Review: I want a jeans which have a plus size for womens. Now a days, its very difficult to search a plus size clothes for womens. If you have of this product for women then please share it us. The plus size is urgently required.