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Latest Product Reviews


Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal Slimmer & Mid Seats

“Awesome seat”


The Good: Design, comfort, and durability of the fabric.

The Bad: The crow that's stitched into the seat can come out if your rough with it.

Overall Review: This is a great seat overall. I've had it for a few months now and the fabric is in like new condition.  It also doesn't rub you're legs like some other seats do.  Another thing I don't like is the hollow bolt.  Some people say that hollow bolts aren't any weaker than solid bolts, but I feel like it might snap after a hard landing on the seat.  Again, over all great seat and I would recommend it.

Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Handlebars

“Great bars”


The Good: Very strong (hacksaw w/ fresh blade couldn't touch them, had to get the grinder out!)

The Bad: price is (obviously) on the 'crazy' side for 2 pieces of steel tubing, but same can be said for most other bars on the market

Overall Review: Have the 9.5" rise bars and cut their width from 28.5" to 26.5" (i'm not too big and don't like wide bars anyways) Also I've got my stem upside-down, so my 'effective bar height' is actually ~8.75" rise not 9.5"  These bars look sick and I couldn't even touch them w/ a hacksaw with a fresh blade, had to get my angle grinder out to cut them down to 26.5" width.  These are my 2nd set of 'nice' aftermarket bars, the 1st being Fit bars, and honestly I can say that these bars are both great, and not remotely worth the money, but, hey, i'm just cheap!  I've seen aaron ross' orange odyssey bars for $40 in the past couple days on some website, I just couldn't fathom spending $50+ on a set of handlebars! (no, i did not purchase these bars at cost lol)

Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Cassette Rear Hub

“Goood hub man”


The Good: You can smoke weed through it, it's rly loud and strong even though it has hollow axle

The Bad: I don't grind but I would be scared to snap it if I did

Overall Review: It's a good hub. If you are a pro it isn't the hub for you bc it may snap but if u are a average rider like me you should get it

Demolition Elite Fork



The Good: light weight, strong, finish is excellent .

The Bad: Nothing at this point.....

Overall Review: I have these forks on 2 of my bikes. The flat black on my park/street bike. These forks are light and the flat black finish is great looking. The offset is perfect. I also have the chrome one on my race bike. Being one of the lightest forks on the market, the forks are even lighter than a lot of race forks. again super light weight, strong and the chrome finish is awesome. I highly recommend these forks to street/park/ dirt jumpers and racers also. In my opinion, THE best overall fork on the market to date.

Division Drive Side Hub Guard

“Strong, although may require customization”


The Good: chromoly, thin, strong, loads of room inside, what else do you need?

The Bad: covers a bit too much area, may get in the way of your chain depending on dropout angles.

Overall Review: Love this hubguard, BUT i would not purchase unless you are prepared to do a little editing. depending on what size chain, tension, and frame you run, the guard may obstruct or rub your chain. this can be easily fixed by taking a grinder to it and grinding it as you see fit. personally, i prefer that, because then i can make it exactly the angle and shape i desire, just like most bars come in large sizes with the intention of you cutting them down. may take a bit of work, but it's good for ya (:

BSD Raider Frame

“Solid, Sexy”


The Good: taller standover=bigger triangles=stronger
looks damn good. uhhh. i like it.

The Bad: Trans paint chips and peels insanely easily. Apparently this is somewhat normal for trans paint, but i was as gentle as possible and still lost an insane amount.

Overall Review: The frame takes awhile to get used to due to the higher and less popular standover, but its exactly what i was after and i love it. As always, consider this frame because it has the geo you desire, not because i said so. personally, i love it, but its all preference and body geometry.

Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Slim Seat Seat

“The Best Pivotal Seat You Can Buy”


The Good: Extremely comfortable. Looks great. Isn't extremely nose-forward, unlike most other pivotal seats, so this feels stiffer and looks more natural. Super soft but durable cover.

The Bad: The nose is still a bit flexy, but this is something that just happens with pivotal seats.

Overall Review: I ran one of these for about a year and a half. It is by far the best pivotal seat I've used, and I've used a lot. This slim seat is more comfortable than virtually all other fat seats. Of course that means it is much more comfortable than any other slim seats. It's nice and wide so you have a nice place to sit. Also, the little "lip" at the back that creates the ergonomic shape feels great and helps keep you on the seat, rather than other seats where you just slide off the back. Also, because this is a slim seat, it is easy to find the bolt inside the seat, which always tends to be a struggle with fat pivotal seats. The Read More »

Tree Bicycle Co. Headset Caps

“A cleaner, stronger alternative to stock bolts.”


The Good: Looks very smooth and clean. They're very strong and won't strip out.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing.

Overall Review: I have a 24mm bolt in polished. Most stock bolts are at least decent, but these are the best. You'll never have to worry about your fork bolt stripping or breaking ever again if you get one of these. They look simple, clean, smooth, and awesome overall. No awkward or random tools to use it, just a 6mm or 1/4" allen. I would definitely recommend them.

Tree Bicycle Co. Twigs N Berries Spokes

“Stiff and Strong.”


The Good: Stiffer and stronger than a J bend spoke.
Easier to lace a straight pull wheel.

The Bad: Nothing particularly bad.

Overall Review: This is a review for just the spokes. I use G-Sport Taper-Hex Nipples with these spokes. The straight pull design is noticeably stiffer and stronger than your normal J bend spokes. It also makes your wheels much easier to lace. I've had no issues with these spokes so far. Other than that, there is not much more that can be said. I'm definitely a fan of the straight pull spoke design.