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Latest Product Reviews



“Awesome...just watch it”


The Good: Got me back into Bmx again,
The intro scenes for the riders are f***** hilarious

The Bad: Bad meaning good!

Overall Review: Insane Bmx team, monsters and sexy lady's.......what more do you need!!


“Bad ass seat for your Ass”


The Good: Design is killer!

The Bad: Nothin, just get it, if you dig it

Overall Review: One of my fav design Bmx seat ever!

Subrosa DTT STREETT Frame

“Awesome Frame!”


The Good: The double TT

The Bad: No party splatter colour way available in UK....Subrosa please take note!

Overall Review: Awesome frame from Subrosa, if you wanna be a bit different... Go for it

Fit Benny Frame

“Good Frame”


The Good: Very techy
-Spins fast
-Good for any grinds
Strong frame
Looks Great

The Bad: Paint chips a little around the drop outs and starts to rust

Overall Review: Very good frame, looks great, feels great, and a trusted brand

Federal Twilight Frame

“Exelente marco es super cómodo un poco pesado pero la comodidad en inigualable ”


The Good: Este marco es exelente para wips y super bueno por lo menos en lo que en mi consierna en bike flip es lo máximo los atrio exelente

The Bad: Tiene un poco de peso pero lo compensa lo comodo

Overall Review: Lo recomiendo es super duro a mi no seme a reventado ni nada por el estilo

Demolition Rogue Rear Hub

“Demolition ”


The Good: It can take a beating. I do lots of grinds like ice picks and 180s into grinds and it holds up really good. I would go buy this hub if i was you. and it is pretty cheap.

The Bad: it comes with pretty long axle nuts which if you run pegs, you cant get alot of threads from the nut so only like half of the nut is in contact with the axle. so that will result in the axle nuts coming loose. And the nuts are pretty weak so they strip pretty easily.

Overall Review: Ive been riding this hub for about 2 years and i have not had to replace anything on it yet. Ive heard about the driver bearings going bad really quick but i have not experienced this before.I would recommend this hub to anyone. If you run pegs, you will probably want to buy some different nuts but other than that, it is really awesome! best bang for your buck.

Cinema FX Freecoaster Wheel

“best freecoaster ive ever rode”


The Good: Not much slack
Really smooth
very reliable
best freecoaster you can find

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall Review: This freecoaster wheel is the best and most reliable freecoaster ive ever had, i got this wheel in December 2014. I havent had 1 problem with it and it still feels like i just opened up the box and just put it on my bike, i have never had any problems with this freecoaster, and i strongly reccomend you get one, it cost $240 on dans.