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Shadow Conspiracy Scream Sprocket

“Best sprocket I've owned”


The Good:

It's got a pretty solid feeling to it. Hands down the best one I've had so far

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: I've had this sprocket for almost a year now and so far no signs of wear. Holds up pretty nicely but then again; I don't grind so I haven't had the opportunity to put it to a real stress test. Overall a 10/10
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Bell Segment Helmet

“Bell segment”


The Good:

light, comfortable, the inner padding is really durable and doesnt soak up to much sweat

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: If your looking for a decent skid lid to keep you alive you should definitely have a look at a segment

Demolition Momentum Tire

“Demo momentum”


The Good:

high pressure, sticky, light and looks half decent

The Bad:

really thin

Overall Review: I wouldnt ride these on the street since they are so thin id assume it would be flat city. But since i only ride park these tyres are awesome and are a good substitute for Tioga Powerblocks for when you cant find them in a 2.1

Profile Mini Rear Hub

“Profile mini hub”


The Good:

Excellent engagement, plenty of parts available for upgrades/repairs, female or male axle and sound awesome

The Bad:

Expensive, the design could do with a makeover, aluminium hub body can get damaged easily when replacing bearings if your rough

Overall Review: There is a reason why profile minis are the most popular hub, they just work and work well

Demolition Trooper Aluminum Pedals

“Beautiful pedals”


The Good:

They look awesome and they come in nice colours

The Bad:

Not really a bad but they are a little too grippy at times

Overall Review: Get rid of the plastic pedals and get a pair of these while your there get a pair of shin guards aswell or your gonna have a bad time

Total BMX Hangover H2 Frame

“Good frame.”


The Good:

Colours are awesome, integrated chain tensioner and seat post clamp, nice geometry and the paint is pretty durable

The Bad:

Paint gets dirty very easily

Overall Review: Good frame that you wont be disappointed with. If your in the market for a park frame with a low standover and a short Cs give it a run.

Demolition Markit Seat

“Good seat...”


The Good:

Looks neat and is a good size

The Bad:

I've got it in black and its faded that much it's now grey and i mostly ride indoor parks so its not as if it sees much direct sunlight

Overall Review: If your looking for a new seat and like the look of it, give it a go

Odyssey Tom Dugan Fang Sprocket

“Good so far”


The Good:

Seems strong atm, looks good and my chain runs smoothly on it

The Bad:

None so far

Overall Review: I got this sprocket in 28t while i'm waiting for my 28t Tree original to rock up to my LBS and it's been good so far, copped a few decent hits and is still spinning straight.