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Latest Product Reviews


Stolen Piece Multi-Tool

“Tons of tool in a small package”


The Good: Its pretty small

The Bad: Nothing for what it is

Overall Review: Its pretty cool its got a 5 and 6mm allen, a spoke wrench, tire lever + a bottle opener and to make it better its nice and small so you can carry it everywhere

Premium Products 1948 Cranks

“they are shit ...!!!!!!”


The Good: cheap ... they look nice they bend both ways ... so they got straight .

The Bad: they bend and get un tight .

Overall Review: weak cranks . cheap... but not worth it ...

2014 Colony Endeavour 21" Bike

“Value value value”


The Good: Very strong with great components

The Bad: Grips and seat

Overall Review: This is a great value bike. I have been riding it for a month, mostly at skate parks and it manages my 100kg+ frame without complaint.  Just a great bike.  Very happy with it

Eastern Bikes Fuquay Flyer Tire

“Came on craigslist bike”


The Good: soft and wide, forgiving

The Bad: slippery and low psi

Overall Review: It doesn't feel like typical rubber, very soft felt feel. Landing front tire first doesn't hurt because of the wide tire and the low psi.

Shadow Conspiracy Undertone Tire Tire

“On a craigslist bike”


The Good: 110 pressure

The Bad: Used, it has no grip

Overall Review: Weighs 1lb 7oz, came with almost no tread left and is very slippery.

Stolen Rebellion Wheels

“Great Wheelset for begginers”


The Good: Lightweight strong last a youngster forever.

The Bad: Rim isn't the greatest black is hard to keep clean cause of matte finish.

Overall Review: Goodwheelset, cheap, really good for the money really good hubs to lace to aftermarket wheels.

2013 Fit Inman 2 Bike

“All fit bikes are good”


The Good: Well first off its a fit all fits are good full cromo frame nice big bars strong frame forks are pretty strong same with the bars comes with the best pedals odyssey twisted pc's

The Bad: The sproket is weak i bent it in half the front axle bends easyly the chain stays dent really easy the tires wear out fast there was 1 time i had to ride in the rain and my bars have rust spots on them i snapped the chain 3 times the tires suck the cranks dent easy

Overall Review: Overall pretty good back wen u first get it then it goes down hill alittle but overall really good love it still and i dont have any regrets buying it

Demolition Revolt Cranks

“The BEST cranks out there”


The Good: Strong, lite, they don't hit you ankles like a lot of other cranks do when you land, and they feel great so much better than any other cranks iv had.

The Bad: Nothing bad to say about them.

Overall Review: If your looking for some great cranks that you wont have to replace anytime soon buy these.