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Latest Product Reviews


Profile BMX Mini Race Front Hub


Very smooth hub, I had one for 2 years and it held up great. Just got a new one built up, only reason I got a new one was so I could have a fresh new wheel to go with back wheel and new frame.

Profile Mini Rear Hub


I have had this hub for about 6 months now. Laced it up to a Duralectra and its rolling great. Havent had any problmes at all. Ive got the 3/8s Ti stud and they are holding up fine for Trails and street use with no pegs.

Profile Imperial Sprocket Sprocket


Great little sprocket if you dont grind, unless you get the guard that fits the 24-26t sprockets. I have a 28t model and have had it for about a year. Teeth are worn but are holding up fine. Still spins true and no bent teeth. Definitely recomend one if you are not into grinding.

Profile SS Blackjack Sprocket Sprocket


I got this sprocket in highschool when I switched to a cassette wheel in the back. Got it in a 36t which was the smallest possible back then. Held up fine grinded on it a bit but did pretty good. Kind of ugly design thats the only thing I could say. Dont know why I got it but I guess I though it was cool back then.

Odyssey GTX Detangler


I never noticed how my unsmooth my old detangler had become until I replaced it with a gtx-r. It feels so much better that there is no way i'm ever going to use a different detangler anytime soon. This product is well worth it's price.

Profile Whippit Sprocket Sprocket


Definitely had this sprocket on my S&M NG Dirtbike, kick ass bike. I didnt really grind much when i had that bike that was in the SNAP days when all there was were trails. And street was curb cut outs. oh yeah those were the days. Had the sprocket in 44t and still have it til this day so if you want it than let me know.

Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket


Sam is a great guy and I will support him as much as I can. However if some other company made these sprockets I would still ride one. Im not as much into grinding as I was a few years ago but when I was this sprocket held up great and slide great with the guard. Now I still ride one and the sprocket has lasted me for 2 years since i dont grind on it. No complants.

Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem


I have had this stem on for about a year right now and have no complants what so ever. Only ones I hear are for people bitching about how ugly it looks. It does look strange but at first, But you dont even notice it after a little bit. The stem its self has yet to slip on me. All i use to tighten it is the supplied 8mm allen wrench tighten it as much as you can by hand with that and you are good to go. The only negative thing that I can say about the stem is that taking it on and off can be a pain unless you keep those cardboard tubes that come packeaged with it.

Profile Clamp-On Stem Stem


I had this stem like 4-5 years ago on my S&M NG Dirtbike. Man that bike was kick ass at the time. The stem held up fine, definitely heavy compared to todays standards. Yet did its job. No complants