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Odyssey Pro Dirt Forks Fork


i run these forks on a fly headset on an s3 aitken and i have not had any problem with it, setting them up was fairly easy just had to cut down the steerer tube a tiny bit, i was wondering when i bought them if i should get the race ones or not, i think i made the rite decision. super light, dam strong and alot of thaught has gone into them, only problem is that the top bolt is massive but has an allen key in the center so i can only tighten it with an allen key, would be better is it was a bit smaller though

Profile SS Rear Rear Hub


a great hub, super strong and coms in any colour you want pretty much. Amazing design with the driver, i havent heard of anyone having to buy new parts for it because they broke, havent had any slipping or anything like that, couldnt be better.

Shadow Conspiracy Torrid Cranks Cranks


these are a great crank they haven't crewaked or poped or made even a slight problem for me. the way the crank a arms themselves are made it makes for a ereally still feel and they look pretty good to . the shape and finish of they're crank is nice quality. shadow is known for making good parts and they've done it agian with these cranks plus lots of colors too!

Odyssey Aftermarket Spokes Rear Hub


I just built a new front wheel up with these yesterday and they worked quite well. The small chart included with the different odyssey hub/rim combos was a nice little touch to the packaging. If they turn up to be piles of dog doo I'll come back and trash 'em later.