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Latest Product Reviews


Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem


Genious design that will be copied from now on. Striaght forward light, strong and dynamic. What more could you ask for? Gyro tabs available. Cool colours never hurt either. When the instructions are actually used, the stem does not seem to slip. The only people slipping these are the people saying "what instructions?", "what tightening specifics?". Enough said.

MacNeil Macneil Light Bars Handlebars


Really light bars with various sizes height wise and width wise as well. Colours are good. I snapped a set of handlebars at the weld, from riding not throwing my bike. I know two other people who snapped theirs as well. Maybe not the best bars out there, although the new MacNeil bars are guaranteed against these such probelems from before.

Odyssey 41 Thermal Cranks Cranks


well to start off. i only rode street with these cranks. the good things about the cranks is that they are cheap and lite. the bad thing about these cranks is that they come loose almost everyday. i put tread lock on it and it still didnt help. overall these cranks are good if you are not hard on cranks.

Hoffman Bikes BAMA Frame


i got this frame last year for x-mas and it is great i still have it. the chainstays were a little longer than i expected but for the most part this frame is reliable for just about any riding someone wants to do. i think im going to get the same frame when i need one except im going to get 21 in tt instead of 20.5

Odyssey 99er Seat


this seat is really hard and isnt that comfortable to sit on, the design is neat and tidy though and it is imposible to rip pretty much, i had this seat for about a year and i only riped it a tiny bit at the sides. all over its a good seat as long as you dont want to sit down.

Odyssey Monolever Medium Brake Lever


this brake lever is really nice to feel, nice smooth design and it looks good. its really smooth to pull also, but this probably depends on how your brake is set up. i think it is only made for the right hand side so i just turned mine over and ran it on the left and it still looks good!

Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Brakes


You gotta love the hombres. I use these brakes and the set on my ride are starting to see some inside bushing wear. I have to say it might be time for dia tech to incorporate a seal bearing in these bad boys. I'm still giving the brakes a 5 star rating for their dependability and reasonable price tag.