Latest Product Reviews


Mankind Archangel Frame


One of the best frames out. I just got mine yesterday in raw, it should cost more than just 300. Plus you get a fsa impact headset and a mid bb with it. But i ride with the mankind team member jeff klugiewicz, and his archangel has been holding up great. not a problem with it. buy it.

Odyssey Hazard Rear Wheel Wheels


This is the only real wheel I will run. The hub is trouble free and the rim is the strongest out there in my opinion. It's a triple wall but light as most double wall rims. Hang up on coping like you do to a telemarketer, with a vengeance, and it'll come back for more.

Odyssey Monolever Medium Brake Lever


This lever gives you the feel you want with the smooth pull of the M@cable. I hate gyro cables and this lever is the solution to that problem. With the skinny clamp, you can run it on the bend and the replaceable hardware makes it easy to swap if you ever strip out the bolt.

Odyssey M2 Lever Small Brake Lever


I have one of these on my left side for the front brake. I stopped running front brakes for years because my Tech 77 lever would get caught in my knee pad on turndowns. Ever since I got this small lever, I have had no problems so now I can keep the front brakes. It's also nice on the catch hand side for barspins. The clamp is skinny so you can run it on the bend. Excellent design.

Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Brakes


These are light and stop great. Nice colors and cheap price. Cable routing can be tricky if you are doing a dual cable set up but otherwise, there is no reason to spend more money on a brake. These work. I suggest you make sure you are good at dialing brakes though. that is what really makes the difference.

Odyssey Evolver Brakes


Stiff and comes with decent stock pads. Good directions and easy to install. they even printed the spring info on the brake arms so you can't screw it up. How cool is that? All the hardware for different set ups make these the most user friendly brake ever.