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Latest Product Reviews


Profile Mini Rear Hub


now profile puts alot of tech into their hubs and alot of quality.. after you ride this hub for the first time you can tell this. i've never had one probelem w/ the two that i've had and i plan to keep buying this hub.... the only reason i got rid of my first one is becase i sold my complete back wheel and i had to get another. it's an amazing hub and if your looking for strength and quality, this might just be the hub for you

Odyssey Midway Rim


wow what to say about this rim. it's amazing basically. it's just all around strong. the chrome is very durrable and lasts. it never came out of true or got a flat spot once while i had it.... i would still have it if i didn't sell my old back wheel.... i'm probably getting another one soon.... i don't care about the weight because it is amazingly strong... i would dare to say stronger than a big city almost

Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket


wow i can not tell you how many times i put this sprocket through case, after case and it never bent. tree knew what they were doing when they made this because i never had a problem with it. i would still have it to this day if i haden't traded it for a 25t cuz it was 27t

Odyssey 41 Thermal Cranks Cranks


these cranks are amazing... they have a lifetime guarrente and i doubt that i'll ever have to use it. they have held up to everything that i put them through and i've had them for almost 2 and 1/2 years now. they're smooth and light. they come loose alot for the first month or so but just use lock-tight and thread lock tape and your fine.... other than that, i can't give u a reason not to buy these cranks unless you just want to be trendy.

Coalition Top Load Stem Stem


this stem is amazing.... it is a 1 1/2 years old and has never slipped on me once, stipped bolts, or cracked. it's very strong and fairly light. when it was given to me it was the lightest stem out and it is still one of them. it's american made so you know the quality is good. i will probably have this stem for many years to come.

Odyssey Civilian Hi/Low Bars Handlebars


odyssey always has the best and longest lasting products out there and this is just more proof of it... the low bars have taken many hard landings, cases, flat bottems, ect and they're still not bent.... now i forgot to mention that they're 2 years old and i've had them since the day i started and they're gunna be there for alot longer to... i encourage everyone looking for a low handle bar to buy these because they will be worth it in the end

SNAFU Magnesium Pedals Pedals


my favorite part on my bike. i worked at a bike shop that carried a lot of Snafu so i got some Magnesium sealed pedals, put emm on and I've been a Snafu enthusiast from then on. I really like the shape, it's nice and wide and the bearings spin smoothly. They are so grippy that they can tear up the soles of your shoes, not necessarily a good thing, so i took out the pins (dont worry, the pedal body comes with some bumps) and i was good to go. colors would be good but magnesium pedals hardly ever come in colors. overall, they're a perfect pedal

Redline Freaky X Tires Tire


I use this tire on my race bike because it gets harder than most dirt tires but softer than park tires, but still has a park kind of tread. I like the grippy pattern most of all. My complaints are limited: i get a lot of pinch flats from this tire, i dont know if thats me or the tire

Shadow Conspiracy Attack Stem


First off, this is a great stem. I ride a lot of vert, and when you bottom out on vert, you can push the bars forward, which means you need nice stem grippiness. Prior to this stem, I had the Odyssey Elementary stem and it bent forward a lot. Once I got the Shadow Attack stem, I had no problems keeping the bars in place when I messed up. The stem is light, comes with hollow bolts, and comes in pretty colors. I have the green one...