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Latest Product Reviews


Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem


The odyssey elementary stem is by far the lightest and strongest stem you can get. When i first got my stem i was riding our trails and i nose-dived and stacked it really bad. My frame was cracked, my forks were bent,my rims were bent, my bars were cracked and nearly everything was either wrecked or scratched except my stem.i was amazed i thought it was a rip off piece of junk but it didnt break.I've had it for about 2 years and it hasnt played up or anything. thats why i reccomend this stem for you.its light,strong,it comes in good colours and its fairly cheap,i got mine for $50.00 and it has saved me alot of money because i usually go through stems like toilet paper. thankyou odyssey for making such a good stem.

Eastern Bikes Electron Rear Wheel Wheels


i got this rim awhile back and i had it for thre months and the driver stripped out...i was informed the driver would cost almost as much as a new one! so i just dug up my old rim and used that for a few months untill i got my new rim :)...but anyways...i dont know if i was inlucky or its a bad rim so i wouldnt recomend it to anyone. hope this helps!

Odyssey M2 Trigger Brake Lever


M2 this is good lever most people that i know run a cable and are runnig the the other trigger lever so if you run a gyro its good lightwieght i especially dont mind it but hey to me bmx is about exercise and gettiing out of the hous!!!

Odyssey London Mod


i actually run this most people tell me its too heavy but really its all around good for dual cables so i recommened it for poeple who run gyros

DK Iron Cross Grips Grips


these grips are all around good i still run them they are little bit worn out and well they size is perfect for me 130mm that is waht i always run i highly recommened these for people who run short bars!!!

Shadow Conspiracy Alloy Bar Ends


aaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes these are some good bar ends they look really cool for the the logo and the crow on the end of the bar its nice i rcommened them plus they are cheap at 10bucks that is a deal.

Dia Compe Tech77 Lever Brake Lever


A living lgend. The first ever to use hinged clamp. Bmx perferred. I had a problem with runnign the right side lever, because my thubm would get scraped and cut from the nut sticking out, so I ordered the Tech 77 front brake lever, and simply flipped it around, for a flush bottom end. The best and only lever ive ever ran. Plus, you look good in it.

Dia Compe FS 990 Brakes


Best ever. Well, so far. I got these brakes as a 2nd user, of over 2 years, and ive had them now for 1 1/2 years. The only bad thing is that the plastic casing of the spring will tear a bit, but otherwise these are problemfree, and light, and have always stood up for me. Hopefully for you too.

Odyssey Intac Post Seatpost


Its almost the lightest, and if you cut it down, it will be lighter, even lighter than the pivitol style posts. Plusses are that its a one piece construction so now you will have perfect adjustments, and so you dont have little pieces everyewhere, its ligthweight, and its made by Odyssey. How can't you go wrong? And, its CHEAP! $21.99