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Latest Product Reviews


Odyssey Pro Dirt Forks Fork


These forks are one of the best, had them for a year...and the thing i find to be a bad thing about them is if you like to super tighten your wheel then yeah you may bend the dropout, but only minimal.

Odyssey Civilian Hi/Low Bars Handlebars


Just got new bars as these i felt to be a bit to high, but they lasted me two years with no flaws at all...the 41 thermal stuff is grade A..and them odyssey guys seem pretty cool

FBM Autopilot Frame


Bought it a year ago and not a bad desision at all...love the angles and the rear end, could be a bit longer up top though as i got it in the largest offered, but yeah it is stronger than any frame i have ridden, from throwing 40 feet to flat off doubles, to just tech stuff, i would say to be the best frame made. And a little letting you know that the kink gyro plate fits this sucker.