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Latest Product Reviews


Odyssey Le Van Grips Grips


I won these grips at a contest I went to this fall, I had primo logo grips, but one of them wore out fast so I slipped one of these guys on, however I am not the most fond because the grip is pretty weak and can get slippery fairly quick, but I wear gloves so they arent terrible, however they havent worn down really at all so they are fairly long lasting

Odyssey Civilian Hi/Low Bars Handlebars


I have had these bars going on... about 2 years now!? I snapped the pair I had before these and im stuck with these forever, they have an amazing feel, plus once again the lifetime warrenty against bending and breaking.. how dialed is that!? gotta love odyssey

Odyssey Pro Dirt Forks Fork


These are some amazing forks, I have bent forks and messed up other pairs, I got these from my buddy and I have loved them since, they are super strong, plus the lifetime warrenty against bending and manufactors defect.. talk about dailed.. plus, they are nice and light too!

Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Brakes


these brakes are one ofm those parts that just work no matter what condition they're in my spring cap was broke and the two bolts were striped so i couldn't adjust them but they would always work for me

Odyssey Hazard Rear Rear Hub


i've owned two of these hubs and i've had alot or case mishapps and grinds and i beat the hell out of them and they're both brand new sept for spoke marks on the flange