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Latest Product Reviews


DK Random Wrench


Best tool ever, yeah it doesnt have a 17mm but you can just keep in on the socket attatchment thing all the time. thats what i do with my 8mm allen socket, since i have the profile mini studs. This is a great tool it you dont have much room in your back pack. it has come in handy some manytimes its totally worth the money. Only thing thats a pain is putting the sockets back into it after, there is a diagram that shows you how though.

Odyssey GTX Detangler


This thing was the nicest gyro I have ever dealt with. so smooth, easy to adjust. Locking the cables down with the set screws was a really nice feature. No complants about this.

Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Brakes


Good standard brakes. I would definitely get the fiesta pack for them since it lowers the stack height and looks cool with the green. Dia tech was way ahead with the anodizing colors, now everyone does it. definitey good brakes.

Odyssey Evolver Brakes


I had these brakes for probaly liek 2 years then the fly brakes came out and I was quick to get a pair of them. Now these brakes are on a bike I made for my girlfriend. and they are working fine.

Animal Lite Pegs Pegs


I got these pegs back when I was super in to grinding. I muct have found everthing in my town and grinded it, so much fun back then with all your friends. Pegs lasted me about 3 years still I stopped grinding all the time and took my pegs off. Now when ever I put them back on I still use them. great long lasting pegs.

Profile SS Front Rear Hub


Oh yeah I remember this one pretty much I thought pissh ill just get a 14mm front axle and never have to think about bending it. So true but in reality I didnt even to smith grinds that much so I really wasnt going to bend a 3/8s anyway. But I got it anyway and it held up great. I actually sold it after I had it for about a year and half and it was rolling just fine. Got a profile mini hub after that.

Profile SS Rear Rear Hub


I had this hub for like 3 years before I finally got a mini hub shell then all I did was transfer all my internals and put then in the mini shell and build it up. The hub held up great for street, I would recomend using the hub guard with it to make sure those spokes and flange are out of harmsway. Other than that its a great hub.

Profile BMX Mini Race Front Hub


Very smooth hub, I had one for 2 years and it held up great. Just got a new one built up, only reason I got a new one was so I could have a fresh new wheel to go with back wheel and new frame.