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Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem


Who wouldn't want there new stem to have the plusses of: lightest-weight, knee saving, built-in gyrotabs, unique design, super superior clamping power, built to last, variety of cool colors, and knowign that Odyssey built it. To answer the first question, only an idiot.

Odyssey Midway Rear Wheel Wheels


This wheel is the best one I have ever ridden it is really really tough I have Jammed it into parking blocks and fallen over the other side and barely tweaked it. The Hazard hub rocks I have gone through hubs like no other the last one I had came off of the bike in two pieces. This hub is ultra-smooth I have never gone as fast with as little amount of pedaling that I do with this. If you have about $150 bucks and you are in the market for a smooth awesome wheel than this is the one for you. I have had it the longest of any other wheel with no problems.

SNAFU Mobeus Detangler


There is only one Gyro worth buying. Light, tight and ready for flight. Outta sight. Right? Might stop with the rhyme plight. Ha ha. Any hoo. Good price looks real nice. I wanna slice. Only gyro I would run. If I ran one. Did for about 18 months. Never had a problem with it. No flex like other gyros. Low profile. Smooth as silk. What more could you want

Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain


Ran this chain for probably six months but ditched it, mostly because the links were rolling on the driver body instead of the cogs. Was only running odyssey 11t driver too. Also these chains do have a tendancy to stretch a little. other than that they seem to be nearly indestructable. Took a heap of abuse when I rode it. Few bad sprocket stalls and a couple feebles gone wrong etc. Solid as. Broke a sprocket before the chain would budge. Touch heavy but thats the trade off I guess.

MacNeil Macneil Light Bars Handlebars


Great feel, real nice and light. No problems with them in almost a year of riding. Very happy camper, especially after I broke my last set of bars at the weld also. Great upgrade. :)