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Latest Product Reviews


Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket


Rode one of these in 36t for about 3 years and it still looks brand new other than a bit of paint missing, then i got another in 28t and have been riding it for a year and its still perfect also, so yes go buy!

Dia Tech Goldfinger Tech99 DS Brake Lever


yoooo, i ran this lever on my bike,and let me tell u, i m not easy on my bike. i crash alot and the lever is what hits the ground the most. i wanted a lever that would stand up to the punishment that i throw at it. this lever is one tough cookie. it got really skrached but thats no big deal.anouther great thing about this lever is that u dont need to bother with taking your grips off of your bars. u just unskrew the bolt open the clamp, and skrew it back on and there u go.the only problem that i had with this lever was that after a few months the peice that holds the cable in place striped out, so i had to get Read More »

Profile Dirt Jumping Cranks Cranks


These are pretty good..a bit steep after upgraiding it(get maderas), but yeah my right crank arm is slightly bent from a bunch of wear, over the year that i have had them for...pretty good though.

Odyssey Pro Dirt Forks Fork


These forks are one of the best, had them for a year...and the thing i find to be a bad thing about them is if you like to super tighten your wheel then yeah you may bend the dropout, but only minimal.