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Latest Product Reviews


Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket


Great sprocket. I'm on my third one now (first one I had was on a bike that got stolen, then I ended up changing from 30-11 to 25-9), and they've all taken a lot of abuse and stayed pretty true. Although I don't bash my sprocket as much as I used to (due to having 25-9), I still beat the hell out of it doing rodeo grinds, Porter grinds, and whatnot, and it's really no worse for the wear. I highly recommend getting one of these.

Odyssey M2 Lever Small Brake Lever


This lever is by far the best i have yet to own. I started running a gyro about a year ago and i had a reglar small odyssey lever, and it felt very squishy and at times stiff to were the lever acually moves small distances and stopped and continued doing that. The odyssy M2 lever is the lever to go for if you plan on running a gyro, its comfortable, smooth and you wont have to us all of your lunch money on one, like me...

Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem


awesome product i run the teal ltd on my bike and love the color have had only one prob i found with it is to really grease the bolt friends of mine have not done that and stripped the helicoil and not to overtighten it only had prob with bar folding in on me once but overall awesome product always gonna have to sacrifice if you want lightweight i think

Odyssey JPEGs Light Pegs


I've only ever had odyssey pegs and Fly pegs. fly pegs wore to fast and were to sticky. If you were to run pegs, these would be the only ones I would recommend. I've never worn though a pair, but i have seen shadow pegs break chip and wear through. As well as a few other brands. Nothing but the best pegs from odyssey 10/10

Odyssey Monolever Small Brake Lever


I am a firm believer in the quality of odysseys parts. 100%. When I got this lever, it was mostly on a whim. but if I were to go back to brakes, this would be the only lever i would ever use. Well designed, with the bolts fitting each hole universally, and with an extra set of bolts. A lever thats the perfect size. thats it. Well made Well ridden.

Odyssey Intac Post Seatpost


I bought this seatpost brand new in canada for about 59.99msrp. Out of the box it looked great, almost too high tech compared to the other posts out there, yet remained lighter. i'll give the post a 9/10 because the bolt stripped underneath the guts, and the guts bent making that same bolt drive into the bottom of my seat.