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Latest Product Reviews


SNAFU C Lever Brake Lever


Ive had my Snafu C Lever for way over a year and so far not one thing has gone worn gwith it... I liek it a lot... But ima be upgrading to a 1finger brake lever.. Buit this is pretty strond, and doesnt flex much.. very nice...

Odyssey Hazard Rear Rear Hub


I bought a stock hazrd lite wheel about 8months ago, so far nothign has reall been wrong with it.. The hub is really nice for the price you pay for it... I woudl reccomend this to any rider whos on a budget.. This is a Great HUb.. Props to Odyssey for haivng it...

Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket


One word, STRONG, I bought this psrocket used for $15, its was only used liek 3times.. Before i got this I woudl bend the crap out of my thin little sprockets, I didnt wanna get a thick one cause of weight, but this thing weighs less than the ones I did use, plus IT HAS NEVER EVEN BENT A LIL!!!! THis things is prolly one o fthe best sprockets otu there...

Odyssey Linear Cable


i think this is the best cable out there, its normal price and has a super strong outter shell. It's hard to cut through to set up but well worth it, my one will spin four times without locking the brakes at all. I think its as good as the nokon but at a fration of the price. Comes in a load of colours, the cable hasnt ever stretched on me or frayed.

Profile Imperial Sprocket Sprocket


my ones been fine since day one, i set it up no problem, comes with an adaptor for different size crank axels. light, looks good, comes in loads of colours, average price and as i dont do anything on my sprocket the strenght isnt too bigger problem for me. hasnt bent either

Odyssey Pro Dirt Forks Fork


i run these forks on a fly headset on an s3 aitken and i have not had any problem with it, setting them up was fairly easy just had to cut down the steerer tube a tiny bit, i was wondering when i bought them if i should get the race ones or not, i think i made the rite decision. super light, dam strong and alot of thaught has gone into them, only problem is that the top bolt is massive but has an allen key in the center so i can only tighten it with an allen key, would be better is it was a bit smaller though

Profile SS Rear Rear Hub


a great hub, super strong and coms in any colour you want pretty much. Amazing design with the driver, i havent heard of anyone having to buy new parts for it because they broke, havent had any slipping or anything like that, couldnt be better.