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Latest Product Reviews


Shadow Conspiracy Alloy Bar Ends


they do what there supposed to and they look good but they don't fit my gary young bars with out a spacer, so not all good but good.

Profile SS Rear Rear Hub


Best hub I have ever ridden. I got mine used off a friend and he had it for a while. Still works as perfect as a brand new hub. I put a race axle in it to do away with an unneeded cromo axle ( I ride pegless). It's worth every cent.

Revenge Industries Brakes Brakes


they worked good when the springs didnt come uncompressed but they loosened up way bad and they would still brake but they wouldnt spring back to their nrmal position

Odyssey Banton Grips Grips


I liked these cause they are the perfect thickness, and they took a while to wear out. also the fange isn't too big which is nice. they could be a little softer, but i should just ride more and grow thicker callises(spelling?)