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Latest Product Reviews


DK Random Wrench


Random wrench cost around 32 dollars and is an good investment. i've have mine since they came out and it keeps me going when i need it to. the top cap on mine is hard to thread in right sometimes. also it's very hard, next to impossible to use on brakes and seats becuase it does not fit into tight places well. my only real complaint is that it didn't come with a 17mm socket. it's a pretty popular size and i just have to carry one extra. good tool over all.

Coalition Povah Stem Stem


the coalition povah stem is great, i have been riding one since they have come out. the stem was really well though out because of the way it was drilled out and the two separate clamps witch hold your bars in place. these two features makes the stem nice and lite. anothere good thing about this stem is that since i put it on i have never had my bar shift forward or the stem turn sideways. so if your in the market for a new stem i strongly suggest this stem...

Profile Mini Rear Hub


Profile was not messing around when they made the Profile Mini SS hub, because i have been riding the Profile Mini SS rear hub for about one year now and it hasnt given me any problem what so ever, and i am really hard on my bike. some other good things about this hub is that its really lite weight and holds up to everything that you throw at it, so if your looking for a lite strong and goodlooking hub you should go buy one of these hubs (Prfile Mini SS)and it will not let you down. -Greg D'Amico-

Eastern Bikes Alloy & Magnesium Pedals


i had these pedals in black a few months back, they are a nice design and look good. one problem i had was the pins were really small so in wet weather or when my shoes were muddy they didnt grip at all.. this meant alot of pain toawrds the shins so i just got rid of them in the end.

Odyssey 13T Freewheel Driver / Freewheel


this freewheel is great the idea is really good, the only problem i had when i purchased this freewheel is that i couldnt get it on. i got it in LHD and was trying to get it onto a seventies flip flop hub but it proved impossible so i had to run a wrong gear ratio. the reason that it wouldnt go on to this hub was because the threads were both the same way so it ended up rounding off the hub.

Profile BMX Classic Race and NoBoss Crank Kit Cranks


I've been riding profile cranks for close to 7 years. I think i bought my first set when i was in 8th grade, and rode them up until they bent inwards 5 years later. I bought left hand drive arms and a ti spindle after that and have not had too many problems, other than where you tighten them, the metal on the cranks bent inwards so i can't loosen the bolt. But other than that they're tough cranks and have lived up to their legendary name.

FBM Hub Guard Hub Guard


Before I had installed the FBM guard on my bike, my hubs looked, and worked like garbage. The spokes would snap, the hub would bend so it would be even harder to get them out and in. After three hubs i decided it was time to get a hub guard. And after reading on the FBM website that even guys like Van Homan and Corey Martinez rocked them, i knew it was a sure thing. And I haven't been happier, definetly something to pick up if you have been destroying hubs.

Animal Jump-Off Stem Stem


I've always loved front load stems. They're easy to put new bars on, and just as easy to adjust. And it comes in all the funky colors you can think of. Do watch out that you don't use too much strength while tightening the bolts, i have compression marks where the metal has stretched in some places. But other than that, and excellent choice.