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Latest Product Reviews


Odyssey Civilian Hi/Low Bars Handlebars


I bought my first pair when they first came out, and to this day i ride those bars no problme. Lifetime warrenty, and awsome customer service. Your pretty much buying one pair of awsome light strong bars that will literally last forever.

Odyssey Video


really good video, the riding is great and it has an amazing list of riders involved in it, many different styles and a lot of great spots are shown.. a definate classic in the bmx video list

SNAFU Top Cable


it was a good smooth cable when I orginally got it, however the housing cracked and broke on me fairly quick so I was pretty disappointed.. but its still a REALLY good cable

Odyssey Linear Cable


I ran this cable back when I had a straight cable, its a great housing. The cable doesnt get any harder to pull until about the 3rd time spinning around the bars.. worth the extra money if you run a straight cable, or even dual brake cables on the bottom

Odyssey GTX Detangler


I run the gtx-r but this is basically the same, just a little heavier (small like.. 2 oz?) and the sealed berrings on the gtx-r, but this gyro is an amazing gyro compared to the metal ones that are found on just about every stock bike.. worth the money.. odyssey, how do they do so many good things??