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Latest Product Reviews


Odyssey Civilian Hi/Low Bars Handlebars


Just got new bars as these i felt to be a bit to high, but they lasted me two years with no flaws at all...the 41 thermal stuff is grade A..and them odyssey guys seem pretty cool

FBM Autopilot Frame


Bought it a year ago and not a bad desision at all...love the angles and the rear end, could be a bit longer up top though as i got it in the largest offered, but yeah it is stronger than any frame i have ridden, from throwing 40 feet to flat off doubles, to just tech stuff, i would say to be the best frame made. And a little letting you know that the kink gyro plate fits this sucker.

Odyssey Hazard Rear Rear Hub


i have had this for a long time now and its a all around great hub. this hub rides smoothere than a babes butt. i would definitly choose this hub over many and probably all other hubs. its rad because u can get them in sweet colors to match some other parts that u might have.you might think i m making this up i m not,its truely a great hub. if you don't believe me try it yourself. u won't regret it.

Shadow Conspiracy Attack Stem


I currently run this stem after getting it for free from a friend....But I enjoy the fact that it is 9oz, being an ounce shy of the elementary, it comes with pretty sweet hollow bolts and a sick crow pattern on the side in a darker black color(if you get it in black) and shows in the sun...So far after about 5 months of riding it the bars slipped once, and I ride alot of street doing a bunch of big railhops, and am very pleased with its performance.