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Latest Product Reviews


S&M Black Bike Frame

“wasnt happy”


The Good: It was black.

The Bad: The frame was too big. i don't know if it was the chain stays or the top tube, but i had trouble doing tricks i already learned. also i had the one with the European bottom bracket.

Overall Review: I got rid of it because the frame was worse than my diamondback accomplice. and my accomplice had a 14 + chainstays.

Volume Death Wish Frame

“Pretty good”


The Good: i like the geometry. Easy to manual and do tricks.

The Bad: The headset is not campy spec, so it is hard to find headsets for it.

Overall Review: I like it overall. I wish it was campy spec. That is the only reason why i got rid of it.

Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub

“Second year and great”


The Good: Problem free and still smooth and silent is how I like my hubs. The external slack adjustment is the only way to go!

The Bad: My slack screw would tighten itself after a few rides. So I took it out for full slack. Otherwise that's a minor issue. Works great though.

Overall Review: Worth every penny. The trendy coasters aren't the best from what I'm hearing. Read reviews fellas.

2014 Premium Products Solo Bike

“It is a beast”


The Good: Great for beginners

The Bad: No sealed hubs

Overall Review: The bike is a great beginners bike if you are trying to ride, but not riding as much as an experienced rider. This bike come with CK ( Chad Kerley) tires alienation rims and odyssey plastic pedals. This bike does not have sealed hubs so if you want to ride more often get some sealed hubs.,

2013 WeThePeople Reason Bike

“wethepeople Reason 2013”


The Good: rides super smooth and wethepeople frames are just comfortable to ride

The Bad: it doesn't come with an actual pivotal seat post and gel brake pads would be nice

Overall Review: I've only owned the bike for about a week and it rides super smooth and really easy to spin and manual.

2012 MirraCo Luxstar Bike

“The Frame is good ”


The Good: The frame is strong it can hold up to 300 lbs.

The Bad: The parts that comes with the frame.

Overall Review: I'm a big guy and I love this frame and I recommend this frame to any one.


“can't go wrong ”


The Good: Thick af, strong as hell, best half link ever

The Bad: Chainbreaker killer

Overall Review: I've ridden this chain for over a year and it only snapped once but only bc a pin wasnt through all the way of the link and I was too lazy to push it in all the way. You will never have/want to buy another chain again

Cult VANS Grips

“quite disappointed...”


The Good: Vans waffle design is sweet

The Bad: Calluse creator, wore down quick, never stayed in place (twisting back and forth wise)

Overall Review: Love Cult but Honestly one of the worse products they have. Just get ODIs

Demolition Momentum Tire

“Nice Lightweight tire”


The Good: Grippy, squeaky, durable/long lasting, light as fu**

The Bad: Flat city, really thin (reasoning for weight)

Overall Review: Real nice tire, but be ready to have backup tubes on you. Daily rider and I rode mine for at least half a year. Recommended for them street riders!

Fit F.A.F. Tire



The Good: Last long, super grippy, chirps like a fat bird, barely any flats

The Bad: Nothing bad about it

Overall Review: I ran two sets of these and I loved them. I've ridden the 2.25, 2.3, and 2.4. If you are wanting a "knobby" looking tire run the 2.25s. If you want that nice slick looking tire get the 2.3 or 2.4. The 2.25 and 2.4 are about the same width inflated. Thinking about switching to deharts now