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TSG BMX/Skate Helmet

“Great helmet! Can take one hell of a beating!”


The Good:

Indestructible from what I can tell
And hella comfy

The Bad:

Hot, hot, hot! makes your sweat drip in almost any weather

Overall Review: When I headbutted the floor from 8 feet+ (after bailing from a turn-down hard 3' and a lil kid on a scooter was in my landing) this helmet stood up and did its job didn't even crack, well done TSG

KMC Z510HX Chain

“Great if you sprocket grind! Durable as f***”


The Good:

Really gonna be hard to snap the chain
Got super heavy duty pins and plates
Comes pre oiled
Been riding it for two months and not even a chink in it yet

The Bad:

Kinda heavy but durable as F***

Overall Review: Great chain, doubt I'll have to replace it for a long while, better than my old KHE Halflink chain by miles I had three of the KHE "crap" chains and snapped ll of them multiple times This chain is rock solid for £12.99

Stolen Revolver Cassette Wheels

“Good wheel for the price.”


The Good:

Cheap and affordable, feels good, engages fast.

The Bad:

If you like your hub loud enough to break glass, this is most likely not for you.

Overall Review: Haven't had any problems yet. It's actually really quiet, but if you buy a hub just for the sound, you should probably rethink your life.
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Vital BMX member Shortdude
109649 Shortdude,109649/all 01/08/14 2 6,109649/setup 54 1278 9 3 7

Premium CK Tire

“Good Basic Tire”


The Good:

It is very grippy on all surfaces.

The Bad:

Premium should make more colors for it, like gum.

Overall Review: Nothing really special about it. It's a pretty basic tire. I've had no problems with it though.
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Vital BMX member Shortdude
109649 Shortdude,109649/all 01/08/14 2 6,109649/setup 54 1278 9 3 7

Colony Freecoaster Rear Hub

“Meth Coaster”


The Good:

it looks super cool, has adjustable slack, and comes in rhd and lhd.

The Bad:

after about exactly 6 months the coaster started having inconsistent slack... ex. on time it would be fine, then the next I went to pedal it would take a full pedal before it engaged.

Overall Review: overall the hub was amazing for the first 6 months. I've had it inspected they told me everything was fine. but it obviously is not. I just recently tried putting some more grease In there. if that helps I'll come back and make a more positive review.
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Vital BMX member nolan.colborn
115229 nolan.colborn,115229/all 02/11/15 4 7 1

Alienation Runaway Rim

“Light but not enough strong”


The Good:

Pretty light

The Bad:

Nightmare to true it

Overall Review: A constant headache. Got it as OEM on a 2014 Staats Bloodline Pro Cruiser. I have to true it almost after every single race. The crosslaced pattern make truing it a real nightmare.
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Vital BMX member peru4130
120172 peru4130,120172/all 07/22/15,120172/setup 1

2012 MirraCo Debut Bike

“MirraCo Debut”


The Good:

Its good for beginners just getting into the BMX world and its good for riding around casually.

The Bad:

It takes a lot of money to upgrade, the one piece crank and large 35t sprocket get caught on any drop over about 45 degrees. You need a lot of money to make this thing compatible with other bike parts

Overall Review: Dont buy the bike unless your a beginner, I have had one for the past 2 years and everything but the grips are stock because I dont have the money to upgrade, I also added pegs but they serve no purpose because the bike is heavy and I can barley get it off the ground more than a few inches if that.