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Latest Product Reviews


Demolition Machete Tire

“Good grip on everything.”


The Good: Just got the 2.4 size a few weeks ago and I love it. Holds well on dirt, park and in the streets. Aggressive tread that rolls fast and is also very light weight for the large size. Protect those hubs!

The Bad: Nothing yet.

Overall Review: I will be getting another one when I burn this one out.

Demolition Machete Tire

“super tire”


The Good: sticky at the park, sticky at the trails, sticky on the street, perfect tire for all kinda riding, holds high pressure, fat as helllllllll very durable and oh yeah its light... if you actually care about a few oz's

The Bad: nothing so far keep in mind this tire is fat and may rub on frame or forks not built for fat tires

Overall Review: i run the 2.35 on the front and it grips like crazy, nice and fat superior grip at the trails without being too much, and yea i agree with the review before the last dude if your falling ona 5foot quarter ive got news for you.....its not the tire.....this tire is amazing for all riding styles and would recommend it to anyone who is actually goin out to  schred and wants a tire you can go from the trails to the park and hit the street on the way home, ohh and i run front and rear brakes with nothing more than shaving down the brake arms a tad where the tire rubs, its bmx shit will rub creak and time to time break thats how it is so quit bitchn and go ride

Kink Mid Bottom Bracket

“super smoothe”


The Good: smooth bearings, spacers look sweet w cranks, super light weight

The Bad: the non drive side spacer is alil big, would be perfect if kink included a medium sized spacer in addition to, other than that would absolutely recommend

Overall Review: super smooth lightweight bb would absolutely buy it for any build

Tree Bicycle Co. Original Sprocket Sprocket

“Tree is sweet!”


The Good: This sprocket is amazing! I ride pegless and do a lot of sprocket bashing...rode my last one for 2 years and it had no signs of giving up on me. Bought a new-to-me (used) one 6 months ago just to go with my color scheme and it still rides smooth.

The Bad: Until I have something to say, nothing here!

Overall Review: Ifyou like sprockets that don't suck, spend some money on a Tree.

Tree Bicycle Co. Straight Pull Rear Hub Rear Hub

“V2... Good stuff, powderpuff.”


The Good: Fast, clean, loud and mean. Lacing this hub up was, by far, the easiest I've ever done. With the minimalist hub guard, it worked great for my style of riding. It stood up to the abuse of pegless street and park riding. I do a lot of axle stalls and grinds and never broke a spoke. The 3/8" ratchet drive bolts are rad and the Woodgrain is sexay!

The Bad: As mentioned, the side to side wobble was noticeable after a while, and only got worse over time...even after pulling it apart and servicing it numerous times. I'm picky about having my bike feel solid and it was enough for me to switch.

Overall Review: This hub lasted me 2 years and I loved it until the wobble got too bad. The design is aesthetically pleasing and the sound is nice. The bolts worked perfect for stalls and I still use them on my new hub. I got mine in Woodgrain and it looks badass. I'd definitely get another if the wobble was taken care of.

2014 DK Raven Bike

“The 2014 Dk raven.. was it worth the buy? entry level i know.. because i entered! XD”


The Good: Its a nice bike, if you're just starting out in BMX i'd recomned this bike.. it has a nice light frame with nice road tires which is great for the street where i live (Belize)
i was surprised how light it is after riding for the 1st time, i like how it feels on the streets..feels like a beginner bike, which it is, but feels better other beginner bikes I've rode. plus the weight is excellent for learning tricks.

The Bad: I don't know how the bike will stand up to high stress activities since i haven't ridden it much since i got it, reason being is that i guess DK put some faulty drivers on their entry level bikes, but i'm expecting cinema hubs and rims soon.. also the tires are great but perhaps they're a bit thin.. i got a puncture on my first ride, maybe i can fix that with new tires or just some tire liner. also its not a sealed bike but don't expect to have sealed everything on a entry level bike.. and i have problems with the stem, by bars would move out of place after landing.. so i guess i'd have to change that if it keeps happening after i fix my rear end.. or maybe it's just because its new?

Overall Review: i'll know if its a good bike after i get some more riding in.. like i said my rear hub was destroyed less than a month of fair riding, but it feels good, feels solid.. looking forward to getting it fixed soon.. ordered a new cinema rear wheel from danscomp and some pegs but my place of living makes the delivery process forever and a little bit difficult since i have to use a 3rd party.. but it's a good bike, i wanna upgrade to the x model or even Helio just because i dig DK that much..

Colony Freecoaster Rear Hub

“Coastin' with Colony”


The Good: Easy slack adjustment, strong, does everything it's supposed to do.

The Bad: No complaints after 7 months, except when I purchased it I couldn't get the colony hub guard so I grabbed a federal and it stretched my frame. Could come in silver or another color than just black and oil slick.

Overall Review: Great. Would recommend to anyone who has had bad experiences with other coasters or people new to the reverse game such as I was.

2014 Fit Dugan 1 Bike

“Best 2014 base model”


The Good: Great quality, light, great price, best colors of all the base model fits.

The Bad: Needs better pedals, seat, and grips other than that no complaints

Overall Review: I love this bike and if it ever goes bad I will always fall back on the dugan parts as there geometry is amazing epically for shorter riders like my self at 5'6" this bike feels like you are riding a 21" top tube epically with the 50mm out reach on the stem, overall I would recommend any year dugan one to everyone.

Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt Bar Ends

“Love these bar ends”


The Good: These are very durable and come in a plethora of colors which is good for everyone and they are very hard to go wrong with and match with every grip out there.

The Bad: Other than the normal with metal bar ends where the edges get sharp and can cut you nothing.

Overall Review: Very satisfied and recommend these to anyone who rides hard as they will hold up to the occasional drop of the bike.

Osiris NYC 83 Mid VLC Shoes

“for holding in your shelf”


The Good: comfortable

The Bad: had a hole in sole after one week of riding

Overall Review: do not buy this shit! I miss old good orchids and loteks, nowadays most shoes are made to feel good and wears out in max month...