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Cinema FX Freecoaster Wheel

“best freecoaster ive ever rode”


The Good:

Not much slack
Really smooth
very reliable
best freecoaster you can find

The Bad:

nothing at all

Overall Review: This freecoaster wheel is the best and most reliable freecoaster ive ever had, i got this wheel in December 2014. I havent had 1 problem with it and it still feels like i just opened up the box and just put it on my bike, i have never had any problems with this freecoaster, and i strongly reccomend you get one, it cost $240 on dans.

Fit BF Stem

“fit bf stem review”


The Good:

The rise it gives, the simple design, just love it...

The Bad:

Bit heavy and side bolts threaded out on mine quite quickly. Doesn't matter though as it still doesn't slip.

Overall Review: Very good stem if you want to have more rise without headset spacers, bit on the heavy side so any weight-worried riders should stay away from it. If not, very good choice...

2012 Redline Asset Bike

“Beginners dream”


The Good:

its made of strong chromoly, the tires are decent, the rims are nice sounding and trusty.

The Bad:

The fork is really heavy and it actually can get bent really easy which sucks a lot, the grips ware quickly, in about a year of riding problems with the crank system will show up (part of my bottom bracket broke actually) also it's kinda an awkward bike for street

Overall Review: I've been riding this frame for 3 years now and I love it but the parts it came with are mediocre at best. If you invest some money in it, the bike gets pretty beast. First step though, buy new forks!

2012 Subrosa Arum Street Bike

“subrosa arum street ”


The Good:

El cuadro, la orquilla,el poste y el manubrio

The Bad:
Grips: no duran.

Overall Review: La bici es muy buena, lo unico que yo le cambiaria los grips a y yo le retiraria los frenos para disminuir el peso en la bici bueno ya que yo hago bmx de calle y casi no se utilizan los frenos, y entre mas ligera sea la bici es mejor para todas las modalidades de bmx

S&M B.T.M. Frame

“Finally snapped but loved it.”


The Good:

Good geo for street and park riding. Slammed rear end helps with techy tricks or extend it for a good combination of tech and park style. The trans sky blue colorway looks awesome I got compliments all the time. I didn't have problems with paint chipping or fading like other people said however their reviews are older so I'm sure they had different colorways back then.

The Bad:

Nothing, the frame snapped after 2 years of use.

Overall Review: I mainly do grinds among many other things. This is my 2nd s&m frame. The 1st, randy brown, snapped after it got passed down to three riders and lasted at least 2-3 years. My BTM actually lasted exactly 2 years. It snapped but I'm not mad because it lasted a long time and I got my money's worth. No doubt I will be getting another s&m soon, this time trying out the ATF.

Nitrous OG Fork

“decent for the price”


The Good:

Super strong really nice drop outs fits 20x2.40 tires and still has a lot of space. The colors are really nice and the paint is super solid

The Bad:

The bearing race is kinda big and slips on the bearing some times. Also the co pression bolt is big and bulky and it has the welded thing inside. The compression bolt comes loose really easy

Overall Review: Its a good fork for the price but I wouldn't buy it again, its good if your a beginner or if your on a budget I would recommend it