Anthony Napolitan Las Vegas Session 25

Wedge-to-wedge front flip?

Credit: Kyle Carlson
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  • nick263

    1/7/2009 7:37 PM

    I could do that

  • DatboyCel

    3/21/2007 9:26 AM

    rad flip

  • mikeac

    3/17/2007 11:55 PM

    nice 3 tuc no..........

  • mattie

    3/14/2007 10:38 AM

    ? is it possible

  • english_balls

    3/10/2007 4:45 AM

    lush front flip

  • FaBmXeR

    3/7/2007 4:59 AM

    thanks for that. i love you too.

  • Perry

    3/1/2007 11:31 PM

    i didn't think fronties were possible on a driveway?

  • Timmo

    2/27/2007 3:05 AM

    awsome frontflip

  • D.Dan

    2/26/2007 1:19 PM

    he got frontflips too good

  • haro kid430

    2/23/2007 1:19 AM

    get to work jordan

  • haro kid430

    2/23/2007 1:18 AM

    phhhh ive seen better. lol

  • jordon

    2/22/2007 9:41 PM

    that front flip was the fucking best i have seen dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sssssbooom

    2/21/2007 9:16 AM

    thats pritty tight

  • coalitionbmx

    2/21/2007 6:59 AM

    how the fuck!

  • lollos1991

    2/21/2007 5:29 AM

    Wow! NIce!!!

  • Sam

    2/20/2007 12:18 PM

    haha what tha fuck thats awsome

  • kylecarlson

    2/20/2007 2:07 AM

    the video isn't longer because anthony was only in town for a couple of hours and i had to spend most of the day sitting in a classroom. none of this was planned out at all. sorry kids!

  • spec_opsRIDER

    2/20/2007 12:20 AM

    the frontie was nice good pop off the front of the wedge..but id have to agree with FaBmXeR..its needs to be longer.

  • ChadKagy

    2/19/2007 11:55 PM

    yeah, the frontie was pretty funny. Kid has skills.

  • Veejay

    2/19/2007 12:57 PM

    Front Flip at anthem haha

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