BMX Old School Reunion 43

A ton of legendary freestyle riders met up at Woodward West this weekend for the BMX Old School Reunion. Age does not matter, but BMX does!

Credit: Glenn PP Milligan
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  • GlennPPMilligan

    3/24/2009 2:27 AM

    WOW...I'm so psyched to see everyone so pumped on the old school stuff!!! Nice to see some positivity!

  • si

    3/24/2009 1:58 AM

    eddie fiola (getting snaked). ha ha ha awesome!
    i remember eddie from when i was a wee bairn on the kelloggs championships. OLD SCHOOL!!!

    good to see friemuth riding too, seen nothing of him for aaaaaaaaaages


    3/23/2009 11:33 PM

    tooooo much seaatttt posstttttlololo

  • Terremoto

    3/23/2009 8:41 PM

    Thanks to the old school guys for passing on the fun of riding BMX!! got it love it..

  • foxrider18

    3/23/2009 6:50 PM

    Thats awesome. Amazing stuff going down right there!

  • jedi

    3/23/2009 5:46 PM

    thats bmx history right there.

  • liox16

    3/23/2009 5:44 PM


  • hawaiian_george

    3/23/2009 5:15 PM

    Thats sick, just a bunch of riders having fun! thats what its all about!!

    glad to see the older guys!

  • macky

    3/23/2009 4:22 PM

    How F**king cool was that!!
    Looked Amazing!! : )

    Cant beat the Old skool!! ; )

  • rodolphe.legendre

    3/23/2009 3:25 PM

    that's cool to see our fathers

  • ChadKagy

    3/23/2009 3:11 PM

    that looked so fun. That was a huge turn out for the old school jam, stoked it went off like that. And hell yeah Joey G still kills it. Might not have any more meniscus in his knees but he can still roll smoother than any of the rest of us.


    3/23/2009 3:11 PM


  • scooterdon

    3/23/2009 1:32 PM

    You dont stop playin because you get get old because you stop playin!
    -Paul Wayne Murray bmxstuntwelder 1999.

    scooterDon is 40! still kickin

  • kink 4 bmx

    3/23/2009 1:09 PM

    i make it 10

  • Adam Wilson

    3/23/2009 10:40 AM

    Joey Garcia fucken kills it.
    The event looked awesome.
    Where was Jay Miron damnit?

  • Taylorbmxer

    3/23/2009 10:11 AM


  • Ben Hucke

    3/23/2009 9:25 AM

    That was RAD!

  • RedEndo

    3/23/2009 8:42 AM

    "Not remind us how much we suck."

    Word. Ride till you're 90!


    John Dale
    RedEndo BMX
    Curbrider LLC
    Tucson, Arizona

  • xlbigbearlx

    3/23/2009 8:32 AM

    it was deffantly old school.

  • Richie D

    3/23/2009 8:16 AM

    sick as ! !

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