Daniel Sandoval 720 Whip to Bars 18

Daniel Sandoval unleashed an amazing world first at this years Vans Rebel Jam. He took it hard a few times and nailed this monster of a trick after time.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst
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  • Ábner Santana

    12/8/2011 7:06 PM


  • Sammygordon

    12/6/2011 5:58 PM


  • Colin Mackay

    12/6/2011 3:57 AM

    so crazy!!!!!!

  • WitKnock

    12/5/2011 4:45 PM

    he tries that @ ASA MegaRamp Triples At Orange County Fair in august

  • SoCalShreds

    12/5/2011 3:04 PM

    sickest thing yet! cant believe hes the first to pull it too!

  • hillsterr-

    12/5/2011 1:56 PM

    get in!!!!!

  • ronnieremo

    12/5/2011 1:48 PM

    Maybe not the first to try, but he actually pulled it, landing really is the hard part

  • Paulo Jorge_Almeida

    12/5/2011 1:42 PM

    FUCKING HELL... damn he killed that trick :D really ngarly :D

  • Od_Asc

    12/5/2011 11:36 AM

    I can't even do that in video games...

  • josh.chase2

    12/5/2011 9:35 AM

    dont get me wrong, im happy for him. but hes not the first to try this. rob armour was trying it at the best trick in dirt on the salt lake city dew tour stop

  • StefanBolger

    12/5/2011 7:11 AM


  • WildBycyclist666

    12/4/2011 7:15 PM

    Damn this guy is getting better and better everytime I see him...

  • Team Lucky

    12/4/2011 6:03 PM


  • Ridingismylifex1

    12/4/2011 5:53 PM

    Why does that look like it was so easy.
    We all know that trick isn't easy.


    12/4/2011 4:59 PM

    alotta spins

  • carjakester

    12/4/2011 4:54 PM


  • BrandynMauro

    12/4/2011 4:52 PM

    holy damn shit fuck

  • LorenzoGallegos

    12/4/2011 4:49 PM


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