Introducing Daniel Dhersquist 20

Daniel Dhers gets some much-desired revenge on Ryan Nyquist.

Credit: Vital BMX
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  • bmxnpimp

    8/20/2013 12:47 PM

    not a hater but never seen any trail footage either of daniel

  • bmxnpimp

    8/20/2013 12:46 PM

    or flip double bar

  • bmxnpimp

    8/20/2013 12:45 PM

    has danirl pulled a cash roll to landing lets see that and then lets see some style out of daniel. dont get me wrong you have some bangers but lets see a triple truck with big or lil seat

  • K_A_N_E_

    8/15/2013 2:01 PM


  • jj0996

    8/13/2013 2:33 PM

    lmao i sense a riverly coming up

  • bmxguy73

    8/13/2013 10:37 AM

    haha funny shit

  • SoCalShreds

    8/13/2013 9:48 AM

    Haha thats so great! Love how he progressively gets more pads on too haha. "one more sweat shot" haha!

  • LorenzoGallegos

    8/13/2013 9:30 AM

    lol raising the roof hahaha

  • bmx ryan

    8/13/2013 8:53 AM


  • brandon christie

    8/13/2013 5:47 AM


  • clintos

    8/13/2013 1:03 AM

    Haha that was a good laugh!

  • nicknoblehellabmx

    8/12/2013 10:22 PM

    Suicide double truck a big jump if its easy. And then try it opposite...

  • JoeDavidson

    8/12/2013 11:36 PM

    nyquist is goofy footed...

  • fortytwobmx

    8/13/2013 3:00 AM

    He still does them both ways

  • Mitchell Proost

    8/12/2013 8:11 PM

    i lol'ed quite a few times

  • Cellmember

    8/12/2013 7:35 PM

    Hahaha, so good, love these guys !

  • zedarlan

    8/12/2013 6:58 PM

    Hey, haroman11, what do you mean with Dhers "learning" cash rolls? HE INVENTED IT, if you don't remember. Just saying.

  • haroman11

    8/12/2013 5:52 PM

    shouldnt dhers learn cash rolls too?

  • WitKnock

    8/12/2013 5:04 PM

    soooooooo funnnnnnnyyyyyy!
    for sure ryan will laugh that vid also!

  • Lanky Nathan

    8/12/2013 4:54 PM

    Oooo... challenge has been set

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