Fit Road Trip Update 1 22

A report from the road during the filming of Fit's new video, "Summer of Fit."

Credit: Glenn PP Milligan
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  • bbmxpro

    11/22/2007 10:26 PM

    hentai cosplay x picking ladies

  • Senator

    9/8/2007 2:02 AM

    FIT has to have the best street team out there. Edwin Tom Chase Chase Dakota Van Eddie.

  • JoeBeam

    9/4/2007 1:05 PM

    its just you

  • fitbikeuk

    8/22/2007 2:04 PM

    ok is it just me or has mikey gone breakless? i couldnt see a brake lever on his bars in this vid nor on his pic on the fitbike home page ether that or its just me being blind

  • whitebarsandy

    8/16/2007 5:10 AM

    come ride in malta in the europian island .. great stuff

  • limpsonbikes

    8/15/2007 5:39 AM


  • Dan Wakefield

    8/14/2007 3:30 AM

    im in england i cant watch the newest videos

  • whitebarsandy

    8/13/2007 2:40 AM

    sorry malta

  • whitebarsandy

    8/13/2007 2:40 AM

    im in maltaand i cant watch th four last vedios

  • Losey

    8/13/2007 2:29 AM

    If the videos are not working for you, can you please give me a little more info so we can find exactly what's happening?

    --When did the problem happen

    --What part of the world are you in

    --What system are you running (Mac, PS, version of system software)

    --What browser are you using, and what version?

    Sorry for all the questions, but the more info, the faster we can fix it.

  • lurch

    8/12/2007 10:43 AM

    there is a prob with this vid it plays the nike add then stops help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alflairdo

    8/11/2007 5:08 PM

    I heard Josh betley got left behind!

  • the alexdog 2

    8/11/2007 3:53 PM

    come ride redwood city!

  • Gundars

    8/11/2007 9:11 AM

    damn! not playin

  • mistah fabbulous

    8/10/2007 5:28 PM


  • Captain Sparker

    8/10/2007 6:21 AM

    Wait til you fuckers see Aitken's bridge manual.

    Doin it big in SF!

  • T NiG

    8/10/2007 12:48 AM

    dadlovesbmx is a fag

  • puddn

    8/9/2007 7:35 PM

    come ride cal poly

  • JoSh_BiKeS

    8/9/2007 3:28 PM

    sweet can i come!?!

  • Caleb Norman

    8/9/2007 11:01 AM

    Chris Hervan where you at?

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