How to Buy a Complete Bike 8

Tips to keep in mind next time you're shopping.

Credit: Ramsdell
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  • brianoob

    3/3/2010 11:49 PM

    did he shat his pants? look how he walks

  • dirtman

    12/28/2007 8:46 AM

    Its not playing the fucken video! instead its got this shit!

  • brandt509

    12/11/2007 3:17 PM

    The burgundy/white bike is the jane. Why don't you have one?

  • Arfaksads

    8/19/2007 3:06 AM

    ace of spades...

  • whitey

    5/22/2007 8:17 PM

    wats better a eastern element or ace of spades?

  • iamsoxy

    4/28/2007 3:26 PM

    Its not playing the right video

  • dustinbmxking

    12/20/2006 10:47 AM


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