Josh Betley Sunday Bike Check 34

Josh gives you a look at the new Sunday he just put together, and of course delivers some hot moves whlle tearing ass across the galaxy.

Credit: Kyle Carlson
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  • juanito

    11/21/2009 12:26 PM

    i will tear ass across the galaxy
    i go fast

  • kinkyfit7777

    8/4/2009 9:33 PM

    he dosent anymore

  • bmxride479

    6/17/2008 6:29 PM

    his bike is hella clean

  • el_centro_bro23

    5/11/2008 6:56 AM

    that looks like tha wave 2? hope so coz its parkin lubly!! buying one soon as it comes out!

  • adamxmassacre

    12/8/2007 4:08 PM

    josh betley is so good

  • adamxmassacre

    12/8/2007 4:08 PM

    josh betley is so good

  • natefbc

    12/4/2007 7:42 AM

    does ride for anybody now? its a nice frame but i would have went with a fit.

  • bmxfreak1811

    11/12/2007 2:16 AM

    tear ass across the galaxy LOL

  • onelegedrider

    11/8/2007 5:15 AM

    w/up man?i love the bike!!

    talk on myspace?

  • asianpersuasion

    11/7/2007 12:44 PM

    I heard he quit riding fit b/c him and DAK were having some "problems". ha. I love how u tear ass across the galaxy. Pretty awesome....

    Can't wait to ride Plegs??

  • sarcastic_jerk

    11/7/2007 9:29 AM

    josh will tear ass across the galaxy in his little denim cut-off shorts and his ugly nike 6.os so look out for the lumberjosh

  • marvin87

    11/7/2007 7:11 AM

    josh betley=favorite rider his bike is niceeeeee

  • madyoda

    11/6/2007 7:40 PM

    Cool vid, Betley, and nice ride! I know where the Wedge is, where is that other park? It looks like a lot of fun.

  • AlexW

    11/6/2007 7:07 PM

    He rules n so dos his bike!

  • HiMyNameIsMitch

    11/6/2007 11:48 AM

    i shall also tear ass across the galaxy, until there is no more ass to tear!

  • kfittro88

    11/6/2007 10:48 AM

    josh and i shall tear ass across the galexy

  • FitBikes09

    11/6/2007 7:56 AM

    that is a nice skatepark to ride...


  • LJ Bmx Crew

    11/5/2007 11:18 PM


  • hanry

    11/5/2007 8:42 PM

    hollow drop outs are not stronger, they're just lighter

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