Kyle Baldock @ Gold Coast Compound 48

Check out the insane amount of shredding MirraCo's Australian madman Kyle Baldock can get done in one session at Gold Coast Compound. Double downside whips, 540 tailwhips, cash rolls, and even a brand new front flip variation that you've never seen before...

Credit: Bret Trigg
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  • Mark_Russell

    10/31/2011 4:41 PM

    Old farts like me didn't even recognise half of the names of the tricks, but boy does he go off with the flipping.

  • Lewis_Allen

    9/24/2011 5:11 AM

    hand on 1 sec ! the last trick was defo a cash roll !

  • Jordan Sempf

    5/8/2011 7:40 PM

    footplant frontflip was awesome!

  • Bunji_Mercury

    3/17/2011 9:16 AM

    Hes of is tree, i ride at the compound sumtimes when hes ther , he throws those 360 tailwhips over the spine like ther bunny hops , im pretty sure ive seen him double flair on resi .

  • Jared_Hall

    3/6/2011 7:40 AM


  • bodsta

    1/17/2011 4:08 AM

    wtf was the fronty thing?

  • Pablo_Tardío González

    12/26/2010 2:46 PM


  • PurpleBlakDooDoo

    12/21/2010 6:03 PM


  • Adam Wilson

    12/20/2010 11:56 AM

    Dude shreds and it looks clean. There needs to be a Holocaust on scooters...bring the Inlines back.

  • Smithers

    12/19/2010 7:23 PM

    fucking awesome bro
    and guys theres shitloads of scooter kids at every skatepark in aus. it sucks dick

  • jwest

    12/19/2010 4:57 PM

    fuckin insane

  • nilo

    12/19/2010 9:19 AM

    uff, ese park

  • A BMXicle Rider

    12/19/2010 8:03 AM

    Kid playing on the vert wall at 1:34 =[)

  • Егорик_Яцунок

    12/19/2010 7:22 AM

    what the song?

  • Lanky Nathan

    12/19/2010 6:29 AM

    Kyle you freak as shredder!!! You learn too fast. Haha sick edit bro =)

  • AllenBMX

    12/19/2010 6:23 AM

    all you guys are pussies!

  • beauttl

    12/19/2010 6:19 AM

    haha shit yer kyle. i need to learn fastplant fronties ay everyone else can do them there so ill get em soon


    12/19/2010 12:16 AM


  • JarrodBmxWA

    12/18/2010 11:50 PM

    sooooo gnarly. sickest rider.
    why are there so many scooters kids...

  • Girls_and_bikes

    12/18/2010 7:51 PM

    doesnt seem like it was noticed..he did a cash roll am i wrong.....and the freakin fastplant fronty was gnaarrr

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