Last Days of Winter w/ Lil' Sean 62

The sun has finally started to shine in New Jersey. Sean Ricany escaped the last few days of cold by throwing down some hot moves at the Incline Club. Isn't he too young to be a barspin master?

Credit: cjcapozzoli
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  • Crazy-_-Dk-_-Bmx-Rider_5112

    7/15/2010 10:14 PM

    swear i watched this like a hundred times lol.

  • billy3bmx

    5/7/2010 8:42 PM

    vaider foot jam reg footjam combo trey did it like 3 years ago mann

  • bmxrohan28

    5/3/2010 1:13 AM

    bit 2 many barspins??
    hes not 12 hes 14

  • wearethepeople

    4/29/2010 1:47 AM

    wtf double barrie airs and he is wat 12

  • JoshDeArman

    4/28/2010 3:08 PM

    Haha, you guys sure do talk a lot of crap about a little kid who will probably be better than any of you guys, just let him do his thing


    4/25/2010 7:54 PM

    That was great dude. What was that song called?

  • Gio Reyes

    4/25/2010 8:08 AM


  • nick rocks casselberry

    4/24/2010 2:23 PM

    clean dud keep it up

  • 159bmxer

    4/24/2010 11:03 AM

    wow only like 12 and he is just trowin he bike around wow

  • kylea1

    4/24/2010 10:27 AM

    azbmx- watch the second half of this video and then rethink your statement

  • carjakester

    4/24/2010 10:22 AM

    jimonbike, half the edit was barspins. so if i like to hop, i can just made a video of me hopping up and over a bunch of stuff and everyone will love it?

  • A23

    4/24/2010 9:52 AM

    coool plastic pegs

  • jimonbike

    4/24/2010 8:29 AM

    why all the hate guys , hes 1/4 my age and i was doin trucks before he was even born lol but i got much respect , dont hate him because he is better than you i ride with maddog and he was better than me when he was like 12 but its all good , and the comment about too many barspins dude he likes barspins , get over it

  • VibeBMXer

    4/24/2010 5:02 AM

    that kid has some amazing skills

  • JaykBmx

    4/23/2010 9:27 PM

    good but disappointing to see so many bars to one whip

  • bmx_fr3ak00

    4/23/2010 8:55 PM

    What park is this?

  • A23

    4/23/2010 8:33 PM

    we get the point little kid. you can barspin and do over combos wth footjams and vaders

  • carjakester

    4/23/2010 8:04 PM

    16 barspins in one edit, thats a little much, also way to many vader footjam combos

  • motofreak2772

    4/23/2010 7:47 PM

    I hope I just watched a midget.

  • Crazy-_-Dk-_-Bmx-Rider_5112

    4/23/2010 7:15 PM

    the dude goes hard no lie!!

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