The Big Big BMX Show Episode 3 342

We said there would be some surprises for episode 3. Allan Cooke, bonus Eastern footage, a cool give away our sponsor FITBIKECO., and more.

Credit: Glenn PP Milligan
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  • FlowsSlow184

    12/19/2008 10:12 AM

    The back end is 13.65" and I deserve the parts because I read everyone else's damn comment to figure that out.

  • brokebikemountain

    12/19/2008 10:11 AM

    13.65. i should get this because corey martinez looks like a terrorist.

  • ChrisWilmshurst

    12/19/2008 10:10 AM

    back end is 13.65" i would like to win because i've wanted one of those t-shirts for ever and they are no where to find.

  • tibug

    12/19/2008 10:07 AM

    Well ya, I said I deserved the frame, but I guess I'll settle for those sweet parts and call it even.

  • antsae

    12/19/2008 10:06 AM

    the backend lenght is 13.65. i need this sprocket because my old is broken. and this hat, because in FInland is very cold in this time of year. And i just like Fit products!

  • tibug

    12/19/2008 10:05 AM

    The chainstay length of the new DAK frame is .0002154356 miles long. I deserveth the frame because Jesus cameth down frometh the heavens in his splendid glory and toldeth me that I am the chosen one; you wouldn't dare defy Jesus Christ (he also said that when you die you will receive total consciousness; so you got that going for you which is nice).

  • tonybmx_cro

    12/19/2008 10:04 AM

    I want these parts cause i like them and they look great and i like the shit and i like the hat and i think that fit rules and i want those parts cause i want them and i want them just to take it away from other losers that lie that they don't have money to buy parts and i just want to ask them why do they even bother lying just to win the parts and yes i need those parts cause i need a new stem and i don't want to spend money on a new one cause i can win one here and I have a haro stem that cracked
    and happy holidays to everyone.

  • Wthep

    12/19/2008 10:00 AM

    Dak frame is 13.65 I deserve to win because my sproket dosen't "FIT" any more HAHAHHAHA.

  • Ryanrfmbmx

    12/19/2008 9:59 AM

    The back end of the Dak frame is 13.65'' I want these parts for my bros for christmas, my fam is tight on money so i cant get stuff for freinds this year but i wanna hit up my best friend with some parts for his Second stolen bike grrr, but merry christmas FIT.

  • ridelittlebikes4life34

    12/19/2008 9:59 AM

    frame length is 65.13 and my moms a bitch. i have great parts and a trash frame. all i have in my life is my little kids bike so hook my up with a frame

  • cheerio

    12/19/2008 9:49 AM

    the back length is 13.65'' and i deserve them because fitbikeco rocks and get well mikey.

  • shadowordie

    12/19/2008 9:48 AM

    The backend of the Dak frame is 13.65" I can't come up with a good enough sentence to win the parts.

  • wittman

    12/19/2008 9:48 AM

    the backend length is 13.65 and I deserve this because I can finally pimp the trucker trend to the paying general public.

  • mangler

    12/19/2008 9:43 AM

    darrenB does need a real mans beard!

  • momo

    12/19/2008 9:39 AM

    The backend length of the DAK frame is 13.65" and i deserve the camo sprocket and stem because i am straight-edge so i NEED camo stuff and i deserve the new era cap because i have 19 caps so the fit one would make my collection an even 20.

  • bananas

    12/19/2008 9:38 AM

    the backend length is 13.65." they serve me these pieces because I have too much a great sprocket that doesn't go well for making pool, and my stem is heavy and horrendous and to the moment I don't have enough money to buy them.

  • BMXerguy17

    12/19/2008 9:38 AM

    The back-end length of the DAK frame is 13.65. I deserve these parts because i will give my friend thats rebuilding his bike my old parts.

  • bigfrysc322

    12/19/2008 9:35 AM

    Dak frame is 13.65 and i deserve the camo stem and sprocket because i wish i had big enough nuts to grow a beard like corey's.

  • NativeBikeCO.

    12/19/2008 9:32 AM

    Backend is 13.65" and I need the package because I still have not won shit.

  • fatboybmx

    12/19/2008 9:18 AM

    13.65 Need it my stuff is shit.

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