Vital BMX Gear Guide 26

Your videoguide to the best products in BMX, brought to you by Dan's Comp.

Credit: Losey
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  • jdogg14

    12/30/2009 8:53 PM

    easterns are a bit pricey but they are pretty good bikes if they are made from chormoly if they are steel then they usually dent and crack easily

  • Konrad431

    4/14/2009 1:10 PM

    mines the total opposite too, best bike ive ever owned, can really take a hit

  • hockeypimp360

    2/22/2009 7:50 PM

    eastern makes terrible completes.

  • jayk6284

    2/18/2009 8:58 AM

    mines the opposite i thrash the shit out of it and it hasnt broke yet.
    the 09 traildigger is a great bike. not the lightest but very good

  • Ride_Mirraco

    2/17/2009 12:56 PM


  • dASender

    2/13/2009 5:21 AM


  • bikecyclerider

    2/13/2009 2:18 AM

    i have an eastern not one of the stock parts lasted me all i have left on it is the frame and trhats bent. the newer parts dont look to bad but i would have to say stay away form there completes

  • CrazyStuff

    2/12/2009 11:49 AM

    eastern is too much white

  • Blackout22

    2/12/2009 10:15 AM

    No comment


    2/12/2009 7:04 AM

    haha. yeah. that wrench is the best tool in my huge ass toolbox. but i keep it in my book bag..

  • OutlawsMC

    2/12/2009 12:43 AM

    only thing good in this video is the random wrench

  • BMXism

    2/11/2009 11:37 PM

    DK random rench looks like a must for me.

  • giannulis907

    2/11/2009 9:01 PM

    honestly, not a fan of those easterns. kind of overrated

  • Animal3471

    2/11/2009 7:19 PM

    elements are ok bikes an btw the 2009 element come with a sanded down sidewall on the bak for the brakes so it doesnt thrash the paint =)

  • wtprider

    2/11/2009 5:57 PM

    my friend has an element
    he thrashes it and nothings broken yet

  • brenden_selby

    2/11/2009 5:30 PM

    omg 10th im so awsome

  • bmxrider1439

    2/11/2009 4:56 PM

    actually the element is a good bike... it jst cant be ridden by all you guys who beat on ur shit day in and day out w/out checking it out and making sure errythings good b4 u ride...

  • tyleronapremium

    2/11/2009 2:14 PM

    seriously. a eastern element out of all the much better completes on dans for that much they picked that bike if u plan on breaking stuff u should get it for sure

  • gmack

    2/11/2009 11:32 AM

    would anyone recommend the dk wrench?

  • bradbmx

    2/11/2009 10:30 AM

    or not

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