Vital BMX Gear Guide 24 17

Grips from Deluxe, a hub from Infect, and a frame from Premium.

Credit: Vital BMX
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  • 2010 verde theory

    2/28/2010 12:10 PM

    i want that frame!

  • johnboyd7

    2/23/2010 10:06 AM

    the guttershark needs gussets!!!!!!

  • kink 4 bmx

    1/1/2010 6:08 AM

    song sound familer

  • EasternBmx36

    12/30/2009 4:43 PM

    Whats the name of the song please?

  • sartellbmx480

    12/30/2009 1:49 PM

    they could have made the video longer

  • xlbigbearlx

    12/30/2009 12:00 PM

    everyone is going to get low profial frames now.

  • letsride123

    12/30/2009 10:54 AM

    fuk that you gotta be a total weight weenie to want that frame when you cud just settle on a stong frame weighting in at around 4.3pounds or higer

  • Fbm Marauder

    12/30/2009 10:11 AM

    deluxe copied the primo corey martinez grips

  • TaaalBmx

    12/30/2009 9:45 AM

    i bet that frame is really strong but if i was riding it and knowing it was that light i would always have in the back of my mind that premium must have made it less strong so i could be that light. =/

  • bigfootbmx33

    12/30/2009 8:45 AM

    those grips were cool

  • Mr.Sir

    12/30/2009 7:46 AM

    everyone is turning into weight weenies

  • jralabate

    12/30/2009 6:52 AM


  • a Justin

    12/30/2009 1:44 AM


  • kurtis5000

    12/29/2009 11:28 PM

    yay, i have that frame

  • Jess B.M.X

    12/29/2009 11:04 PM

    nice first! crap i wouldnt mind trying that frame out

  • devyn

    12/29/2009 11:04 PM

    sad how they put the most into the grips...

  • ride a fit

    12/29/2009 11:04 PM

    internal gusset = fail
    but still sick frame

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