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how do i get the full rotation?

Credit: friend
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ben_93's videos


    9/4/2008 9:07 PM

    your spinin the wrong way

    but if your comfortably that way just try it off of a curb or a ledge

  • SuNdAyRiDeRsAl

    9/2/2008 2:27 PM

    twist ur ass as much as u can cause its gonna help with the head rotation as well

  • a Justin

    9/2/2008 1:40 AM

    learn 180 first dum ass

  • xthetakeivyx

    9/1/2008 9:45 AM

    maybe try not riding dick footed idk

  • natebmxacan

    8/31/2008 8:55 PM

    turn your head and look at the ground to make sure you spun the 360,thats how I do it,helps me,It might help you,good luck

  • BmxBaditBen

    8/31/2008 5:21 PM

    huck it and while your spining always look at were your gonna land and your bike will follow

  • cardinalpower119

    8/31/2008 1:38 PM

    balls in your face while you do it always helps me

  • boomerbmx187

    8/31/2008 12:05 PM

    hey try to pull up harder throw your head the way u spin and use your toes wrap them around the pedel and keep trying tell u get it i used to fall off or fly off the bike tell my friend told me about this trick with the toes just tryit

  • Twinkie

    8/31/2008 12:00 PM

    fall get pissed and like be fuck u im doin a 360 and ull land it thats how i got my 180 when i 1st started

  • megaman

    8/31/2008 11:36 AM

    same as a 180, but pull harder and when you feel that your alittle past a 180 tuck your legs and finish the 3

  • natebmxacan

    8/31/2008 11:23 AM

    stop trying to be nice

  • freecoaster bmx

    8/31/2008 10:26 AM

    your doing great just keep it up

  • JustRideBMX

    8/31/2008 8:44 AM


  • flybmx

    8/31/2008 8:18 AM

    get a haircut jk

  • Number 911 2

    8/31/2008 7:45 AM

    turn your head more and twist

  • harobiker720

    8/31/2008 7:20 AM

    keep workin on it

  • subrosaman08

    8/31/2008 3:28 AM

    go faster

  • kylegage

    8/31/2008 2:40 AM

    its all in the arms

  • davo8818

    8/31/2008 1:27 AM

    bring your back end down when you see that you've turned 180 then pivot the rest of the way

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