Baby Chad aka Baby Dick 28

lil guy

Credit: taco bell
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  • Fuzzy

    7/7/2008 9:39 PM

    learn some more tricks they get really old

  • Fuzzy

    7/7/2008 9:37 PM

    shit as

  • fit4life1

    6/14/2008 7:23 AM

    dude how do u hop so high wtf

  • ramonbmx

    6/13/2008 10:15 AM

    offf got it perfect dude

  • ramonbmx

    6/13/2008 10:14 AM

    nice men...your shold strart with 360s...

  • Rayquad

    6/13/2008 9:57 AM


  • yoursportsucksridebmx!!

    6/12/2008 8:10 PM

    chads not baby chad its baby dick

  • wickly54321

    6/12/2008 7:13 PM

    im 14

  • wickly54321

    6/12/2008 7:12 PM

    boyle u cant do everything i can

  • berky256

    6/12/2008 6:30 PM

    haah nice song ahah


    6/12/2008 12:16 PM

    yeah sundaybmxrr is gayyyy!!

  • BikerBrandon

    6/11/2008 9:04 PM

    sundaybmxrr you suck.

    at bikes, being a friend, and life.

  • fitflowstreet

    6/11/2008 7:36 PM

    except for the fact that hes half ur size and better than u. and y u badmouthin ur friend? ur a dick. u need to get that sand outta ur vagina

  • sundaybmxRR

    6/11/2008 7:28 PM

    hey dipshit, i got higher hops than this kid, hes a year younger than me and i can do everything he can easy as fuck

  • fitflowstreet

    6/11/2008 7:10 PM

    bullshit he makes u his bitch u suck dick hes better than u (even tho hes alot smaller) u sunday queer


    6/11/2008 6:47 PM

    sundaybmxrr u probably suck dick, you got madddd hops kiddd!!! how old are u??

  • sundaybmxRR

    6/11/2008 3:54 PM

    fitflowstreet sucks giant black cock, im a lot better than chad.

  • fitflowstreet

    6/11/2008 1:08 PM

    nice, alot better than that sunday fag

  • harobiker720

    6/11/2008 8:24 AM

    he should ride an 18"

  • passionbmx

    6/11/2008 6:27 AM


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