Brett Rohlfing Tripod video. 26

Me at the Planty City Park.

Credit: My Tripod
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  • steijn

    3/4/2009 1:52 AM

    ur grinding style is so smooth!!!
    i watched the vid 5 times!!!

  • bluebmx

    3/2/2009 12:17 PM

    icentral florida, towards tampa. you have to sign a waiver done at some city building and pay either $5 for a 3 day pass or $25 for the year and wear your helmet, which is why the park was so empty.

  • spinningbars

    3/2/2009 10:20 AM

    where in FL is that lil park?


    3/2/2009 6:54 AM

    nice ridin!!!!

  • Trey

    3/2/2009 5:04 AM

    whenever i gt out and film with brett for whatever it might be, he always suprises me because we will roll up to a spot and before he pulls out his gear, he always does like a real sick smith or straight up crank arm slideon the roughest most messed up ledge ever! hahaha ya brett! again

  • Simplebmxkid

    3/1/2009 1:53 PM

    Brett that was awesome i like how smooth your riding is even at mesh

  • millerky

    3/1/2009 12:32 PM

    yea man you were killin it

  • yooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    3/1/2009 12:22 PM

    damn kids have no respect these days, i thought that was off the hook! good filming, really good riding and best of all, four pegs! that are actually used!! holy cow!!!

  • AaronOnDrums

    3/1/2009 11:40 AM

    I can't believe people are hating on somebody who's killin it. All you grind haters need to loosen up your girl jeans and learn how to Icepick.

  • subrosapandora

    3/1/2009 9:48 AM

    crap video

  • Trey

    3/1/2009 7:57 AM

    ya brett!

  • GTkeaysy97

    2/28/2009 11:42 PM

    smooth as

  • KriSandM

    2/28/2009 10:54 PM


  • yamum

    2/28/2009 9:13 PM

    to much fucking grinding.

  • abod

    2/28/2009 8:25 PM

    i love you brett. cant wait to come back to florida.

  • kevincc

    2/28/2009 7:40 PM

    awesome riding, looks like a fun park

  • brant m. wade B.M.W

    2/28/2009 2:23 PM

    4 pegs!! ride on matha fuppa

  • brant m. wade B.M.W

    2/28/2009 2:20 PM

    lol Dano ^ lmao iono but thats funny.. do you think your good? good question.. well the thing is you are,,

  • Dano

    2/28/2009 12:06 PM

    I think your really good.

  • 518 Luke BMX

    2/28/2009 6:19 AM

    awesome grinds

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