Don Rich power hour 12

Don Rich fun power hour at the Den ramp park

Credit: Tyler Halvorsen
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  • GBUM

    9/17/2011 8:58 PM

    dude kills it.. but there should be rules on using songs that have already been used in edits .. especially if its from an edit that is on the untouchable level.

  • BidsRider

    9/17/2011 5:48 PM

    Phenomenal Rider! Good Video edit!

  • mccarthy04

    9/17/2011 3:08 PM

    whats the slow barspin called? sexy as fuck

  • Dylan Sheinberg

    9/13/2011 3:59 PM

    great riding!

  • julien

    9/12/2011 3:26 PM

    dave dillward

  • MrMutiainen

    9/12/2011 8:27 AM

    killer flow! amazing!

  • NAHarkins

    9/12/2011 8:10 AM

    hells yes don. i hope those dudes who were hatin see this.

  • malatesta

    9/11/2011 9:09 PM

    Nice edit. Wish it would have been another song though since Danny Macaskill had this in one of his vids not to long ago

  • ToMuchSteez

    9/11/2011 7:46 PM


  • carjakester

    9/11/2011 7:30 PM

    such a good rider to see in person.

  • SoCalShreds

    9/11/2011 6:51 PM

    Amazing riding, awesome park too!


    9/11/2011 6:39 PM

    so dialed. picture perfect riding

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